What’s The Significance of the Date 12/13/14?

Who has noticed that Saturday’s date is 12/13/14?

Is there any significance to this sequence or to this sequential date?



(I bet you knew I’d say that). 


Understand that this is the last date sequences of this kind that we’ll ever experience for a very long time.

After 12/13/14,  a pattern like this won’t happen again for almost one hundred years  – not until 1/2/03. 

Yes, I’m referring to 2103.

In Numerology, repeating numbers are always subtle messages that “The Universe” sends our way – that is, if we’re paying attention and willing to venture into the more woo-woo realms of energy and spirituality (which you obviously are if you’re reading this!)

First of all, we always do specific calculations in Numerology that can offer us messages through “code,” if you will. 

So with the date 12/13/(20)14, what can we interpret to be an over-arching message?


12 = 1 + 2 = 3

13 = 1 + 3 = 4

2014 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7


Add it all together:  3 + 4 + 7 = 14

14 is a Karmic Number in Numerology. 

1 + 4 = 5


Numerologically speaking, Saturday holds the energy FREEDOM.

It’s going to be a day where perhaps you’ll be faced with some opportunities to come to terms with various levels relating to that theme.

And with the Karmic Number 14/5 plus the amazing sequence of 12/13/2014, I would say that the day will hold added intensity around the FREEDOM theme. 

What does freedom look and feel like to you?

Do you abuse freedom by being complacent,  ego-centered, or excessive?

Do you reside in the dark side of freedom, which is FEAR?

In the long-term, what are all of us on the planet doing to create and maintain freedom?  And what are all of us on the planet doing to thwart true freedom?  And why? 

Seeing a sequence of numbers of this nature is an opening – an opportunity to step into a higher frequency and vibration of thought and action surrounding this particular theme.

It’s also interesting to look at each number separately.


12 = 3 

The 3 energy is all about joy, creative self-expression, and emotional sensitivity.


13 (13 is also a Karmic Number) = 4 

The 4 energy is all about process, stability, hard-work, systems and foundation building.


[20]14 (14 is a Karmic Number) = 5

The 5 energy is all about freedom through self-discipline, fun, adventure, and fearlessness.


2014 = 7 

The 7 energy is all about spiritual seeking, data analysis, knowledge building, and intuition.


So the date 12/13/14 is a 3/4/5, which can be seen as an intriguing set of building blocks – a mixture of practical foundations mixed with the high emotional and creative energies of the 3 and 5.

So don’t be surprised if Saturday brings up some issues surrounding freedom, fear, and excess.  Yet dive into it and know that when you’re noticing repeating numbers or number sequences, you’re tapping into a Universal Code (for lack of a better term) that is always presented to you as an opportunity for deep growth and positive change.

Certainly Saturday, 12/13/14 is a day to be mindful of the subtleties that you experience. Pay attention to your intuition and greet everything with the lens of higher meaning.  You might be surprised at the feelings and revelations you experience throughout the day.