8 Personal Year | March is an 11/2 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for March: This is the month to savor the synchronicities and prep for success.

💥 Here’s a little bonus info as we key into the month.

If your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers in your numerology profile) is the same as your Personal Year number, the year is highlighted as a special period in which you get double the pleasure and double the triggers that you’re working on developing and deepening with your over-all Life Path purpose.

So, if you happen to be an 8 Life Path and are in your 8 Personal Year this year, it’s going to put you to the test and ask you to up level your life with the key elements or themes of your Life Path, which have to do with stepping up and taking yourself seriously, empowering yourself on every level, particularly when it comes to money and finances, and using your influence to help and connect other people (among many other things!)

The same if the 8 show up as one of your other core numbers.

If you don’t know your Life Path number, go HERE.

You can calculate your Life Path number there and also find out more about your Life Path mission.

If you want to do a deeper dive and reveal your Core numbers and other important aspects of your full numerology profile, you can order an individual report or if you really want to get wild-n-crazy, book a session!

With that said, If you’re experiencing a 8 Personal Year (not matter what your Life Path!), March is a Master number 11/2 Personal Month for you.

This month, get ready for a few delays, some heightened emotions, and perhaps some amazing victories with a project or career-related venture.

Continue to implement your plans so that you can move forward with your various enterprises — yet understand that you’ll experience some temporary delays and unexpected slowdowns. Don’t let them steer you off course or make you give up in a huff.

Take it in stride knowing that the delays will ultimately allow for better timing with projects and plans, despite the fact that you might not see that right now.

Patience is your theme for the month and embodiment is what you’re looking for.

How can you embody patience and spiritual attunement with your over-reaching financial goals and dreams for success?

Take a little rest, for goodness sake. You have the whole year to be in high gear.

Since you’ll feel as though you’re walking through a bit of tar this month, why not roll with it (yet not in it, if you know what I mean!) and find some interesting outlets that you’ll enjoy?

Watch a funny movie or perhaps read a book for (gasp) fun. Recommit to your meditation schedule and do anything that serves as a stress-reliever. Perhaps a short trip to rest and rejuvenate will call your name.

This is the beginning of a three-year cycle of transformation, my friend. It’s the year where you feel more ambitious and feel a deep desire to better your financial condition.

The energy of the 8 is sometimes misunderstood to only signify money.

Many people call it “the money number.” And yes, financial abundance is a key element to the energy of the 8. Or financial gain and loss and/or a combination thereof. You get the point.

Yet the core element for the lessons the 8 brings to the plate have more to do with power. Empowerment. Personal power. Power vs. Force. Powerful integrity. Powerful compassion.  Empowered self-control.

So, while money and finances certainly play a significant role, money can’t be made and wise choices can’t come to fruition if you lack the empowerment to step up and make it happen.

And it can also be a careening road to disaster if you lack the ethics and integrity around what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This is another aspect of the 8 that often gets overlooked. The 8 is a power number, yet it balances out by also being a number that demands the utmost levels of ethics.

Also understand that you can also struggle with the flip-side of the energy of the 8, which is very real and quite intense. That means that you’ll have to pull out all your strength, all your reserves, and all the clarity you can muster. The entire year demands that you step up, stay on task and keep going.

Feelings of being ganged up on and of feeling victimized are at a peak during the 8 Personal Year!

Don’t slide into that default position. Step up and stand strong.

When I was in the real estate industry, there was a saying that you can use during your entire 8 Personal Year:  “You get what you inspect.”  Literally, you have to continue to manage and follow up on the follow up.

If you tend toward blaming others — your parents, spouse, boss or any other person or thing — for standing in your way, this year will kick your backside.

Also realize that this is a Master 11/2 energy you’re working with right now during the month of March.

The 11/2 offers you some openings into a more evolved you and can deliver some doozies in terms of moments of awakening if you’re up for it and open to receive it.

It’s a time that you’ll feel extra-sensitive and so rather than allow that to throw you off-course, take advantage of some of the slow-downs and tap into the synchronicities that will undoubtedly come your way.

If you’re a spiritual seeker (which apparently you are since you’re reading this numerology forecast!), tap in and tune in this month. Talk about incredible energetic support for some deep spiritual growth!  This is the time.

This is the first of two 11/2 Personal Month’s you get this year. The next is in December. So remember what this month feels like because you’ll be getting another dose at the end of the year. It’ll be fun to see if there are repeating themes that extend from March into December.

This year demands your concerted effort, good judgment, and business efficiency. It’s a great year for advancement and hopefully you’ll see significant improvement of your financial situation when you make it a priority.