2 Life Path: The Intuitive Diplomat

The 2 Life Path is a lover, not a fighter. You’re a seeker of harmony and deeply loathe conflict. You’re happiest when you’re being of service to yourself, your family, your group, or when you’re excelling in a service-oriented career. Working in a group environment is often the best for you to achieve success.

You’re the detail person, the one everyone turns to in order to get the job done and get it done right. The energy of the 2 Life Path is very sensitive, so much so that you get your feelings hurt every day in ways no one but you can understand. Even you don’t understand the degree to which you’re emotionally wounded day in and day out.

One of your lifelong learning lessons is in setting strong emotional boundaries and not being a “shape shifter” who changes who you are in order to please others or keep the peace.

The 2 energy is all about love. You crave giving and receiving unconditional love. That desire combined with a strong sense of service and emotional sensitivity brings amazing things into your life, as well as consistent challenges. The trick is not to focus on needing love to the point of desperation.

Since you’re so sensitive and also want to give and get love all the time, you may have a tendency to smother your loved ones or have expectations that can never be met.

You often serve as a supportive, dependable, caring helpmate when you’re working with your most positive aspects. Your trademark is a tendency to do everything for everybody to the point where you feel drained.

Oftentimes you judge yourself on what everyone else says or thinks about you. Your challenge is to develop your internal compass and turn inward for validation.
You must be careful not to take on the problems of the people you love, who are more than happy for you to do so! It’s best not to place yourself completely at the disposal of others because soon you’ll get angry and resentful for being used and unappreciated.

When you end up living in the destructive aspects of the 2 energy, no one knows what you want, including you! You’re too preoccupied doing what you think you’re supposed to do and are quick to expect others should do the same. You’re in a chronic state of co-dependence. Giving turns to resentment, as you give too much, and then withdraw completely.


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