Private Sessions



I’m Dr. Felicia Bender, the Practical Numerologist.

My mission is to help you uncover your unique life purpose, while serving as your trusted guide in making important – and often challenging – life choices.

I attract people who’re working with transitions – like divorce, relationship dilemmas, job changes, figuring out a college major, kids growing up and moving out, death and health issues.  You name it.   If it involves change or an intense feeling of “something’s gotta’ give,” I’m your gal.

And I find that I work with many people who’re simply searching; who’re seeking that missing link for themselves –  who want to “do this thing” called life in the most profound and purposeful way possible.

Yes, you can

    • cultivate an understanding of your purpose and how to consistently align yourself with it
    • understand and extract meaning out of your painful experiences
    • clarify where you’ve been, where you’re going & validate your strengths and gifts
    • deepen your understanding of other people in your world – by the numbers
Knowing your numbers will jump-start you as you continue to create the on-purpose life you want to live.

Our work together goes deep, can create permanent shifts, and supports positive transformations in your life. Our time together is an opportunity to create a new rubric for seeing and acting upon your purpose, while developing a freeing and empowering way to engage in every relationship in your life – most importantly, your relationship with YOU.

You’ll do the work – yet to be successful, everyone needs a support system, a witness, a sounding board, and someone to help you see what you might not be able to see because you’re so close to it. And – let’s be real – we need new information, clarity, and a sense of validation.  That’s how I can serve you as you go through your transformative process.


All sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype.


This is ideal for you if you’re new to Numerology (or to Felicia) and want to test the waters and see if this meets your needs and resonates with you. This session is optimal if you’re struggling with a specific issue, a general sense of urgency about needing to move forward in your life (yet, how?), or if you’re on the seekers path and want to explore how to clarify and validate what’s already working well for you.

Understand that Numerology will give you:

  1. Clear information about stages of maturation and development you’re going through (and have already experienced) that are unique and individual to you.
  2. Your challenges, tendencies, and obstacles.
  3. Your life’s purpose, how you’re meant to go about expressing your purpose, what’s going on underneath it all (your “Soul Urge”), and other vital personality factors.
  4. Knowing your numbers provides you with a solid blueprint for aligning specifically and purposefully with what you’re meant to be doing, learning, and experiencing.


    • Filling out an intake form and submitting it to Felicia prior to the session – so our time together starts with a heightened level of information about what’s going on with you and outlines results you’d like to achieve.
    • 1 Hour by phone, recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file.
    • Your Numerology chart sent to you after our session together.



This is designed for those of you who want to dig deeper. We’ll cover everything the Intensive Jump Start Session includes, PLUS Felicia creates the charts for up to THREE other people in your life who you’d like to understand by the numbers – and how your numbers interact with theirs.

The Intensive Power Session is ONE HOUR AND A HALF.



If you loved your Level One or Level Two Intensive and would like to continue to have support and guidance by the numbers, this is the package for you!


  • THREE 1-hour follow-through sessions to inspire and support you . . . by the numbers.
  • To be used within 12-months of purchase.