4 Personal Year | June is a 1 Personal Month

🧭 Directive for June: This is the month to expand into new energy, new ideas & new beginnings!


Here you are at the mid-point of your 4 or 22/4 Personal Year of focus and endurance.

Since this is your year of hard work, foundations-building, and getting your systems in place, last month may have felt rather disconcerting since it was difficult (if not impossible) to control what was going on.

By now surely you have a plan — or a desire for a plan — in mind. What is it for you? Getting your business reconfigured so that you can make more money with less time and effort?

Maybe it’s a family issue that’s taking your attention and you’re working at getting a loved one into rehab or on older relative into their next living environment.

Could it be a total redux?  Moving? Different job? Back to school? Health concern? Relationship recalibration?


The 4 Personal Year pulls up the issue (or issues) du jour to be faced realistically.

These will be issues that aren’t going to be checked off the punch-list after a weekend of effort. These are foundational issues that will be the basis of what you continue to build on for the next five years, if not longer.

The problem with the energy of the 4 is that it makes it challenging to be flexible and think outside the box.

I’m always the first person to spout off about not wanting to reinvent the wheel and then, sure enough, I’m always the one reinventing it. Over and over again. Especially when I think I’m saving steps (or money!) or when I don’t trust the process.  Or mostly, when I think I know the answer when I really don’t.

I always say:  “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.” 


In your 4 Personal Year, you might find that you’re making things far too difficult for yourself.

Take a risk, step off your beaten path, and you’ll be oh-so pleasantly surprised at the short-cuts and better systems available to you right now—you just aren’t aware that they exist. Yet.

This can be a time where a tendency for self-sabotage or refusal to see other options might come up to the front of the line. This is also a time where an over-focus on work and planning can backfire by taking you down with the undertow. Burnout, anyone?

Make sure that you’re taking time for some relaxing activities you enjoy. This can simply be a morning tending to your garden, sipping tea on the balcony, or a walk around the block.

Remember also that this is truly, madly, and deeply a profoundly “in your face” year. The energy and demands of the 4 are tightening the screws and making you deal with some major “structural issues” in your life.

This can come at you from all directions and yet know that you can handle it. This is setting you up for some major renovation that will be incredibly positive down the line. It’s just really not the easiest nor perhaps the most fun to deal with when you’re in the thick of it.

This can show up as some health issues that need some more time and attention. Perhaps there are some major family issues hitting the fan and you’re right in the middle of it.


The energy of the month is all about new beginnings, initiation, independence, and innovation.

Between June 16th and 27th—instead of taking on additional commitments, take decisive action with an existing project in order to remove a person or condition that’s been obstructing your movement forward.

Tap into your creativity and self-confidence. Those traits are invaluable right now during this month where new beginnings are highlighted in some way, shape, or form.

This is the month to move into something new. To begin to take yourself seriously. To begin to make systematic steps toward what you want to see develop for the longer haul.

This can be a moment where you see how you can begin a whole new you and new phase by getting real and getting clear about what direction you want and need to take.

The energy of the 1 is pressing you to be courageous and step up and stand on your own two feet. Independence is a key feature this month as you continue to define your sense of self and create something solid to stand on.

Master 22/4 Personal Year


If this is your 22/4 Personal Year, add a dash of love, diplomacy, and pay close attention to your intuitive hits right now. This can be a hard-driving month of more meetings, more fires to put out, and more demands on your time to move whatever your working on forward with additional drive, creativity, and leadership.

All of the forecast for the 4 Personal Year applies to you — yet you might also read the forecast for the 2 Personal Year for the month and see what issues and energies might bleed over into your world.

The Master 22/4 holds the foundational energy of the 4, then add a double-dose of the energy of the 2 on top of it!

Don’t know if you’re experiencing a Master 22/4 Personal Year or not?

Here’s how the calculation might look:

Reminder:  The Personal Year is calculated by adding the MONTH + DAY of your birth with the CURRENT YEAR.

Example of a Master 22/4 Personal Year:

March 11

March = 3

11 = 11 (Master numbers aren’t reduced)

2024 = 8

3 + 11 + 8 = 22

This is a 22/4 Personal Year

>>If you want to review the nuts-and-bolts about the 4 or 22/4 Personal Year, watch this short video.

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