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Numerology Can Help You Decide What College Major Is Right For You

Are you about to start college and you aren't sure what to study? In between hanging out with friends and your summer job, are you internally stewing about what you should declare as your college major? Is just the thought of it stressing you out? And if you’re...

Choose a Wedding Date By The Numbers

It's Wedding Fever around here lately! I've been asked to assist several couples decide on their perfect Wedding date . . . by the Numbers. For this important event it's always best to sit down with the full Numerology charts for the couple getting married.  It's...

Personal Year Cycles: Know The Theme To Your Party!

One of the things I love about Numerology is that it provides rather amazing (and eerily accurate) information about all aspects of our lives – from our personality profile to cycles we experience throughout our lives. 

The Personal Year Cycle is...