6 Personal Year | March is a 9 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for March: This is the month to surrender to the flow of things that are out of your immediate control.

💥 Here’s a little bonus info as we key into the month.

If your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers in your numerology profile) is the same as your Personal Year number, the year is highlighted as a special period in which you get double the pleasure and double the triggers that you’re working on developing and deepening with your over-all Life Path purpose.

So, if you happen to be a 6 Life Path and are in your 6 Personal Year this year, it’s going to put you to the test and ask you to up level your life with the key elements or themes of your Life Path, which have to do with taking on a healthy dose of responsibility, being nurturing and focused on family, relationships, and your domestic life, using your creative genius and being of service, and banishing perfectionism and an overweening sense of control (among many other things!)

The same if the 6 show up as one of your other core numbers.

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With that said, if you’re experiencing a 6 Personal Year, March is a number 9 Personal Month for you.

What does the 9 bring to you right now? It brings closure, exits, and letting go of things that are in the way of your progress on a grand scale.

When we see the 9 Personal Month in your 6 Personal Year, the surrender or transformation you experience this month will be closely related to the themes of your 6 Personal Year, which as you recall by now are home, family, relationships, and responsibility.

When a 9 shows up in a cycle (as it is in March as your Personal Month), it’s time for letting go and surrendering to the flow of things that are absolutely out of your immediate control.

Acceptance is a key feature for you in March.

You can expect your “9” experience to reside most closely to the relationship(s) aspect of your life in March. The Universe will be helping you out and galvanizing your ability to change out what’s not quite working for you.

Or perhaps you’re on the receiving end and you find out what’s not working for another key player in your life that ultimately affects you. This can be a friend, intimate partner or colleague who comes to the table with a different agenda or a new want or need within the partnership.

Around March 19th or 28th, take some time to examine some family-related issues and consider how you’d like to see them either conclude or grow into something more positive.

March offers many micro-moments that are designed to move you toward closure around certain subjects so that April can bring in some new, fresh experiences that wouldn’t fit into your life unless you get rid of what needs to make an exit this month.

March is buzzing with experiences relating to your 6 Personal Year themes of commitment, love, and home.

A number of matters that have been pending since the beginning of the year are likely to be resolved this month.

You might even conclude some business affairs between March 9th and 27th, bringing you an unexpected sense of relief and closure.

Of course, March brings with it some added intensity.  When the 9 shows up, it’s nudging closure and completions to transpire. So prep yourself for facing what needs to be faced and making decisions that will ultimately benefit you. It’s time to take a real look at the bigger picture.

Know that the energy of the 6 supports your longer-term vision and your creative and visionary pursuits. This can be a moment where you can find that you have a stronger intuitive sense about what needs to be released.

The completion or solidification of an important relationship around March 18th — possibly with a lover, friend or business associate — will potentially bring intense emotions.

The entire year will press you to dig deep within yourself to make decisions about what stays and what goes.

This starts with you, you, and you. Who are you? What do you want? Are you happy with your relationship with the most important person in your life, namely you?

Sometimes the number 9 gets a bad rap when you experience it in a cycle — as you are this month as your number 9 Personal Month. Because the 9 demands surrender — it’s rather like an astrological eclipse in terms of pushing transformation. It reveals the real deal underneath the current façade. It strips away what needs to be power-washed from our lives.

Sometimes it feels abrupt. It can feel hard and produce some pain or anxiety as we navigate the changes.

Yet this energy can also produce the most profound magic when we’re truly ready and willing to let go of what we’re being asked to let go of. It can be a time where dreams come true, yet we must change ourselves and our behaviors in order for change to happen.

Ah, how logical and simultaneously, how ironic.

Because if we think about it, of course, if we’re unhappy in our marriage the solution is not be married to the person with whom we’re currently married.

If we’re unhappy in our apartment, the solution is to move from that apartment. If we’re unhappy with our job, the answer is to not be employed at that job anymore.

So when our spouse asks for a divorce, our landlord says she’s selling the building and we have to move out or we get fired from our job — this is the gift of the number 9.

The “problem” is that is oftentimes doesn’t feel like a gift at the time.

Understand that you get to experience two number 9 Personal Months this year. The next shows up in December. So it’ll be interesting to see if there are any parallels between what’s going on for you in March and what transpires at the end of the year.

Overall, March is a perfect time to become more open to other possibilities and ways of thinking. It’s bound to deliver some moments where you can surrender to the flow rather than fight it.