8 Life Path: The Boss & Manifestor

The lesson of the 8 Life Path is how to manage your personal relationship with power and money.

This path is about establishing and building financial security. You seek the freedom that comes from being financially stable. From early on, your drive will center on money in one way or another. And usually this comes with a more intense love/hate relationship with money.

The 8 Life Path isn’t particularly easy sailing, since you’re meant to use power, influence, authority, and control to make a positive difference in the world. You’re guaranteed to have big “Authority Issues” early in your life – and possibly all your life.

This path is intense and demands a great deal of discipline, wisdom, and fortitude.

Your first testing ground will be in the arena of your personal power. You’ll often experience difficult childhood experiences that test your will, stamina, resolve, and fortitude to stand up for yourself in a healthy way and move into bigger realms of achievement.

The mantra for the 8: Step up or get stepped on! Once you accept that yours is a life meant for success and achievement, the real work begins. You’ve got excellent executive and entrepreneurial skills. A key for you is to think big and find the right processes and people to support you in your enterprises.

Resilience is another 8 Life Path trait. Your ethics will be tested again and again.

You see things in a black-and-white manner with little room for gray. Understand that you’ve endured some profound experiences in your life, and either you can be ground up and spit out by them or you can choose to see them as your favorite teachers—that they were hard on you gave you the opportunity to learn about yourself.

Interestingly, being on the 8 Life Path, with its emphasis on money and power, is no guarantee that you’ll live a charmed financial life. Understand this: The 8 is all about mastering the art of success in the material world — money, power, control, authority.
It doesn’t give you a particularly charmed and easy time with money. You will need to give concerted effort, organization, management, and resolve to making things happen and to define and meet your goals.

While everyone in the world has to deal with money, for you, money is a central theme and a central focus of your life. You think in business-like ways and money is important to you, one way or the other!

An 8 Path person is just as likely to be drawn toward scarcity. The number 8 is an amplifier. The 8 vibration provides the energy with which to achieve financial abundance through concerted effort, ethical conduct, and attention to your higher purpose. You’re working on the ultimate levels of personal and financial empowerment and using your influence to do great things in the world.


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