7 Life Path: The Analyst & (sometimes reluctant) Spiritual Seeker

You were born to learn to have faith in yourself and in others. There is a lot of spiritual energy surrounding you, so you need a strong spiritual base. You would excel as a philosopher, analyst, or researcher because you’re always seeking truth and knowledge, and love delving into life’s mysteries.

You tend to devour information and excel when you’re able to consolidate meaning out of a stack of data and then share your findings with like-minded people. It’s as though you’re a character in the TV show The Big Bang Theory — a little geeky in your own charming way.

Do you feel as though you’re a little out of place in the world? Many 7 Life Paths feel as though they’re old souls who are here exploring the material world. You’re most often on a different wavelength than other people. You’re bright, intelligent, and intense. You’re good with technical problems, at writing, and in discovering things.

Do you feel intuitive? You have a natural intuitive ability that is in some ways at odds with your highly analytic mind. This can be a point of confusion for you. On one hand, you’re all about data, knowledge, and research, and you need accepted systems of thought to operate in your chosen realm.

On the other hand, you’re constantly receiving intuitive data that you can’t qualify or quantify and it may scare you. Either you block and suppress your intuition—which could lead to dissatisfaction and ill health—or you learn to respect and balance both aspects of your highly calibrated mind.

Perhaps you experience the opposite: You fully embrace your psychic awareness and refuse to use your grounded, analytical abilities. Either way, inviting both aspects of your cognition (analysis and intuition) to co-exist and co-create can have a profoundly positive impact on your life.

At the end of the day, yours is a highly internal journey where you’re primarily purpose is to get to know who you are in the deepest, most authentic and soulful way. And this will take a lifetime. Because of the push-and-pull between your belief in hard data and your intuition, it’s important for you to take time alone periodically to regroup.

In numerology, the 7 is the number of contemplation and of being alone. Often those on a 7 Life Path prefer to spend good portions of their lives on their own. Meditation is imperative. Nature is rejuvenating. You flourish and relax when you connect with the environment in some way. You’re learning how to connect emotionally, both to yourself and to other people.


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