JUNE 2018

4 Personal Month

Do you feel your soul calling? If there’s any year where you’ll be feeling as though your soul is calling, knocking, pushing, or screaming—it’s this year. You’ll feel as though your life has a deep and profound resonance for you—from the simplest of interactions to the more complex decisions. It’s an intense spiritual gauntlet you’re riding if you choose to engage and work on your deepest sense of yourself and commit to your personal evolution. Know that June brings you into a more pragmatic or “sensible” state of mind and demands some practicality.

Know that June brings you into a more pragmatic or “sensible” state of mind and demands some practicality.

Remember last year? How filled it was with duties and obligations with your family? And how all your relationships were under review? And how much you required yourself to be responsible for what felt like virtually everything?

Luckily this is the time to step back and take a breather from your year of heavy responsibilities. I’m hoping that you’ve been able to manage disengaging from a few of the more pressing responsibilities and just take a little “me” time this year.

Yet this is a month where you’ll be met with a need for some concerted effort and hard work. Plus you’ll be setting up some cornerstones and foundations for future endeavors. Take care of these duties now but don’t overdo your efforts—your important contemplative activities must be properly tended and nurtured. I would think that this month offers you some fabulous opportunities to step into some of that knowledge gathering, training, or soul searching you’ve been working with since the beginning of the year. We’re at the mid-point of your contemplative 7 Personal Year and some things are coming together in ways that have been more elusive until now.

Since the number 4 often has to do with practicalities and the material world—including real estate and legal matters—make sure to sign contracts, agreements or other papers during the week of June 9th. Complete any matters related to your home or property between June 13th and 27th.  If you feel any sense of limitation or restriction, take a break or restructure the work you’re doing to alleviate stress. Make regular time for meditation or physical workouts. The energy of the 4 demands that you prioritize your own health care—meaning, pay special attention to your diet, de-stress, and do exercise that highlights the mind-body-soul connection.

The coupling of the energy of the 4 and the overall energy of your 7 Personal Year highlights an even higher level of planning and preparation.

The coupling of the energy of the 4 and the overall energy of your 7 Personal Year highlights an even higher level of planning and preparation. Perhaps you’re working toward a new certification and will begin to infuse your new knowledge with whatever you’re doing now or maybe even being to create some new with it. For example, maybe you just finished yoga teacher training and now would like to see if you can start teaching a few classes at your favorite yoga studio. Or perhaps you got a wild hair to begin writing something and you decided that starting a blog felt like the right thing to do. Certainly this would be a great month to either learn how to create the blog or to hire the developer who will help you create a site that reflects who you are and offers a vibrant space for you to share your words. This is simply a time that supports you in bringing a few of your new ideas into reality.

Think about limiting the time and effort you devote to new opportunities, since these ventures aren’t likely to have much in the way of significant potential. It’s interesting to me because I just asked myself this question yesterday. How do we know when we’re letting go and going with the flow—and how do we know when we’re just in denial, avoidance, or being lazy? You’ll need to ponder that sticky question this month.

Stay on track with your studies and research, despite the fact that you may feel as though you’re wimping out in terms of the work and material matters needing to transpire. Take care of any practical matters, particularly on or around June 4th, and firm up the foundations underlying your more significant interests. This is a great month to pay added attention to your health. This can transpire as taking a relaxing retreat, vacation, or mini-sabbatical. Or it can mean that you take the downtime to have that dental work you’ve been putting off or having that little procedure done that needs a few days of recuperation afterward.   This can also be a month where a few family issues rise to the surface and require you to deal with them perhaps a bit differently than you have in the past.


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