You’ll do the work – yet to be successful, everyone needs a support system, a witness, a sounding board, and someone to help you see what you might not be able to see because you’re so close to it.

And – let’s be real – we all need new information, clarity, and a sense of validation. That’s how I can serve you as you go through your transformative process.

It’s never too late to learn more, embrace change, and take your life to into whatever “next level” you’re seeking, whether that’s improving your relationships, deciding on a career, healing family issues, working with health concerns. Knowing some aspects of numerology can allow you to see your world with an entirely new lens.

Our time together is an opportunity to create a new rubric for seeing and acting upon your purpose, while developing a freeing and empowering way to engage in every relationship in your life.


60-minutes by Zoom
Includes your Numerology chart

1-HR | $250 (normally $333) BOOK NOW

2 Session Package

BOGO (Buy One/Get One) for 50% off!

This is a 2-Session package (two 1-Hour Sessions) with a discount of 50% off of the second session.

Purchase the package and book the first session with the booking calendar.

You’ll contact me by email to set up the second session and I will confirm with the meeting link.

• (2) 1-HR by Zoom
• Two separate sessions



90-minutes by Zoom
Includes your Numerology chart

90-min. | $375 (normally $444) BOOK NOW

Quick Question Session

If you’ve had a private session with me, you can check-in with a numerology question.

This is a 30-min. check-in or Q & A.


* Here are three dates I’m considering for my book launch, product launch, wedding or other special event. Which one is best numerologically?

* In our last session, we talked about the Pinnacle I’m in now — I have a few questions about it now that I’ve had time to process the information.

* I just started dating this person and would love to have a little numerology nutshell about our compatibility.

* I’m moving and making a decision between three homes and I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of the numerology of the address.

These are just examples of questions. I’m here to answer your numerology question!

• 30 min. by Zoom

30-min. | $88 BOOK NOW

Please Note:

Be sure to select your local time zone when booking your session to accurately view available session time slots.

Felicia’s Current Availability:
Monday-Friday 10 AM – 5 PM Mountain Time (MST)/U.S.A.

Weekend sessions are possible for international clients
or those with scheduling conflicts.

If you have any questions about sessions,
feel free to Contact our Help Desk. We’re here to answer your questions!

**Please also note: If the name on your birth certificate is written in a language other than the English alphabet, I’m regrettably unable to provide an accurate session for you. I’m not an expert with translation and I don’t have software that’s multi-lingual. Therefore, if your given name is in Russian, Chinese or any other alphabet that isn’t the standard English alphabet, I can’t offer a session that would be fully accurate.

I Attract Clients Who:

I attract people who are working with transitions – like divorce, relationship dilemmas, job changes, figuring out a college major, kids growing up and moving out, death and health issues. You name it.

If it involves change or an intense feeling of “something’s gotta’ give,” I’m your gal.

And I find that I work with many people who’re simply searching; who are seeking that missing link for themselves or who just want to take their life to the next level – who want to “do this thing” called life in the most profound and purposeful way possible.

Yes, you can …

  • cultivate an understanding of your purpose and how to consistently align yourself with it
  • understand and extract meaning out of your painful experiences
  • clarify where you’ve been, where you’re going & validate your strengths and gifts
  • deepen your understanding of other people in your world – by the numbers


Sai Bhaswana Ghate

I truly enjoyed my session with Felicia. More power to her. She was all what I expected and more. Have always enjoyed her videos and books and her practical yet tinged with humor style of expressing and explaining. And she was just that in person as well.

Very insightful. I made notes and recorded which I played again and listened. And again added more details to my notes from that. And then I recorded the insights I got, which were a combination of new news and some validation that I really needed. Some of these insights gave me internal acceptance and peace, and some were like hmm…. Interesting…

It left me excited and eager about the future, and also reflective and aware of the work I still need to put into my growth, but without making me feel dejected. Instead I came away feeling more energized and motivated. A big hug 🤗 to thank you, Dr. Felicia Bender! 🙏🏾🙏🏾

Lesley Robin

I was feeling confused with what steps to take to feel ‘happy in my soul’ and I felt like Felicia would be a good start to helping clear some of the confusion.

I’m so glad I did. I learned that it was normal for me to be feeling confused. She also helped me realize that I was on the right path and that all the ideas I had in my head confusing me were all good options. All I had to do was choose one option and put my focus on that.

At the end of the call I was ready to go live my life fully and with no regrets of my past.

Charis Santillie

Felicia is phenomenal! I love having a few check-ins with her each year to review and anchor things in relation to my numbers. I find it helps validate what I’m feeling and experiencing as well as helps me determine the path of least resistance with what’s on the horizon. I am so excited to have her on my podcast too so that she can help my listeners learn and work with numerology in a practical way.


Felicia is INCREDIBLE! I felt at ease with her as soon as our Zoom session began. My numerology chart fits me to a tee, and I am thrilled to have even more knowledge about who I am, when I will reach certain milestones, and what to expect in my future. I will definitely be booking with Felicia again for further insight.

Thank you so much.
Love this channel, my one and only for numerology.

Wow… these are the answers I needed to hear today. 🙂 I’m totally not crying right now

I love new ways of learning about myself and Numerology spoke to me.

I use Numerology to understand the people in my life.

Daliah Roth

This was the most amazing session! I am a professional astrologer and have had many readings in my lifetime, but never one that was this concise, fun and compassionate.

I felt so safe and looked after, from the first email I received. All communication before the session already gave me the impression that Felicia was giving 200%, not only in communicating and planning the session, but also all of her knowledge.

I learned so much today. What we had was a beautiful heartfelt numerology dialogue. I am so grateful for this session today, and feel much more confident in my skills and what is yet to come.

I look forward to booking again, as I feel there is so much more I want to learn – and I LOVE Felicia’s practical, honest, straightforward, loving energy!

Felicia was amazing to work with. Everything really resonated with me and really helped me with my vision moving forward. I look forward to working with her again!

I recommend your life path videos to literally everyone that accepts my wisdom into their life. Your communication skill in regards to explaining these complexities is simply unmatched 🙂

Dee Oujiri

Wow. I booked a session for myself and was blown away by the insights.

I then asked my deliberative and analytical husband if he would like to learn more, he said yes. He was blown away by the wisdom and knowledge Felicia provided.

Felicia is an expert in her field. I purchased the report before I booked my session, and there is a lot of excellent information there, but having Felicia read it made all the difference. Felicia digs into information that a piece of paper will never provide you. She incorporates her wisdom and intuition into your session.

I learned so much about myself. I am now empowered with this information and can use it to better my life. My life has been riddled with self-doubt and depression, which showed up in my report. Knowing this is part of my journey helps me and empowers me!

Hi Felicia! Intuitive numerologist and spiritual practitioner here 😊. Just want to say a big thank you for all of your wonderful content. Whenever I need to find a unique answer for a client’s patterning, breakthrough or interesting life blockage, I always head back over to learn more from you. I’ve sent so many people your way to learn about the basics and to continue learning, I mention your name first. You’ve taught me a lot and I deeply appreciate how much it’s help me on my own journey as well as clients. 🙏

She’s LITERALLY describing every single detail of myself, my ways and my life…. honestly, mind blowing

Christa Stauder

Felicia was amazing to work with. Everything really resonated with me and really helped me with my vision moving forward. I look forward to working with her again!

You nailed it!!!
thank you for helping me understanding me

Seeing repeating numbers brought me to Numerology.