2 Personal Year | June is an 8 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to get serious about career and business.


Are you feeling some slight fatigue set in as you enter into the mid-point of your patience-building 2 Personal Year?

While the 2 Personal Year can offer its share of excitement, relationship victories, and connectivity, it’s also well-known for feeling somewhat confining by sheer lack of forward movement.

“Come on already!” can become the mantra for the 2 Personal Year.

Just know that this is a mirage — there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. It just might not feel like it at the moment. Yet when you’re feeling a sense of frustration, know that there’s a lot more happening in your world that meets the eye!

In the meantime, are you using your time to renew and rekindle your relationships, slow down and give more to your love connections (both intimate and family), and build partnerships and affiliations either for business, pleasure or both?

This month works with two levels of “business.”

The 2 of your Personal Year is in the business of love and relationship while the 8 energy you’re immersed in this month is all about the business of finances and material-world necessities.

Meaning, you’re being called out this month — called out to step up and step into yourself and go after what you want. June is a month that’s all about taking control and responsibility for your financial life, so you’ll feel a powerful pull to get er’ done.

Perhaps you’ve started a new job this year or are tweaking an existing job. If you started a new one, you’re still getting the lay of the land and figuring out who’s who and what’s what.


On June 2nd or 5th, some important affairs—particularly business stuff—will begin to move ahead after weeks of delay.

Push ahead with the productive work that you can do, yet don’t exert yourself too aggressively.

Assertive, yes.  Aggressive or combative, no.

Solid decisions are good. Tackling them to the ground and stunning them into submission, not so much. During a 2 Personal Year, any time you can opt for a lighter, more diplomatic touch, the more success you’re bound to have.

The key to success resides in your ability to be tactful and also to give special consideration to your coworkers and colleagues. Make sure that everyone involved receives notice of any change in plans so that others don’t feel poorly informed or left out.

Take advantage of any business or financial opportunities that you can clearly identify, particularly around June 18th.

Even though it’s a 2 Personal Year, the 8 energy of your month asks you to empower yourself, take yourself seriously, and be up to the task.


Again, June is a month that’s all about business and getting things in line.

You’ll feel the impulse to bulldoze through certain things, yet you’ll find that when you do, it’ll come back to zap you.

Exert some reasonable caution and put some stops around jumping into something impulsively, particularly around June 23rd.

If there’s someone in your life who’s challenging your sense of identity and continuing to manipulate your giving nature, June is the time to draw a line in the sand and take action around your own needs and desires.

To continue with the sand metaphor, you might be aware of when you defer or detour by sticking your own head in the sand. Don’t let other people push you around or invalidate your feelings.

Or perhaps you’re over-focused on yourself and instead find yourself struggling with coming to terms with other people in your life in a more empowered way.

Remember what Brené Brown observes. She says that in her research, she’s seen that the most compassionate people are also the most boundaried. That simply means that these people know what’s okay with them and what’s not okay. And they communicate that boundary effectively and act upon it consistently.


One of the themes of the 2 Personal Year is in defining your sense of yourself from the inside out.

What are your true values? What are your deal breakers?  Who are you, really? This is a time to banish insecurity and build your sense of confidence.

The energy of the number 2 directs us in how to see someone else’s point of view.  This could be a time where you would benefit from stepping back and walking a mile in their shoes, whomever it might be who you feel frustrated or flummoxed by.

Money and finances will be on your mind and this is the perfect month to regain some control of your financial life. Make some decisions. Move forward with plans rather than letting them languish. Take responsibility for what you’ve done and haven’t done and get on with it.

You’ll gain a lot of headway when you make the effort to be involved, take responsibility, and stand up for yourself this month. All the effort and focus you put into your endeavors this month will pay off royally.  It’s all about patient progress.

Master 11/2 Personal Year

If this is your 11/2 Personal Year, you still get the delays and yet it comes with an edge. It’s an initiating time with built-in delays—plus a large dose of spiritual insight in the process. Have you been able to slow down enough to pick up the signs and signals the universe has been throwing down?    

And yet May was an even slower and more contemplative month than you’ve experienced in a while! Ugh, sorry/not sorry.

The struggle can be that—if you’re resisting the energy being presented—you can wind up feeling like you’ve been plucked out of the crowd and forced to play at the craps table with the universe. And the real problem is that you don’t even know how to play craps! What are the rules, anyway?

Remember with the Master 11/2 Personal Year, the key players have to do with spiritual illumination. Meaning, this is a time where lots of things happen to you and for you that you won’t really understand the significance of until later on down the line.

All of the forecast for the 2 Personal Year applies to you — yet you might also read the forecast for the 1 Personal Year for the month and see what issues and energies might bleed over into your world.

The Master 11/2 holds the foundational energy of the 2, then add a double-dose of the energy of the 1 on top of it!


Don’t know if you’re experiencing a Master 11/2 Personal Year or not?

Here’s how the calculation might look:

Reminder:  The Personal Year is calculated by adding the MONTH + DAY of your birth with the CURRENT YEAR.

Example of a Master 11/2 Personal Year:

August 22

August = 8

22 = 22 (Master numbers aren’t reduced)

2024 = 8

8 + 22 + 8 = 38

3 + 8 = 11

This is an 11/2 Personal Year

>If you want a reminder about the nuts-and-bolts of the 2 Personal Year, watch this video.


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