1 Life Path: The Innovative Leader

A born leader, you’re self-motivated, independent, and productively disruptive.

You thrive in a competitive environment, although you often get sidetracked by listening to the non-stop voice of criticism in your head, whispering incessantly: “You’re not good enough.” Make sure to practice turning the channel when you start listening to that station!

In your life, you go through three tiers of development.

First, you realize and question the way in which you feel dependent. This shows up in various ways and yet is primarily lodged in your feelings of dependency on your family or surroundings to the point where you question yourself in relationship to this form of identity.

The second aspect of development usually shows up as rebellion as you attempt to extract yourself from your feelings of dependence and individuate yourself. This takes a while.

Then, if you’re able to manage this successfully and come out with a healthy sense of independence, then it’s time for you to move forward into achievement.

As an individualist, you’ve most likely felt unique in many ways. You have innovative and advanced creative ideas. You’re a pioneer, an innovator, and capable of great success and achievement in the world.

You need to be in charge and managing in some way. You would make a great entrepreneur or inventor.

You’re full of creative energy, so embrace your creativity and understand that this is your gift. Imagine new things, introduce new concepts, and then delegate the details and either move on with another project or continue developing your project while taking it to the next level of success. Anything that calls for tapping into your unique ideas, independent action, and decision-making is your forté.

You must take risks, and step off the beaten path. Your constant challenge is to consistently and consciously develop your sense of being self assured, self-directed, and centered. Since you’re all about #1, you can tend to see only your own wants and needs and have trouble listening to anyone else’s point of view.

Common threads when a 1 Life Path is “on fire” from working with optimal energies are boldness, innovation, risk-taking, resilience, and following the inner voice.


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