3 Personal Year | June is a 9 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to allow some exit-points for certain people or situations that are no longer serving a positive function for you.


One of the things about the 3 Personal Year is this.

It’s designed as a fun, joyful, creative year full of socializing and activity. It’s a time—if you can swing it realistically—where you’re supported in lightening up and just breathing. Living life. Tapping into yourself in a way that perhaps you haven’t given yourself permission to in the past.

This is a year focused on self-improvement. Yet we can also see the concept of self-improvement as innately flawed. What if your “self” is just perfect as it is and isn’t a project needing to be improved upon?


Rupert Spira makes this observation:  “Self doesn’t need to be liberated, only recognized.”

This is a key position-point in your 3 Personal Year. It’s all about sandblasting the gook off of what is authentically you.

So what if, rather than self-improvement, it all boils down to simply validating, welcoming, and developing what’s already there? That sounds more like it, truth be told.

The number 3 can be seen as the number of authenticity. It always demands that we get real with ourselves and show up in our most authentic form.

So rather than self-improvement, it’s really about allowing what’s already there to come to the surface—to be acknowledged, developed, and nurtured. It’s time to bring that authentic “you” back home — the one that might have gotten lost or derailed along the way.

Yet the down-and-dirty version of the 3 Personal Year also has something to do with exposing emotional trauma and working on transmuting and healing it.


The 3 also shows you where you have some weak links with the way you express and communicate.

The point is to see those weak links for what they are and develop different communication patterns so that you can become the happiest, healthiest, and most authentic version of yourself.

It’s the true gift of the 3, yet not the aspect of the joyful and expressive number 3 that gets a lot of press. Even though the 3 is the vibe of fun, social interaction, expression, and creativity, at its core it’s a catalyst for digging into our emotions and moving them up and out.

So, the 3 Personal Year is a truly beautiful time to embrace all those unwelcome or inconvenient emotions that most of us have spent a lifetime avoiding or stored up in some container somewhere.

This deep-dive into your emotional life is on your docket this year. So, if these emo-based issues are a struggle, you might be feeling a bit fed-up, overwhelmed, or even slightly depressed right about now.


The big lessons and opportunities reside in emotional self-expression, optimism, creativity, and self-improvement on all realms.

Wherever there are gaps in your abilities to connect or express emotionally, these more challenging issues might very well come into play.

It’s really not a matter of if as much as it is a matter of what and with what urgency or intensity.

And yet the caveat is this. Are you tapping into and using your creativity to the best of your abilities? Are you working with your emotional life in an authentic and expressive way—feeling your feelings and expressing them in a healthy and balanced manner? Are you even enjoying things at all?

June accentuates emotional intensity and at the same time it’s also likely that you’ll complete the preparations for some creative proposal or idea at this time. This project—or groundwork for the project—is recalibrating itself so that something new or expanded can come into view.

Potentially, instead of feeling upbeat about the re-situation of your project (or relationship), you’re apt to feel a sense of unease, fear, or apprehension about what’s happening.

You’re not skating on the surface right now.  The expression, communication, and self-improvement is formulating on a soul level. That’s how vital, deep, and urgent it feels.


The 9 energy supporting you this month offers opportunities to let go, to release, and to surrender.

A business enterprise may also end during June—maybe this sneaks up on you or perhaps it’s totally expected. And on top of that, a friendship or association may fall away or just shift its focus, possibly around June 9th or 18th.

I am always quick to do a disclaimer or to encourage you to stay away from recoiling or being reactive about the idea that something might end or transition. Please see this as it’s intended. Life is made up of changes. (duh!)  New opportunities come into play after old stuff is removed. When things serve their purpose, their purpose is served.  (channeling my inner baby Yoda there… ha!)

The point I’m emphasizing is that a falling away can be dramatic or it can be super-subtle. Have you ever had that moment where you’ve been chewing on some issue for what seems like forever and then suddenly, clarity arises and you make a clear and definitive decision about it?

Have you ever had moments that seemingly rear up out of nowhere where you act upon something you’ve always known you need to do and yet don’t actually do it until that very second?

This can be fully disengaging from a toxic family member to a deeply subtle internal shift that lifts a consistent feeling of unworthiness, fear, or some other deeply habitual thought or feeling that you can’t remember being without.   

It’s a great exercise for the month—and just overall—is to embrace, on a core level, the concept that your plan is unfolding all on time. We simply have been conditioned to feel stuck, upset, or anxious when it’s not happening in a way we understand, can control, or approve of.


June holds out some major opportunities for letting go and shedding away people and projects from your life that you’ve outgrown.

This can also show up as the completion of a project or it can even come into form as an emotional completion of some kind—a decision made about how to handle a colleague, a letting go of some weird idea of how your family should be, or a falling away of some long-held pattern of thought or action that you’re ready to dissolve or place in the compost pile.

In other words, it’s going to be so worth it that you’ll wonder how you hung on so long.

The energy of the number 9 (the vibe for your month of June) is all about endings. Take the opportunity to close out a few things this month that have been lingering and lingering and lingering. If you’re not fully and completely in, then most likely you need to be out.

July will be a better time for starting something new, which doesn’t leave out the opportunity for someone who interests you this month can show some promise for something more. Close some doors so that you can be free and clear to open new ones.


>>If you want a reminder about the nuts-and-bolts of the 3 Personal year, watch this short video.


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