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  • Numerology: The Stress Number & Relationships
    We all want to know how to make the most out of our relationships. And even more than that, we want to have ways to see with whom we are most compatible and who is – well, maybe not such a match made in heaven! There are many aspects to investigating and analyzing relationship compatibility with Numerology. Let’s look at Continue Reading...
  • Prince & Numerology
    Unless you’ve been in a cave somewhere, you know that Prince passed away. And even if you’re perhaps too young to really know his work (“Didn’t he wear purple or something?”) or you never really liked him in the first place, you can’t deny that the international scene has been effected by the sudden death of this unorthodox artist. So Continue Reading...
  • Personal Year Cycles: Know The Theme To Your Party!
    One of the things I love about Numerology is that it provides rather amazing (and eerily accurate) information about all aspects of our lives – from our personality profile to cycles we experience throughout our lives.   The Personal Year Cycle is a tool I find invaluable for understanding the “theme” we will work with during any given year.  And Continue Reading...