3 Personal Year | March is a 6 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for March: This is the month to nurture yourself and extend loving support to others.

💥 Here’s a little bonus info as we key into the month.

If your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers in your numerology profile) is the same as your Personal Year number, the year is highlighted as a special period in which you get double the pleasure and double the triggers that you’re working on developing and deepening with your over-all Life Path purpose.

If you happen to be a 3 Life Path and are in your 3 Personal Year this year, it’s going to put you to the test and ask you to up level your life with the key elements or themes of your Life Path, which have to do with leaning into creative self-expression, honing your emotional  sensitivity, advancing your communication skills, and aligning with your optimism while banishing self-doubt (among many other things!)

The same if the 3 show up as one of your other core numbers.

If you don’t know your life path number, go HERE.

You can calculate your Life Path number there and also find out more about your Life Path mission.

If you want to do a deeper dive and reveal your Core numbers and other important aspects of your full numerology profile, you can order an individual report or if you really want to get wild-n-crazy, book a session!

With that said, If you’re experiencing a 3 Personal Year (no matter what your Life Path might be!), March is a number 6 Personal Month for you.

It’s a month where your relationships are being fine-tuned and tested.

And even more than that, the focus is on what it really looks and feels like to take care of yourself. That’s under the microscope at the moment.

The 6 Personal Month brings in the energy of home, family, responsibility, and relationships.

When we look at the word “supportive,” what does that actually bring to mind for you? One of the deeper lessons with the 6 has to do with where you’re responsible for others, yet in an enabling sort-of way.

It’ll also offer up experiences encouraging you to see where you might benefit from accepting help and support from other people. Are you the Rock of Gibraltar for everyone else and yet feel frustrated that you have nobody in your life who supports you in a similar way?

Whenever you experience a number 6 in a cycle, you’ll be challenged with responsibility — first and foremost, being responsible for yourself in a deep and authentic way.

Only then can you take on the additional responsibilities that come to the table to be worked with this month.

It’s as though you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant goes through the safety instructions prior to take-off. This is the part where they instruct you to place the oxygen mask on your face before helping anyone else, otherwise you won’t be useful to anyone at all!

It’s the same idea.  Make sure you take care of yourself first before you attempt to help or support anyone else.

Are you giving too much and enabling unproductive behavior in others? Or avoiding taking the responsibility that is rightfully yours?

Those will be key questions for you this month and most likely they will rise to the surface when you have an event or an experience that pushes you to make some determinations about how to respond.

Relationship dynamics are up for review and will demand a little tweaking on your part.

Speaking of relationships, this is a great month to stoke the fire in your love life. This could be the month where you decide and announce that you’re taking your relationship to the next level. S/he might put a ring on it, so to speak.

Around March 21st is a golden time for planning some one-to-one time with your sweetheart.

It can also be the month where you or a partner finally decides it’s time to exit. The number 6 is known as the “marriage and divorce” number. It’s all about deciding what stays and what goes.

You may find it a particularly opportune time for fun with your own kids or the children in your life, around March 9th or 15th. These can be little ones, adult children or fur-babies!

I’ll also mention that this can be a time where you’re drawn to some kind of “inner child” work, perhaps by reading a book, listening to a podcast or taking a class or attending a retreat where this is part of the program.

Whenever the 6 shows up, it’s time to bring in the family. This can be a month where you have a few family-related responsibilities to contend with.

You’ll benefit from focusing on creating a sense of harmony and balance in your home.

This goes for furnishings and décor — and also for your personal and intimate family interactions. Perhaps it’s time for early Spring cleaning, deciding on a new paint color for the office or mapping out your ideas for that organic herb garden you’ve been dreaming about.

Understand that you get to experience two number 6 Personal Months this year. The next shows up in December. It’ll be interesting to see if there are any parallels between what’s going on for you in March and what transpires at the end of the year.

Given that March offers you a container of 6 energy, be aware when you might be called upon to step into a few more responsibilities, whether it’s with friends or family.

Also know that the energy of the 6 can throw you into situations where you really have to back off from judging everyone and everything from your own standards. You might be asked to level-out your vantage point for a moment and relate to other people in a way that’s supportive and yet non-judgmental. Healthy emotional detachment, anyone?

Overall, this is a month where you’ll be called upon to strengthen your vocal cords (so to speak) and voice your thoughts and feelings in a way that you feel heard and that also is communicated in a way that others can actually hear you!

If you’re single and open to a new relationship, this is a perfect month to freshen up or reformulate your dating profile and put yourself out there.

The 3 Personal Year opens the door for emotional connection and the emphasis this month is on home and family. Find enjoyment wherever you can. Infuse some playfulness into all your engagements. This is the month to connect with your tribe and nourish your relationships.