7 Personal Year | March is a 1 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for March: This is the month to jump-start anything you’ve been thinking about putting into action.

💥 Here’s a little bonus info as we key into the month.

If your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers in your numerology profile) is the same as your Personal Year number, the year is highlighted as a special period in which you get double the pleasure and double the triggers that you’re working on developing and deepening with your over-all Life Path purpose.

If you happen to be a 7 Life Path and are in your 7 Personal Year this year, it’s going to put you to the test and ask you to up level your life with the key elements or themes of your Life Path, which have to do with developing both the rational and the intuitive parts of yourself, taking time for reflection and asking life’s deeper questions, devoting time to a specific topic or subject, and learning how to trust and be vulnerable (among many other things!)

The same if the 7 show up as one of your other core numbers.

If you don’t know your Life Path number, go HERE.

You can calculate your Life Path number there and also find out more about your Life Path mission.

If you want to do a deeper dive and reveal your Core numbers and other important aspects of your full numerology profile, you can order an individual report or if you really want to get wild-n-crazy, book a session!

With that said, if you’re experiencing a 7 Personal Year, March is a number 1 Personal Month for you.

How to optimize the energies of the contemplative 7 Personal Year with the independence and initiation of the 1 Personal Month?

You’ll most likely feel somewhat pushed-and-pulled in March given that it’s an initiating month with a focus on independence and bold moves forward.

This is seed-planting month. It’s a time to define yourself and follow your unique pathway. Or at least allow yourself to veer off the familiar beaten path.

The energy of your 7 Personal Year begs the question: Who am I on a soul level? Why did I check into physical form on planet Earth right here and right now?

The energy of your 1 Personal Month begs the same question, yet with a more real-world spin. Who am I in this real material world in which I find myself?

These two similar yet disparate questions will merge right now.

March is perfect for spending time meditating, contemplating art or nature or simply sharpening your skill set in any way you desire.

By March 9th or so, please spend some time by yourself doing something that feels good and as though it’s feeding you from the inside out.

March is the time when you’ll start putting into practice some of the things you’ve been contemplating for the past several months.

Take the time and grab any opportunity you can to study or research areas that you’ve been putting off or on hold. Choose to work on intellectual affairs or spiritual matters. It’s always research time during the 7 Personal Year!

It’s time to collect the data you’ve been considering — are you wanting to change careers or jobs? Then this is a superb month to reboot your resumé or CV and possibly do some added research about places you’d like to apply. Or it’s supportive of taking some new training to add to your skill-set.

Thinking about going back to school? Get serious about applying. Devote a certain amount of time this month to getting all of your application materials together.

Do you have a strong desire to open up to attracting your “one” or to up the ante with your current relationship and feel the need to delve into some new relationship-building tools, no matter what they might be? March supports your efforts to get real with yourself and act with self-confidence.

Or are you feeling empty on a spiritual level and hitting a point of real and urgent need to define your sense of meaning and purpose? Are you experiencing a “dark night of the soul” and know that this is a deep point of reinvention and yet the journey has only just begun? This is the bigger Kahuna of the 7 Personal Year and will be an underlying theme all year long.

Perhaps this 7 Personal Year doesn’t feel slower for you. I have found that life swirls and twirls at a clip, even during the 7 Personal Year of introspection and soul-searching.

A good way to understand it is to think into the notion that many of the activities you’re involved in during your 7 Personal Year are — optimally — extensions of something you already put into play.

For instance, you could be a writer. You had some great ideas last year, got a few things in line. Now your agent calls and says someone is interested in your book, screenplay or manuscript yet they want some re-writes.

So, you can feel busier than ever, yet the work is still in process.  It’s still in the creation phase, it’s just a little father down the line. You can work your butt off this year writing, re-writing, and getting things in line. You might even have a great idea for a new project that you start writing or researching.

See how that might work?

Then if your numerology plays out as I would bet it would, next year (your career and finances-focused 8) is when your manuscript actually gets published or produced. Next year is implementation and launch time. This is creation and research time.

Does that make sense?  And of course that’s just one example.

Also know that you get two 1 Personal Month’s this year — the second will arrive in December, just as you’re getting ready to launch into your 8 Personal Year. So remember what this feels like because you’ll be using this energy again at the end of the year.

A yoga teacher of mine carried this theme for several months as the foundation for his classes. And that theme is:

“Rest as awareness.”

This is a heady concept and yet perfect for your 7 Personal Year.

It doesn’t mean that you can only be aware when you rest or stand still. It doesn’t mean that rest equals awareness. It means that we have the capability to rest as awareness during any activity and through any emotion. It’s simply a matter of desire and practice to place mindfulness in that container. Or to point ourselves into that direction.

March brings you a surge of forward momentum in an otherwise rather heady year where you’re learning to (as Numerologist Dr. Juno Jordan says) “develop the right state of mind.”