1 Personal Year | June is a 7 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to carve out time to plan, learn, & process – charging ahead won’t work!


We’re hitting the mid-point of your 1 Personal Year.  Can you feel the burn?

I was once attending an exercise class and the instructor chimed in during a very difficult segment of class.

She said: “Find your challenge point right now. Then work your challenge point.”

And then she said something else, in her specific ironic and loving tone of voice: “. . . (pause)  It’s OK (pronounced “ok-aaaaaaaaaaaay”).  It’s all OK.”

That’s exactly the advice I’ll convey to you right now.

Whatever is happening in your life that feels so fatiguing that you might want to quit before the class is officially over with — hang in there, close (or open!) your eyes, and dig into all your reserves.

Just think about it. If you can survive all of this and also come out the other side a “new person,” … well.  Then it’s worth the cost of admission.

As for June, it’s a processing, percolating, and planning month rather than a performance and results-based month.

Assertively pushing an agenda forward will backfire. Sorry (not sorry).  Let it find its course. There are still a few things that need to be revealed or ironed out.

Given that June is a number 7 month for you, understand that—while life continues buzzing around you, especially in your action-packed 1 Personal Year—any time you can devote to yourself will be well rewarded.

It’s a month to really dive in to the deeper meaning of your life and the craggy crevices of your being. Look in the mirror and see what reflects back at you. Are you pleased with what you see? If you are, keeping moving in that direction.

If you aren’t, June is ripe with opportunities to take a realistic look and gently unmask your demons (large or small) and see your roadblocks for what they are.

Are you operating with an “I can’t” or “I’ll just settle for this” mentality or are you open to say “yes” now and figure it out later (thank you Tina Fey for that memorable quote!)?


This is an internal turning-point month for you in your 1 Personal Year.

Think of it as a time of renewal. There’s a lot of internal processing going on right now, like it or not. It’s vital in order for you to get to the next level with yourself, whatever that might be or actually mean at this point in time.

By now, several issues you’ve been working on since the first of the year are gaining clarity. With clarity comes direction. With direction comes conviction. With conviction comes change.

This 1 Personal Year is taking on whole new meaning and demands a heightened level of resolve.

Understand that the energy of your month supports not only spiritual study, it also supports using hard data and effective analysis. When you can tap into both—the intuitive and data analysis—you’re working with the absolute optimal energies present in the energy of the number 7.

The real purpose of June’s introspective energies is for you to engage with and actually feel your feelings, release yourself from certain aspects of your past, and clarify plans for your future.

This is a time of integration.

We can sometimes feel like a victim or terribly inadequate when working with the energy the number 7 presents. Yet its purpose is to set you free—to allow you to madly, truly, deeply connect with the unfettered you.

It can be like the ultimate truth serum. Yet sometimes the truth hurts—or at least it can sting a little. You’ll be met with profound levels of new awareness and inspiration when you go with the internal flow of the month.

This is a time where you’re reaching into the depths of your commitment and conviction to this new chapter and new levels of self-actualization.

It’s also offering a chance to plumb the depths of yourself in ways you never have before.

Just don’t push it this month. Tap the breaks. Take some extended down-time and rest when you can. Don’t attempt to move something forward prematurely in June. Next month is all about taking what you’re working with this month and putting it into action.


>>If you need a reminder about the nuts-and-bolts about the characteristics of the 1 Personal Year, check out this video.


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