1 Personal Year | February is a 3 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for February: This is the month to open up to your creative flow and express yourself!


This is an active, work-related twelve-months, dear traverser of the 1 Personal Year. Getting your career on the front burner is a priority—all year long.

Right up front, I want to highlight this point: This is a year of new beginnings and yet that doesn’t mean you actually know quite yet what those beginnings are going to be! 

It’s a year-long process of choice, experience, experimentation and intention.

I would think you might be more than fatigued at this point.

All things considered, a bit of exhaustion would be in order. Most likely you’re continuing to work through some delays offered up last month and with those delays, some feelings of frustration or just this lingering or sizzling sense of uncertainty.

Last month was a “soft landing” into this final year of your three-year transition cycle.

Meaning, most likely things progressed s-l-o-w-l-y. Patience upon uncertainty  — everyone’s favorite!  (cue the sarcasm)

A client of mine sent me this meme and I’ll share it with you (so that you can use the “voucher” as well!) 🤣


The energy of the 1 offers amazing supportive energy for all things forward-moving, innovative, and outside-of-the-box. Part of the lesson here is to pace yourself and understand that none of the important work you’re doing this year happens overnight.

As for February: Communication is your calling-card this month.

The energy of the number 3 (the vibe for the month of February) supports everything creative, emotionally expressive, and thrives on optimism.

The focus this month is on creating inner (and outer!) confidence and on stepping up your communication effectiveness on every level.

When you tap into what lights you up, you’ll bring whatever you’re doing into the next level of expansion. It steps it up a notch as you bring a reforming energy of optimism into the darker crevices, however that’s showing up for you in the present moment.

With that said, February supports you to dip into your social and/or creative side.

This month could very well feel like the “refresh” button is being pushed and you have the opportunity to see yourself and the world around you through a totally different lens.

The number 3 is the energy of all things “self-improvement.” You get the Universal Golden Pass to get that new haircut. Invest in new clothes that might have a more flattering line on you. Renew your commitment to exercise and eating well.

You may even find a new creative direction you’re interested in pursuing sometime around February 11th.

Just a heads-up: You’ll benefit by approaching a business situation on February 28th with care. It may develop very differently than you expect. Not bad, per se. Just differently than you’re counting on.

You might need to put some of your creative energy to work in order to bring about a termination with a situation (job, relationship, or otherwise) you’ve been hovering around. You’ve most likely realized that this situation needs to be put to bed, yet you also have been waiting for the right timing. Just do it. Or maybe someone or something will do it for you.

Do you feel that new job or career opportunities are slowly opening up or gaining steam or momentum?

Sometime around February 16th, you may see some possibilities worth pursuing for further growth and development.

What I also want to emphasis is that the energy of the 3 is the vibe of creative self-expression and emotional engagement.

Rather than thinking of it as a time of self-improvement, you might consider thinking about it in this way. It’s more about unearthing and revealing the real and authentic you that’s already there. In fact, the you that’s always been there. It’s simply a matter of power-washing away the gook that’s been covering up or holding down the fullest expression of yourself.

Are you ready to surprise yourself this year?

February invites you to bring your creative juice to the mix with your work and in your relationship world. Have some fun. Get some enjoyment and lighten up this month.

What brings you true pleasure?  Do that.

You’ll move yourself forward into your year with more clarity when you also create space to let go and move with a more fluid flow.


AND!  It appears that many people miss the monthly dog extravaganza, so I’m adding those into the forecasts. You know, for fun.  For those of you who might be new to the monthly forecasts, I usually share photos of my Grand-Dogs — Oliver and Oscar.

The great news is that we have a new addition to the dog-clan! My daughters soon-to-be wife’s little guy, Rio, is now part of the pack. He lives with Oliver.