7 Personal Year | June is a 4 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to get everything in line – dreams are coming true!


If there’s any year where you’ll be feeling as though your soul is calling, knocking, pushing, or screaming—it’s right about now. You’ll feel as though your life has a deep and profound resonance for you—from the simplest of interactions to the more complex decisions and observations. 

I always say that the 7 Personal Year rivals the 9 Personal Year in intensity insofar as it demands that you take a long and lingering look at who you are, where you are, and why you are where you are right now.

The catch-word for the 7 Personal Year is:  “Why?”  Why is this happening? Why did I do this?  Why didn’t I do that? Why, why why.

And often there are some strange happenings that challenge you in letting go of what no longer fits into the template of your ever-expanding soul.


Deep inner truths can be the touch-point for the 7 Personal Year.

Have you been walking through some deep, soul-shaking experiences? Know that June brings you into a more stabilized state of mind and demands some practicality.

Since the number 4 (which is the vibe for your month of June) often has to do with making pragmatic decisions and engaging the material world—including real estate and legal matters—make sure to sign contracts, agreements or other papers during the week of June 9th. Complete any matters related to your home or property between June 13th and 27th. This can apply to business contracts or any legalities.


It’s key to make regular time for meditation and physical workouts.

The energy of the 4 demands that you prioritize your own health care—meaning, pay special attention to your diet, de-stress, and do exercise that highlights the mind-body-soul connection. This is also a key aspect to the 7 Personal Year itself, so this takes top priority in June.

June is a month where you’ll be met with a need for some buckling down— concerted effort and hard work. Plus, you’ll be setting up some cornerstones and foundations for future endeavors.

The focus now is on streamlining—and in some ways systematizing—whatever is top priority.


Take care of any practical matters, particularly on or around June 4th.

Stay on track with your studies and research. Remember, it’s still not exactly launch time. This is still formulation time, processing time, and data-collection time.

The value to the 7 Personal Year can’t be minimized. This is a time when you’re particularly connected to the universal forces or to what I might call universal wisdom. It’s a year where you’re being asked to clean out the pipes (so to speak) and allow for a stronger and more direct flow of intuitive energies to reach you.

It takes time and more time to process and integrate this powerful stage of development. This year offers fertile soil to go inward and use your time to read, meditate, study, take courses, journal, and all kinds of other contemplative activities.

The diligent and hard-working energies of the 4 offer a plethora of opportunities to reframe some deep elements of yourself.

The reframe can happen with different facets, of course. Potentially you can use this valuable time in June to reframe a long-standing family issue or issues. You might be working at reframing the way in which you maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health. Or maybe you’re reframing everything and taking a long, lingering look at how you want to take it from here.


Overall, June taps on your front door and asks you to take yourself seriously, rise up above the water line, and determine pragmatic and realistic next steps.

What you do this month can lead to a burst of freedom in July, so do what’s in front of you and know that what you put into play right now can serve as a foundation for some incredible things that are coming your way. Trust the process and have faith in yourself and in the flow of your life right now.


>If you want to review the nuts-and-bolts of the 7 Personal Year, watch this short video.



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