5 Personal Year | June is an 11/2 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: The is the month to usher deep shifts and spiritual openings into your life!


May was the month where you hopefully turned a well-needed corner in your complex 5 Personal Year.

The 5 is often misunderstood as simply a fun and sexy time. Yet it holds so many more layers.

I daresay that the first half of the year might have confounded you in the 5 department. Where’s the fun? Where’s the sexual gratification? Where’s Waldo? Seriously, though. WTH.  🥴

The first several months have been somewhat antithetical to the overarching vibe of the 5, challenging you not to ricochet back and forth with overwhelm or frustration. A lot of bouncing back and forth, right?

One of my not-so-secret pleasures is watching clips from those audition shows. Not too long ago I watched an audition from America’s Got Talent that is a beautiful reminder of the darker beauty of the number 5.

A contestant named Archie Williams shared his story before performing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.” He is a black man who was wrongly accused of raping and murdering a white woman in the state of Louisiana.  Without conclusive evidence, he was convicted and served 37-years in prison.

He was finally released after his case was reopened with DNA testing showing that another man’s DNA was at the scene who was a convicted serial rapist.

Archie was released from prison and found his way onto the stage of AGT. He was asked how he survived 37 years in prison, knowing he was innocent of the crime he was accused of, to which he replied with the ultimate lesson of the number 5.

He said:  “Freedom is of the mind. I went to prison, but I never let my mind go to prison.”

Sit with that idea during your 5 Personal Year, which is all about finding freedom within confines, while always keeping your mind, body, and soul moving forward without looking back.


June is bound to be an intriguing month.

It’s all about timing.  It’s earmarked for patience, tact, and diplomacy. Just expect some holdups, delays, or even downright halts in your flow.

The number 2 is all about reaching diplomatic conclusions to what might feel like conflicting agendas. It also requires a softer, patience-infused touch.

Yet remember that it’s also a powerful Master 11/2 month for you, oh sojourner of the 5 Personal Year. Are you ready for some heightened levels of intuitive flashes of insight?


If you’re open to it—and apparently you are since you’re reading a numerology forecast!—this is the time to really tune in to what’s coming at you from the ethers. 

If you consider yourself intuitive, June is ripe with messages and energetic downloads. Ready yourself to breathe it in and gain some important new perspectives.

If you don’t consider yourself intuitive, you might want to open yourself to the possibility that there’s much, much more out there than meets the physical eye. Just sayin’.


Around June 5th or 9th, you might find that you need to place yourself in hover-mode for a short time.

Don’t push it. Accept these temporary delays. If you continue to force things, you may unwittingly disrupt your critical cosmic schedule.

Understand the energy you’re dealing with is all about peacekeeping and mediation, yet the ironic thing about it is that you’ll be placed in the center of some conflict that requires your expert mediation skills.

So put on your diplomacy hat and make an effort to see all sides of the equation—it’ll be a lot easier to handle misunderstandings or frayed tempers.

Understand also that there’s a lot percolating underneath the surface, so you might feel as though you’re at a virtual stand-still, but you really aren’t. It’s a matter of trusting that everything is coming into alignment and will be revealed to you soon.

And with the high-octane 11/2, chances are that the exterior life is blazing forward at quite a pace, yet underneath it all there’s a push-and-pull.

On or about June 13th, make the most of any opportunities to get yourself out there and meet new people. Step off the beaten path. Try something new.

Tap into your intuitive voice and you can really benefit from some inspired and important spiritual insights. These new ideas and thoughts have the potential to lead you into new directions in your life, particularly on and around June 18th.


With the powerful energy of the 11/2 riding the wave of your frenetic 5 Personal Year, the sparks can fly this month!

Relationships can be ignited, a vital business connection made and nurtured or an ongoing project can reach a pivot point and sizzle with success. Just know that with all the sparks, it can also feel like a slow burn.

Think of those old movies where someone sets dynamite to be ignited by a l-o-n-g fuse and when finally safe (with plenty of suspenseful background music!), someone lights the fuse and it sizzles and sparks along the ground until it hits the TNT and then BOOM!  💥

So the moral of the story is:  Be patient this month and don’t let the sparks ignite an uncontrollable wildfire! Take your time and pay attention to details.  Next month opens up some other creative opportunities, so hang on, the time is coming.


>If you want a reminder about the nuts-and-bolts of the 5 Personal Year, watch this short video.


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