6 Personal Year | June is a 3 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to have more fun & call in your creativity!


Can you believe that it’s the mid-point of your 6 Personal Year?

This is a responsibility-driven year for you, no matter now you slice it. This is a year to practice a sense of care and service—for yourself and for others.

In fact, all year long you’ll be met with issues involving justice and fair-play with a focus on family dynamics. I find the 6 Personal Year to be an intriguing mix, because it has several different tributaries that have different levels of flow depending on what key elements are at work in your life at the moment.

Is the spotlight on relationship? Or your home and where you live? Perhaps it’s more squarely focused on your levels of responsibility and how you’re managing and mitigating that part of your life. It can be a tremendously solid year for building your business as well. Yet underneath it all, the core features have to do with home, family, responsibly, and relationships.

Then there’s the deeper layer: Are you at home? Do you feel nurtured, comfortable, and nested? Do you get the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental nourishment you want and need? If not, is this a primary issue or pain-point right now?


Usually the 6 year will bring in some emotional volatility as well, especially on the home and family front.

This can show up with your circle of friends and work colleagues as well.

Remember what I always say the theme song is for the 6 Personal Year:  “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”  Yep. For realz.

Give yourself permission to dive in and nurture others during the year—yet remember also that the number 6 is all about the balanced practice of responsibility and heart-centered service.

So if you’re over-giving, you’ll feel resentful and tapped out emotionally and physically. And if you’re backing off and saying “no” to your duties, you won’t fare well, either.


Balance. Modulation. Participation. These are the pressure points during a 6 Personal Year.

This month is supported by the buoyant, creative, and communicative number 3. Anything you can do to bring some optimism into the mix is a plus. The energy of the 3 is emotional and expressive. What are you involved with now that can use a little dash of fun and emotional connection?

This can also show up as a time where you’ll be forced to communicate more clearly and with more honesty. On top of that, your other ventures are likely to be moving along at the same time.

So, both home base and your work life are destined to feel as though they’ve sprouted legs and are starting to walk (or run!) during June.

A few new business opportunities may come your way, particularly during the week of June 9th.


When you’re aligned with the energy of the number 6, you’re more magnetic than you can imagine.

And given that it’s your number 3 month, know that June is set up for a bit of a respite from the arduousness of last month.

If you’ve been working on a creative project, June is for infusing all the creative juice you’ve got to get the project in a place you’re happy with.  Get it into good shape because July will be time to implement.

Ready to launch your podcast, website, or pitch your creative project? This is a great month for any sort of self-improvement, artistic creativity or emotional self-expression.

Ready to rework your resumé, get out to a few more meet-ups or revive your website? Those impulses will be in full force right now.

Understand that June brings you some potential opportunities to teach, advise, or entertain. If you feel called in this direction, go all in. Highlighted for you in June is the opportunity to possibly go into business (or improve your job situation) and to ultimately make more money.

Yet you’ll have to shift into a creative state of mind to have success. Step over, around, and through mental or emotional blockages and self-doubt. Don’t rob the world of your creative gifts. Put it out there. This is a good month to travel, explore, and feed your curiosity.

“Emotion” can been seen as “energy” (“E”) in motion.  So think about that this month as you carry forward. Anytime you can create something, experience and express an emotion, infuse a sense of fun and play into everything you do, or communicate in an inspiring and uplifting way, you’ll really feel as though you’re in the right place at the right time!


>If you want to review the nuts-and-bolts of the 6 Personal Year, watch this short video.



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