Ignite Your Life’s Path & Purpose
With Numerology

Join FELICIA BENDER, PHD – The Practical Numerologist® for an enlightening, engaging, and hands-on workshop where you’ll discover numerology basics that you can use immediately to reveal and define your life’s purpose – and so much more! This is a fun and inspiring event! Bring a friend and learn more about each other!

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Be introduced to numerology and the depth of information it offers
  • Learn the easy calculation for the Life Path and the Personal Year
  • Find out what your numbers have to say about your purpose, talents, challenges, and obstacles Determine what the “theme” is for you in 2024 and uncover how to align with the energy rather than work against it
  • This is a fun and interactive presentation
  • BRING A NOTEPAD & PEN! If you want to know about people in your life, bring their correct DOB!


Damn Good Massage
Office Building located in the Highlands
2727 Bryant St. | Denver, CO | 80211
Suite B2 (Basement level office)

There is some parking in the parking lot for the building and then there is street parking.

Please bring a water bottle and any snacks you might want for the afternoon.

The workshop is 4-hours total, with bathroom breaks and a longer stretch break.

Please bring a notebook and pen.

I encourage you to find out (prior to the workshop) the full and correct birth dates for people you’d like to know about “by the numbers.”

This is a fun event to bring a friend! You’ll understand each other even better after the event!