The Soul Urge Number

I have to admit. Dealing with the calculation of the Soul Urge number sometimes gives me fits.

If you continue to learn about Numerology, you’ll see that – like every other “ology” – there are different ways to go about it.  Numerologist’s believe in various ways to calculate the numbers.  There are different ways to calculate the core numbers in your chart.

Yet the bottom line that I find is that – despite the discrepancies in how to arrive at certain numbers – the meaning of the numbers themselves remains the same.

This goes for Chaldean Numerology.  And other systems of Numerology (Kabbalistic, Indian, Chinese).  The type of Numerology we’re discussing here is Pythagorean, which is the most widespread system used in the Western world.

The Core Numbers in your chart vary by Numerologist, yet I feel that the most vital are:

  • Life Path
  • Expression/Destiny
  • Soul Urge
  • Personality
  • Birthday
  • Maturity

Your Soul Urge number – also called your Heart’s Desire or Soul Desire – indicates what motivates you down deep into your core.  This is the number that reveals to you what drives you from a soul-level.

This is a great number to know because it might explain some of those “irrational” thoughts and feelings you come up against – those feelings you just can’t explain, yet you feel with great intensity.  How “surprising” they are to you will depend on how in alignment your Soul Urge number is with the rest of your Core Numbers.

So here’s the complicating factor.

Numerologist’s don’t necessarily agree on how to arrive at this number.

The calculation is based on adding together ALL THE VOWELS in your full name.

Vowels are  A,  E,  I,  O,  U    (and here’s where it gets sticky) and sometimes Y.  And sometimes W.

Different Numerologist’s believe different things.

Dr. Juno Jordan (and others) will tell you that the “y” never enters into the calculation (Dr. Juno Jordan, Numerology:  The Romance In Your Name).

Lynn Buess (and others) contends that the “y” is always used in calculating the Soul Urge number (Lynn Buess, MA, EdS, The Heart of Numerology).

Hans Decoz (and others) will show you that the calculation rests on the “y” being considered a vowel by the way it sounds.  Numerology, after all, is really all about vibration and frequency, so discerning the sound that the vowel brings to the name is key to this formulation.

When using the “y” to calculate the Soul Urge, understand that the “y” is considered a vowel when it’s the only vowel sound in the syllable.

Hans Decoz states:  “When the letter serves as a vowel, and in fact sounds like one, it is a vowel.  … Examples of both of these cases are such names as Lynn, Yvonne, Mary, Betty, Ely, and Bryan.  However, if the Y does not provide a separate vowel sound, as when it is coupled with another vowel, it is considered a consonant.  In names such as Maloney or Murray, the Y is a consonant, because the vowel sound depends upon the long E in Maloney and the long A in Murray.  In general, the Y is a consonant when the syllable already has a vowel.  Also, the Y is considered a consonant when it is used int he place of the soft J sound, as int he name Yolanda or Yoda.”

So what’s a person to do???

All you can do is choose a way of calculation that feels right to you.  Sorry to say it, yet it’s true.  I’ve grappled with this personally.  Yet you must choose what feels right to you.

And if you’re getting your calculations through a Numerology calculator that’s a computerized program or App, then you definitely must choose whether or not the “y” is or is not included in your calculation.  Otherwise, you must do it by hand each time.  Doing it by hand is great if that’s what you want to do.

The obvious point to make here is that the whole “y” issue isn’t an issue when calculating everyone’s Soul Urge number – it’s only an issue when a person has the letter “y” in their name (that kinda’ falls into the “no duh” category, yet I’ll observe it anyway).

An observation:  You’ll notice that when you know the defining qualities of each of the numbers one through nine (and the Master Numbers), you’re at a huge advantage because the meaning and influence of each of the numbers remains the same no matter where it appears on your chart or within your Cycles.  Then it simply becomes a matter of mastering your interpretive skills as to how the numbers interact with each other

Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

Write down the name you were given at birth, just as it is written on your birth certificate.

Use the chart and apply a number to each letter of your name;  first, middle, last.  If you have more than one middle name, please use all of the names as they appear on your birth certificate.  If you’re a Jr., Second or Third, please leave that out of the equation.

Let’s use Stephen (Tyrone) Colbert as an example. 

You calculate this much in the same way you calculate your Life Path number.  It’s a simple addition problem once you assign a number value to the letter in the name (as indicated by the chart below).  Like always, you must digit down to a one-digit number for each part of the calculation:


S   T   E   P   H   E   N                                T    Y    R  O   N   E                       C   O   L   B   E   R   T

5               5                                              ( 7)       6          5                              6               5

5 + 5   =  10                               (7)  +  6   + 5    =  18;   1 + 8 = 9                 6  +  5   = 11;  1 + 1 =2

[OR       6   +  5  =  11;  1 + 1 = 2      if you don’t use the “y” as a vowel in Tyrone]

= 1 + 0 = 1                                 = 1 + 1 = 2  OR 1 + 8 = 9                                            =  1 + 1 = 2

1 + 9 + 2 = 12;        1  +  2  = 3     (This is the calculation WITH the “y” as a vowel)

Or  1  +  2  +  2  =  5  (This is the calculation WITHOUT using the “y” as a vowel)

While only Stephen would know, what number do you feel would be more fitting for his Soul Urge?  The 3 or the 5?  


Soul Urge Number Definitions

Soul Urge 1

You have a deep need to become #1 at everything you do in your life.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to be independent, exert your individuality, and take the lead and achieve in whatever you set your mind to.  Your task is to develop your true, authentic self and to become in leader in whatever field you find you’re the most passionate and skilled.

You want to be the best at everything you do. You expect very high standards of performance from yourself and, in turn, also expect the same from others, which can also set you up for frustration and disappointment.

Your purpose is to take the lead and take initiative—the 1 Soul number is not lack-luster or low-key! You’re meant to have courage, act independently on your unique and original ideas, be innovative, and take charge.  All this while communicating and acting with clarity and compassion.

You have great intelligence, amazing insights, are highly creative and innovative.  Underneath it all, you want to be the trail-blazer, the pioneer, the original thinker, the one who pushed the envelope.

A 1 Soul Urge number sets you up for the development of your sense of self (banish that sense of self-doubt), your willpower, and setting out with courage and determination without allowing the naysayers or glitches along the road weigh you down or demolish your vision. You work hard and play hard.

Some of your internal struggles might include a battle with low self esteem or lack of self confidence. You need to demonstrate your originality and leadership and also teach it to others.  The One Soul Urge number demands that you develop yourself from feeling dependent to independence – into individuation, and (ultimately) achievement and leadership.

Beware of defaulting into defeat and staying there.  That’s when you resort to self-absorption, cynicism, bullying, and battles with addiction.  You’re meant to march to the beat of your own weird and innovative drummer!

Soul Urge 2

You have a deep need to love, be loved, and bring harmony to discordant situations.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to create harmony, balance, cooperation, and love wherever you go and in whatever you do.  Love is the cornerstone to your heart’s desire and finding that perfect mate is important to you. You’re here to learn how to develop your sense of relationship;  how to successfully understand and relate to others and to yourself.

Your path includes developing diplomacy.  Your 2 Soul Urge encourages you to seek to be of service to the “larger cause;” whether that’s your family, your company, or any other cause or group you feel strongly about.  Down deep, you have a strong impulse to develop adaptability, patience, and focus on the higher good.  Understand that you need to get out and socialize, because when you isolate yourself, you suffer from pessimism, depression, and inaction.

You thrive when you’re involved with other people and contributing to the group dynamics, whether it’s with friends, work, family, or a community group. You’ll be tested with being overly sensitive and can resort to becoming confrontational rather than the harmonizer.

Some of your internal struggles might include an incessant need for acknowledgment from everyone around you – know that you’re not likely to get it!  Understand that you’re learning how to be in the middle of conflicting situations (something you actually despise) and find common ground and winning situations.  It’s not easy. You’re also learning how to actually engage in groups and bring in your harmonizing presence without taking on everyone’s psychic garbage and emotional baggage.

You might walk a fine line with being passive or aggressive—indecisive or lacking focus—yet your calling is to become a peacemaker and harmonizing influence on whatever you touch.

Soul Urge 3

You have a deep need to communicate in order to inspire, motivate, heal, and uplift people.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to communicate in order to inspire, heal, uplift, and energize others.  You’re all about performance, however that manifests for you in your life.  Your ultimate purpose comes through when you’re operating with a core sense of optimism, enthusiasm, compassion, and joy.

At your core, you’re here to express yourself.  You have a driving need to use your creativity through self-expression and to dig deep and get to know your own emotional life so that you can heal yourself and others.

Some of the qualities you bring to the table are beauty, possible eccentricity, excitement, and potential fame.  When you’ve tapped into your authentic sense of expression and then inspire others to use and express theirs, you’re fulfilling your Soul’s Urge.

If you give up on your dreams and don’t use your talents creatively, you’ll battle with depression and find yourself traveling down other unsatisfying or destructive pathways.  You must pursue your true calling, so make efforts to focus on what that is for you, believe in it and don’t be deterred from embracing it.

You might feel life so intensely that it’s emotionally overwhelming.  Often the 3 brings so many talents and ideas with it, it’s difficult to focus on just one, making procrastination or scattered focus a hurdle.  You’ll be challenged with learning to identify and embrace your own emotional life and often will be most effective in helping yourself help others through your gift of words (both verbal and written), through your amazing sense of wit and humor, and by being lighthearted and a good communicator and listener.

Some of your internal struggles might include emotional ups and downs, depression, or being judgmental and critical. Superficiality and gossip are defaults for you when you aren’t in alignment with your higher purpose. You’ll also have a tendency to over-think just about everything, so schedule in brain-relaxation or you’ll go nuts.

If you find that being “onstage” or out there in front of people doesn’t feel natural to you, chances are this is the result of residual wounds from your childhood.  Don’t resist your feelings; they offer you profound wisdom. Your 3 Soul Urge number calls you to express yourself and help others do the same in the most positive, funny, joyful way possible. 

Soul Urge 4

You have a deep need to create something of value that people can find beneficial in their day-to-day lives.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to build something of lasting value; whether that’s a family of your own, a business, or other enterprise.  You’re all about stability and security.  You’re hardworking, can be a pillar of your community, and are immanently trustworthy. In fact, honesty is a big issue for you.

Know that you have the potential to be a stellar marriage or business partner. Your heart’s desire  revolves around being practical and hardworking.  You’re the systems-builder.  You’re the keeper of order and thrive on stability and security.  You might lean toward rigidness or stubbornness.

Alternately, you could avoid putting down roots, shy away from hard work, and avoid having a family of your own.  Sometimes you can become so self-sacrificing that you become the martyr or a tyrant.  This stems from your need to control and also from your high level of expectation about your own performance—and the performance of others.  Your intentions are most often for the greater good, yet that’s not always clear to anyone but you.

Some of your internal struggles might include a fear of appearing dumb (or let’s say “under informed”) and a fear of taking risks.  A person with a 4 Soul Urge number can wake up one day when they’re older and realize that none of their dreams have been realized because of their inability to step outside their own self-imposed box.

The number 4 is all about coming to terms with limitations.  Working with them, understanding when you’ve created your own limitations, and working through and around whatever the perceived limitations might be in order to meet your goals.

Down at your core, you desire outlets for managing, organizing, and creating a foundation from which to build your life or enterprise.  Don’t let fear of criticism stop you from creating the foundation from which you build your contribution to the world.  Think a little bigger.  Don’t succumb to seeing work as a necessary evil – since work is a huge part of the vibration of the 4 (it’s the number of hard work!) – you might find that it takes you a while to settle in on a career that suits you.  Don’t settle for less than you feel passionate about.

Soul Urge  5

You have a deep need to effect change, embrace freedom, and show people how to live life to the maximum.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need for freedom, fun, and adventure.  Down deep, you are learning all about adpatability, progressive thought and action, freedom, and embracing the adventure of life.

Freedom is the guiding force in your life.  You thrive on hands-on experience.  Your task is to develop your constructive use of freedom.

You feel a yearning to embrace your sense of fearlessness and follow your curiosity to explore the world and offer your magnetic presence and gifts to those around you. Most often the 5 Soul Urge brings  the characteristics of intelligence, resilience, and spirituality to the table.

You’re a natural salesperson when you’re dealing with something you believe in.  This Soul Urge number leads you on a roller coaster, where life can feel as though it’s coming at you without a filter.  Your soul’s urge is one of liberation and freedom, no matter how you slice it.

Some of your internal struggles might include paralyzing fear.  If you find yourself on the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll do battle with self-absorption, paranoia, myopia, fearfulness, and emotional paralysis.  Remember there’s truly nothing to fear but fear itself (thank you Franklin D. Roosevelt).

You can move through intimate relationships like you’re changing your socks.  Your effect on other people can be baffling to you, as others might feel tricked or “played” by you, even when you’re simply moving to the beat of your own music.

Your heightened self-centered emotionalism might also try your friendships and intimate relationships. You can swerve over into the “high maintenance” category with great ease, making your love relationships, family interaction, and friendships potentially exasperating to those on the other end of your relationship-pole.

Move forward, recalibrate yourself, and embrace positive change.  Ultimately, your gift is showing others how to live fearlessly through your example.  The key to your 5 Soul Urge is to work with boundaries and certain parameters or life could be chaotic and out of control.  The energy of the 5 is all about excess and escape, so you might wrestle with some addictive tendencies.

Your enthusiasm is contagious.  You’re an agent of change, never boring, and often want to save the world.  You love a mystery and can yourself be mysterious.  You’re rarely the “white picket fence” kind of person – or at least not for long.  The world is your oyster.  Experience awaits you.

Soul Urge 6

You have a deep need to provide loving service and a nurturing environment for yourself and your loved ones.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to nurture and serve, plain and simple.  Whether it’s your family and loved ones or your business or community, you are a master at creating beauty, harmony, and balance.

You have a polished presentation about you and denote an air of authority in whatever you do.  One of your specialties is damage control, so when things are moving along without trauma or drama, you have a tendency to either sweat it (while you wait for the other shoe to drop, so to speak) or you stir things up in order to have a problem to focus your energies on. Give yourself permission to accept things when life is good and smooth!  They’ll always be another problem to solve down the line.  No need to push it.

Down deep, you are a walking Satellite Dish of emotional receptivity and while that’s a blessing, it can also be a curse.  You’re a natural counselor who can see the “bigger picture” of often get miffed when others can’t.  You’re an idealist – and a perfectionist.

You may find yourself in positions of responsibility early on in your life and that sense of responsibility will continue as you mature. You’re a people pleaser, sometimes to your detriment. You need to feel indispensable to others and yet resent the fact that others rely on you too much.

Beware of partnering with someone who is more of a “patient” than a partner because you’ll find yourself becoming an enabler rather than a nurturer.  Remember that your mission is to balance and modulate your sense of responsibility – not overly responsible (meddling, self-righteous, perfectionist) and not overly irresponsible (self-centered, judgmental, controlling).

Some of your internal struggles might include self-righteousness, codependency, or meddling martyr, your true calling is in healthy nurturing, compassionate detachment, acceptance of others (get past that perfectionism!), and adding beauty and your beautiful vision to the world.  When you extract yourself from your self-imposed world of “shoulds,” you’re on the right track.

You’ll have a tendency to lose yourself and your identity because you’re so busy taking care of others and taking over the responsibilities of others.  Or alternately, you can default into the irresponsible side of the energy of the 6 and care only about yourself and what you want to do (and do it whenever you want to, despite the fact that you’re shirking your duties and responsibilities to those around you).

You’re in your element when you’re expressing gratitude, generosity, acceptance of others, and giving comfort to others in times of need.  You express your soul’s calling through love and service.

Soul Urge 7

You have a deep need to develop trust and faith and find your own answer to the meaning of life.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to seek out information and analyze it.  Underneath it all, you have a burning need to seek out knowledge and spiritual understanding. You want to dig deep and contemplate heavily.  You’re the perfect researcher and everything always comes back to informing your own sense of inner wisdom.  Your life-long task is to get to know the true you, inside and out.

Your heart’s desire leads you on a very “internal” journey.  You need a good deal of private “alone” time.  Your life is instructed by a powerful collision between practical, tangible data and the analysis of it.  Then on the other hand, you’re highly intuitive and your gift—and your task—is to integrate the two (your intellect and your intuition) into a harmonious dance team.  This is a deeply felt need.

If you find yourself isolated to the point of withdrawing from the “outside world,” you’re straying from the constructive nature of your 7 Soul Urge.  The highest and best use of your extraordinary talents are cultivating knowledge, processing it into new ideas or practical usage, and applying your advanced wisdom to the data.

You’re a person people never really truly know because you’re most often attempting to figure that out yourself!  Some of your internal struggles might include your propensity for living in your head  and intellectualizing everything.  Be careful with using sharp words, as you can hurt people without realizing it. You have exquisite observation skills and when you have a strong sense of spirituality (however that manifests for you), you’re at your best.  Otherwise, you can fall into superficiality, skepticism, cynicism or depression.  You’re a gentle soul and your heart’s desire is to truly know yourself and the mysteries of the planet – and to share your hard-won wisdom with the world.

Soul Urge 8

You have a deep need to manifest financial security that allows you freedom to make a difference in the world.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to gain self-mastery in a profound way.  Your heart’s desire is to achieve and succeed with business and organization—not to mention personal power, control, authority, and above all, ethics.

The 8 is a relentless taskmaster and demands that you understand and employ all your abilities to achieve financial abundance and also to give to others generously.  When you realize that you’re here to achieve power and abundance and then act on that knowledge, your heart’s desire will be fulfilled. Right out of the gate, you have authority issues.  This pressing and intense desire to master the elements of the material world is underneath all that you do.

Do you walk into a room as if you own the place (even when you don’t)?  Watch out for becoming an opinionated control-freak. Steer clear of greed, ruthlessness, or being overly opinionated and over-bearing.  Instead, focus on wealth and abundance.  Remember that as you give, you receive.  It’s your task to learn to be a confident and charismatic person without becoming corrupted or hardened by power and money.

Remember that you have amazing potential for improving the lives of a lot of people.  You’re a masterful leader;  a powerhouse made for material success.  You’re meant for positions of power and therefore often experience authority issues throughout your life.

You can be easily misinterpreted because of a gruff, direct, and opinionated manner. Or if you’re working with the destructive tendencies of the number Eight, you can be the ultimate doormat.

When you’re thriving financially and giving generously from your heart, you’re doing what you were born to do.  Your word of caution:  don’t allow the pursuit of money to overshadow your ability to build healthy relationships and don’t be so stubborn!  Listen to other peoples’ advice;  they can help you build your empire.

Some of your internal struggles might include a perpetual issues with money and empowerment.  The first item of business that will open the gate for you to achieve your 8 Soul Urge is to dig deep and tap into your sense of personal empowerment.  And believe me, you’ll be handed a treasure-trove of opportunities to step up or be stepped on.

Money and power are a consistent theme in your life one way or the other.  I know people who scoff when they hear that their Soul Urge number  (or other Core number) is an 8 (or their significant others’ is an 8) and comment with great exasperation:  “I can’t even hold down a job!” or “If only it were true that I’m supposed to make a lot of money – I’m on disability”  or “I’ve just never had the lucky break I need – I never get a break.”

If you struggle with money, start with healing and establishing your sense of yourself by establishing and acting on your personal boundaries.  The energy of the 8 isn’t an easy walk in the park.  It demands that you dig into your power and move through obstacles – and there will be many obstacles.  An 8 Soul Urge number means you have to step it up and make up your mind that you’re in the world to make your mark. 

Soul Urge 9

You have a deep need to achieve a higher state of consciousness, teach others how to achieve theirs, and learn to give and receive.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to engage in some sort of humanitarian service.  Yours is a spiritual path and you’re here to love unconditionally, however that may manifest in your life. You’re often a hopeless romantic at heart and can set yourself up for disappointment when people don’t measure up to your ideals.

The number 9 is the number of completion in Numerology.  It’s the number of the old soul, of letting go, of releasing attachments, and of loss.

You’re at your optimal when you’re tapping into your creativity, sensitivity, and selflessness.  Beware that others may find that you’re ideas are a little on the cuckoo-side! This Soul Urge number is a powerful one demanding that you learn to transform and heal (both yourself and others) while letting go of the past freely and without bitterness.

You may find yourself tripping over into the arena of resentment, of intolerance, or gullibility.  You may have to deal with enmeshment with your family of origin throughout your life. Your task is to let go of family issues fully and completely.  You often feel either resentment toward the family or feel overly responsible for them.

You need to be aware that people respond much more favorably to you when you connect with them through being a compassionate active listener rather than a preacher, lecturer, or proselytizer. Understand that you can have an intimidating quality to you, despite your big heart.  So be careful about how your frame your discussion so that people don’t feel as though you’re patronizing them.

Some of your internal struggles might include being perceived as arrogant or unapproachable.  Realize that everyone thinks you have it all (or have it all together) and so you find it difficult to ask for help or support.  It’s not only okay to ask for help, it’s very healing for you.

You’re truly connecting with your abilities to both give and receive (and usually the receiving part is much harder for you!).  Know that your 9 Soul Urge is a profound journey that offers you multifaceted opportunities to touch the lives of others and heal some of your own deepest wounds.

Master Soul Urge 11/2

You have a deep need to heal and transform others through selfless service and artistic creativity.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to recognize and use your creativity, intuition, and healing abilities for the benefit of humanity as a whole.  You can achieve this in a multitude of ways—eliciting an emotional response through dance, music, or art.  Working one-on-one or in groups with various healing modalities.  Or you can write, entertain, teach.

Remember, you are a double 1 (leadership, confidence) and yet also a 2 (harmony, love).  So you come with some special challenges to fulfill your mission.  A 2 will go out of their way to avoid being in the spotlight.

A 2 is most at peace and satisfied when they’re taking the reins behind the scenes.  The 11 pushes you into the spotlight and this will have some disconcerting effects on you.

Some of your internal struggles might include feeling as though nothing you do is ever quite enough.  You’ll have a nervous energy that you just can’t control.  You’ll lean toward impatience and criticism (toward yourself and others) and arm-wrestle with self-doubt.

If you’re to embrace this Soul Urge number, you’ll do battle with a fairly hefty ego, which is ironic because you volley from feeling totally inferior to loftily superior; back and forth.  This number sets you up for inspired leadership and achievement.  Yet you’ll most likely feel as though you’re jumping through rings of fire to get there.

You might even think of yourself as “The Wounded Healer,” because your life provides you with plenty of obstacles to get your footing, embrace your high level of spirituality and intuition, and then act upon your gifts in a solid and practical way that will bring your message to the masses.

This Soul Urge number requires that you build and use your emotional psychic shield daily or you’ll become so emotionally wounded you won’t have the strength or fortitude to fulfill your mission. Understand that at the core of your being, you’re super-emotionally sensitive, psychically gifted, and artistically creative.

I don’t know anyone who has an 11 in their chart who doesn’t go through some pretty traumatic experiences in their lives – whether it’s health issues, big losses, traumas, abuse – anything that can shake you to the core, that’s what the 11 brings with it.

The reason?  To become the inspired healer and teacher, you must walk the walk and talk the talk.  Whenever you survive and thrive – and then use the experience as a way to teach and heal –  you’re stepping into your Soul’s greatest desire.

Master Soul Urge Number  22/4

You have a deep need to bring forth masterful teaching and inspired practical ideas.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to execute and build projects that will benefit a wide arena of humankind.  This is a spiritual path (like all the Master numbers) that prods you to step out of the slow, steady security of the number Four and kick it up substantially.

This will be uncomfortable for you until you get the hang of it, because it’s contrary to the pull you have with the rule-following energy of the 4.

You’ll use all the hardworking, step-by-step qualities of the 4 while tapping into a higher level of purpose and action.  You’ll learn to take risks and look toward setting higher stakes with your enterprises.

You’re the Master Builder extraordinaire, so look toward building solid foundations to your enterprise with the big picture in front of you at all times.

Some of your internal struggles might include not feeling up to the task or even entitled to do something that might take you into fame and fortune.  You might even cringe at the idea of making a lot of money given the energy of the Four is more about feeling a sense of security, not necessarily manifesting abundance.  It sounds like a small detail, yet mentally this can drag you down.

Deep down at your core, you’re being pushed toward bringing spiritual practices down to the material, day-to-day world.  Avoid your stubborn streak and a tendency to be a know-it-all.  Gather your supporters around you, set up the systems to make it work, and hand over some of the responsibilities to others.  If you find yourself doing it all yourself, you aren’t living up to your 22/4 Soul Urge.

Master Soul Urge 33/6

You have a deep need to become a  masterful healer and inspired visionary.

When you look deep into your core, you have an underlying and pressing need to become “The Cosmic Parent” (to quote Numerologist Michelle Buchanan).

If you find yourself with a 33/6 Soul Urge number, your mission is to be a Master Healer and to bring forth a higher form of love to the world.  Since you have the double 3’s, you also have to do this with joy, fun, and heart-felt communication and expression.

Some of your internal struggles might include feeling intensely over-burdened.  Your tendency will be to be emotionally raw, taking in the wounds of the world.  Even so, you’re still on the path of helping and healing in whatever form you choose.

Control and perfectionism will need to be overcome in order to fulfill your heart’s desire.  Since the energy of the 33 is quite intense, chances of succumbing to its destructive tendencies are fairly high.  What are those tendencies?  Avoidance through addiction.  Self-absorption to the point of abject Narcissism.  Mental and emotional melt-downs.  When you attempt to carry the entire world on your shoulders, something’s gotta give!

It’s your calling to teach and show by example the power of unconditional love.  You’re meant to serve as a conduit to healing on whatever level you feel most compelled to engage.  The Master number presupposes that you’ll take on leadership positions in the areas of loving service and the 33/6 encompasses visionary goals, truth and beauty, and a nurturing and giving heart.