4 Personal Year | March is a 7 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for March: This is the month to carve out time for contemplation, planning, and organizing.

💥 Here’s a little bonus info as we key into the month.

If your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers in your numerology profile) is the same as your Personal Year number, the year is highlighted as a special period in which you get double the pleasure and double the triggers that you’re working on developing and deepening with your over-all Life Path purpose.

If you happen to be a 4 Life Path (or Master 22/4 Life Path) and are in your 4 Personal Year this year, it’s going to put you to the test and ask you to up level your life with the key elements or themes of your Life Path, which have to do with setting up practical goals, working hard, creating stability and security, and moving through limiting circumstances (among many other things!)

The same if the 4 show up as one of your other core numbers.

If you don’t know your life path number, go HERE.

You can calculate your Life Path number there and also find out more about your Life Path mission.

If you want to do a deeper dive and reveal your Core numbers and other important aspects of your full numerology profile, you can order an individual report or if you really want to get wild-n-crazy, book a session!

With that said, If you’re experiencing a 4 Personal Year (no matter what your Life Path might be!), March is a number 7 Personal Month for you.

March is the time to study, research, and collect the necessary knowledge and data that will inform the developing situation you’ve been considering.

If all your data feels like a green light, then make preparations to launch your efforts in April.

March is the time to go inward and allow some time to ponder, question, and plan. Talk about a month for the slow boil.

It’s your 4 Personal Year after all, a time where you’re getting everything organized and color-coded. Are you considering a new venture, a relationship shift or expanding an existing project?

It’s your task to lay the foundation for security and lasting systems for the future, whatever that means for you at this time in your life.

You may want to spend a good part of the month on your own contemplating your desires, motives, and what you want to see come to fruition.

Perhaps a short retreat is in the mix. Or you sign-on for that extended training or workshop you’ve been putting off. Is it time to get serious about finding a therapist or to explore different healing modalities for a consistent health issue or nagging spiritual crisis?

This is a month of planning and pondering rather than “get it done right now.” This is a time for collecting the data, analyzing the data, and then making decisions about how to actually use the data.

To put this into practical terms, this is a time where you’re being called to gather more information and then take time to digest the information. This can be through actual research for a problem or project you’re concerned with — by reading a few books, taking an on-line course, digging into some ideas about how to reconfigure something that you’re working on.

This isn’t the best month for igniting something. It’s a better time for tweaking, planning, filling in gaps, and organizing. This month, get it in order and add richness and depth to it. Next month is more optimal for launching and initiating.

This is a perfect time to recalibrate on an internal level.

What does that mean exactly? It means to invite and allow yourself to ponder your life’s bigger questions. Who am I? What do I want? How am I doing? What’s working for me? What’s holding me back? How am I doing with all of this weird uncertainty and transition that the past few years have thrown at me?

The energy of the number 7 — the vibe guiding your month — is spiritually probing and yet it can also offer opportunities to retreat from ourselves in various ways. This escape-hatch can show up through any superficial activity we might use as a default when we start heading into some uncomfortable places within our psyche.

This can show up as obsessive thoughts, turning to drugs or alcohol for solace, or scrolling through social media for hours on end.  You know.  The usual ways to numb or opt-out.

The number 7 prepares you for an eventual outcome. It’s not about an immediate quantifiable result. So this might also be a theme for the month.

Allow yourself a moment to step out of the fray and regroup.

This is the time to begin putting your ideas into concrete form, however that plays out for you.

Allow the time necessary — possibly during the weeks of March 8th or 22nd — to engage in the “proper care and maintenance” of your relationships.

Understand that you get to experience two number 7 Personal Months. The next shows up in December. So it’ll be interesting to see if there are any parallels between what’s going on for you in March and what transpires at the end of the year.

Another area to be highlighted this month has to do with your health. Get those check-ups scheduled and follow through with them. If you need to have a little dental work done (or any other procedure) that will require a few days of downtime, make sure you mark out the time this month.

Master 22/4 Personal Year

If this is your 22/4 Personal Year, understand that there’s always an added intensity on every realm. The occurrences all year long highlight additional emotional and intuitive sensitivity and spiritual lessons and opportunities to step more firmly upon your spiritual path.

It can feel like you’re riding a roller coaster, yet a weird one that goes really fast, screeches to a halt, and then chugs along at a snails pace.

If you feel a certain sense of nervous tension or feel that this year holds some deeply profound and unspeakable levels of intensity for you, you’re most likely knee-deep into the Master 22 energy — a double number 2 vibe.

A quick example of how this looks mathematically:

If your DOB is June 17 you would calculate the Personal Year like this:

June = 6

Day = 17; 1 + 7 = 8

Year (2024) = 8

6 + 8 + 8 = 22

This is a Master 22/4 Personal Year

It’s time to start looking at your life with a longer-range lens.  The year insists that you not only take yourself seriously (#BIG-GOALS), it also demands that you truly lean into a begin building upon higher spiritual principles.

The 22 Personal Year offers heightened spiritual advancement coupled with a lot of hard-work and effort — not to mention some annoying and recurring mud being thrown into the spokes!

As you settle in to your spiritually-activated 22/4 Personal Year, know that forging a spiritual pathway to your material success is the “core” theme you’re working with.

Yet the double 2 (22) offers a competing agenda!

You’re also feeling emotionally and energetically sensitive and might struggle between needing to be laser-focused on work and getting things done and then feel very much drawn to helping and being supportive behind the scenes within both your relationship life and your professional life.

The moral of the story for your 4 Personal Year is this: Slow and steady — with breaks and self-care — wins the race. March is your month to unplug a bit.

Give yourself a permission slip to take some time off and recharge. This is the month to take some time for yourself and to contemplate next steps.