1 Personal Month



Welcome to 2018!


I want to avoid any confusion you might have regarding your Personal Year and how it moves from 2017 into 2018.

Your Personal Month Forecast CHANGES in January of a New Year.

So if you know that December was an 11/2 Personal Month for you and you expect January to trip right over into a 3 Personal Month—it would usually do throughout the year—understand that you’re starting with a clean slate in January with a new Personal Year Cycle.

Therefore your Personal Month will start fresh also.


For instance, if you experienced an 8 Personal Year last year, December was a 11/2 Personal Month.

Yet on January 1, 2018 you start a new cycle with your 9 Personal Year.

So January will be a 1 Personal Month for you


(January = 1 and your 9 Personal Year = 10; 1 + 0 = 1)


Here’s a few suggestions for theme songs for the year: Let Go by Frou Frou, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes by David Bowie, and Through The Dark by K.T. Tunstall. Last year was nothing if not an action-packed time that challenged you in pretty much every way possible. Do you feel strong? Do you feel like you’ve risen to the challenge? Have you gotten your financial trajectory in order and your sense of personal power polished and shined? It’s the end of a cycle for you, so here’s the plan. Visualize yourself diving gracefully into a stream with a lively current. Lay on your back (add some floaties to your arms if you want to) and get ready to ride the current for the next twelve months. Yes. You heard it: Twelve months. This transition cycle began last year and I’m sure you’re feeling the burn. And yet if you can survive and thrive through the 8 Personal Year there’s nothing that can hold you back! Last year you worked with some core issues related to your sense of empowerment on all levels—spiritually, emotionally, physically, and/or financially. And now you’re readying to clear the canvas and decide what stays and what goes—what you want to build upon and what needs to dissolve.


January holds no time for dawdling. It’s the month to take charge and take control. Emphasize your independence and individuality as the year gets underway.


Yet you’re hitting the ground running, I must say. January holds no time for languishing. It’s the month to take charge and take control. Emphasize your independence and individuality as the year gets underway. You won’t be able to avoid this transition period throughout the year, requiring the completion and closing out of many things you’ve come to count on in your life. The issue with you and your experience in January is this: The month holds the energy of action, taking the lead, and independence. Yet the energy that you’re moving into for the entire year is very different. It’s about conclusions, letting go, and surrender. The number 1 energy for the month is all about beginnings and the 9 energy for your year is all about endings. So expect a bit of confusion as you move through January and make your best choices and best decisions. You must allow your feelings to move and flow in all directions. You’ll find yourself reviewing your past this year, whether you want to or not. It’s actually the optimal time to do a review and see where you stand. (Still have those floaties handy?)


Even though it’s always more productive to live in the present moment, there are times when we need to revisit ourselves in order to grow in the direction we’d prefer to be growing. This is that year for you. You might feel as though you’re trapped in a room that has no exit—if you enjoy theatre, you might partake in Jean Paul Sartre’s play No Exit for a little existential angst to carry you through. It’s time to start chiseling your way out of your incubator and trust that the next phase waiting for you will be your next fantastic level of growth and development. There’s some fear factor involved with letting go without knowing what’s next, so expect heightened emotions as you go along.


It’s time to start chiseling your way out of your incubator and trust that the next phase waiting for you will be your next fantastic level of growth and development.


Between January 8th and 25th, examine your ongoing ventures and commitments and begin planning the most constructive and profitable way to bring projects that have run their course to a conclusion. Some new opportunities may look intriguing during the week of January 18th, but be careful not to be taken in on a whim. There’s not likely to be much potential here, no matter how good these possibilities look at first glance. Yet you might experience opportunities around January 27th that will assist you in phasing out of some of your “expired” long-term endeavors. This is the month to focus on bolstering your sense of self-confidence and trusting your creativity. You might feel a wacky sense of individuality and independence that you haven’t felt—or at least haven’t trusted—for a mighty long time. Go with the flow, trust your gut, and think it as one big year of shedding your skin.


Remember that we’re all experiencing a Master 11/2 Universal Year (see my article about it here). The backdrop of the “spiritual illumination” of the 11/2 Universal Year mixed with your 9 Personal Year sets you up for a few Stranger Things moments! It might feel as though you’re straddling the fence of the “real world” and the “upside down.” Things can feel a bit surreal and people, things, and ideas you’ve counted on to define you will come up for review in a new and different light. The 11/2 is the number of patience, love, and relationship with the double 1’s of the 11 adding a strong does of action and independence (among many other things!). The Universal Year is more of the “dreamer” than the “doer,” while the 9 Personal Year is a year of endings and completions. The mixture can feel like a science experiment where you need to wear goggles and see how each chemical reacts when added to the test tube. Which is to observe the year has the potential to be turbo-charged with an intense focus on even more intense transitions that might take you from point A to point G rather than from point A to point B. This year offers opportunities to grow and evolve in leaps and bounds.


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