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I’m thinking you won’t mind my prescription for you in November. Slow. Down. October was a bat-outta’ hades sort of month with a cacophony of completions mixed with dynamic action—enough to make anyone struggle to maintain equilibrium. Although you may—on one level—be raring to go, November is designed as a relatively quiet month. Resist the urge to race ahead into new terrain that’s not yet ready to be acted upon.


Although you may—on one level—be raring to go, November is designed as a relatively quiet month.


Also understand that it depends on your school of thought whether November qualifies as an 11/2 Personal Month or a 2 Personal Month.  If you don’t ever reduce a Master number (November = 11 and your Personal Year is a 9;  so you add 11 + 9 = 20 and 2 + 0 = 2.  In this configuration, you have a 2 Personal Month.  If you’re of the school of thought that the 11 is reduced, then it is 2 + 9 = 11). 


It’s like wanting to get your seat in the theatre before the current showing of the movie is finished. If you insist on muscling your way in and claiming your seat, the auditorium will still be full of audience goers and people making their way out of the theatre. So when you’re entering, the actual flow is of everyone else exiting—making you swim against the current. And the end of the movie will be spoiled for you and you’ll have to lift your feet up while the employees sweep up the popcorn, Junior Mints, and sticky spilled soda pop from the floor. And you’ll have to wait through all the advertisements before the movie actually begins. Get the point? If you just dive ahead this month you will more than likely feel more annoyance than satisfaction. Wait your turn. It’s coming up.


Patience is the name of the game for you in November.


It’s all about the timing right now. Patience is the name of the game for you in November. And along with that comes ample opportunities to amp up your intuition and your spiritual growth. Nothing can be forced right now and yet everything is there for you when you can be still for a moment. When you take the emphasis off yourself and put it onto supporting others in your life, you’ll be golden. By engaging and making yourself available to other people right now you’ll be opening up yourself to rich rewards. Know that you might feel that you’re engaging in diversions, yet these activities that take you off your beaten path are actually aiding your plans and goals and setting up right timing and conditions for your forward movement.


It’s also interesting because important information you’ve been counting on—which makes implementing your plans for the future much easier and more viable—comes only when you’re focusing on something else. Seriously. This might seem counter-intuitive and yet the energy of November is supportive of developing trust and in some ways your “extra-sensory” perception. When you work in tandem with others you are at your optimal. Yet the Master energy of the 11 challenges you with the impulse to move ahead solo. As I often say, it’s a delicate balance.


You can continue to make plans between November 8th and 17th to develop the new ventures you’re planning to initiate early in the coming year. Yet don’t try to force accelerated forward movement at this time—it’s in the percolating stage. November is slated to spend the bulk of your time socializing with family and close friends, especially as Thanksgiving approaches. Appreciate and acknowledge the affectionate feelings you have for those who’re close to you. Offer them some additional heart-felt support this month. Honestly, as you give you will receive.


Be open to meeting new friends, renewing some old acquaintances, and enjoying your current circle of friends.


Special activities with children can give you considerable pleasure. On or about November 25th, time with a loved one can be particularly satisfying. When you’re feeling relaxed, calm, and centered you’ll be riding the optimal wave that the energy of the number 2 brings to your life in November. Be open to meeting new friends, renewing some old acquaintances, and enjoying your current circle of friends. Even though it might seem as though the month is slow, it is far from it. You’ll be so busy with your social interactions, extending yourself to others, and cultivating opportunities for your intuitive insights that the month will race ahead in the blink of an eye.


Given that this is also a Master 11/2 month there will be some moments for real spiritual illumination if you slow down enough to notice them. Yet also know that the double number one of the 11 makes for a bit of nervous tension and also a tendency to want to blaze forward with the action the number 1 is known for—all about initiation and getting it done. So the somewhat cruel joke here is this—that kind of bulldozing and running forward will backfire for you right now. So it will take some added mindfulness to hold yourself in check and trust the slower process. Important answers and solutions come through intuition and through channels that have nothing to do with action, activity, or logic right now.



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