The Attitude Number in Numerology Reveals The First Impression You Give To The Outer World

Has anyone ever told you to “lose the attitude” or “get an attitude adjustment?”

Or perhaps you’ve been told that you have a positive attitude or that you’re attitude about life has taken you on a successful route.

There’s a number in Numerology that’s called the Attitude Number – and it’s sometimes called the Achievement Number.

This is a number that indicates a few things:

  • This number often reflects the outward appearance or first impression that you give to the outer world.
  • Some Numerologist’s feel this number offers a great indication of your “success ratio.”  It tells you how to most successfully tap into and act upon your innate gifts for abundance, prosperity, and ultimate satisfaction.

Here’s the calculation.

Simply add up the numbers of your birthday (day and month) – EXCLUDING
 the year.

Example:  November 8, 1970

Month:  November = 11;  1 + 1 = 2

Day:  8

2 + 8 = 10;  1 + 0 = 1

In this example, the Achievement/Attitude Number is 1.

Your Achievement/Attitude number reveals a lot about your innate abilities to have success in what you choose to do.

Number 1:  You give the impression that you’re an innovator with tendencies to do things with independence and with a unique spin.  You don’t usually ask for help – sometimes to your detriment.  Self-motivated, competitive, and achievement driven, you’re at your best when you’re in a leadership position.  You’ll grapple with self-esteem issues, so you’ll want praise from others to keep you moving.

Where You Might Struggle:  If you aren’t acting with originality, independence, and vibrant creativity you’ll be the cynic, the rebel, or the depressive.

Number 2:  You give the impression that you get things accomplished through kindness, diplomacy, being accommodating and collaborative.  You have an easygoing manner and often display nervous tension because you’re so concerned about managing everyone’s emotions. Naturally intuitive and love-centered, relationships are of the utmost importance to you. You’re compassionate, rarely bored (because you’re busy giving and serving others), and love to connect in a heart-centered way with the world.

Where You Might Struggle:  You can take everything personally and be overly emotionally sensitive.

Master Number 11/2:  Look at the traits of the number 2 and then add the intensity of the 11.  You kick it up a notch and are at your best when you’re being an inspired healer in whatever capacity you choose.  The 11 is highly artistically creative, extremely intuitive, and over-the-top emotionally sensitive. You might give the impression that you’re a little flaky, dreamy, and anxious.

Where You Might Struggle:  The Master Numbers are intense and challenging.  Remember that when you’re working with a Master Number, you’re running a marathon, not a sprint.  Pace yourself.

Number 3:  You have the potential to move ahead in the world when you choose to be dynamic, creative, and socially 
active.  You give the impression  that you’re the joker, the entertainer, and the creative genius.  Funny, witty, smart, and social – you’re also moody, can be scattered, and are often hard on yourself.  Innately joyful, you have a “happy effect” on those around you.  Yet if you’re feeling depressed, everyone feels the weight of your mood. Friends are important to you and you have a gift of inspiring and uplifting others.

Where You Might Struggle: You can opt for submerging your dreams for fear of being criticized or because you’re emotional baggage gets the better of you.

Number 4:  You give the impression that you’re at your highest and best when you key into your organization and management skills.  You’re determined, honest, loyal, 
and reliable.  You’re the calendar maven, list keeper, and master of the punch-list.  You like to get ‘er done.  You’re an innately gifted teacher and have many forms of expertise – from repair or construction to raising chickens to any other field of interest.  You’re somewhat elusive emotionally – you can seem a bit detached from the fray.  Yet you make the best Devil’s Advocate when you confront dishonesty or any other infraction having to do with something you feel strongly about.

Where You Might Struggle:  You can have a tendency to let inflexibility limit your success.  Security and stability are important to you, yet you can cut yourself off from success when you don’t step outside of your own box.

Master Number 22/4:  Look at the traits of the number 4 and then add the intensity of the 22.  The 22 is the most powerful number in Numerology.  Yet it’s also quite challenging to master the energies related to it.  You’re here to be a Master Builder and to leave something of lasting value that helps people on a day-to-day basis.  The 11 is dreamy;  the 22 is practical. You may give the impression that you’re self-absorbed, literal-minded, and married to routine. 

Where You Might Struggle:  The Master Numbers are intense and challenging.  Remember that when you’re working with a Master Number, you’re running a marathon, not a sprint.  Pace yourself.

Number 5:  You give the impression that you achieve when you’re adventurous, fearless, and move with progressiveness and change.  You’ll have a tendency to succeed when you do things in a “larger than life” way.  You’re playful, fun, and usually love being the center of attention.  If you aren’t living up to your high-octane standards, you’ll be a martyr or stir the “Drama Pot” wherever you go.  You’re flirty, gregarious, and full of life.  Change is your mantra and freedom is your #1 priority.

Where You Might Struggle: You can swing from extremes – either too free-wheeling and scattered OR fearful and myopic.  You tend to attract restrictive circumstances into your life in order to define your personal sense of freedom.

Number 6:  You’re working optimally when you’re conscientious, diligent, and service-oriented.  You give the impression that home, beauty, and family are the focus for your endeavors.  You’re most likely a self-proclaimed perfectionist.  Your focus often lands on taking care of everyone else.  A control freak at heart, you’re awesome at damage control and emergency management, whether it’s personal or professional.  You have natural nurturing tendencies and are usually great with children, the elderly, and animals.  A natural solopreneur, you don’t like being told what to do.  You’re magnetic, a visionary, and a connoisseur of beauty.

Where You Might Struggle:  You’ll be challenged with modulating your sense of responsibility – both with yourself and other people.  Perfectionist tendencies have a dampening effect on your ability to be happy and accepting of yourself and others.

Number 7:  You give the impression that when you key into your innate skills with data analysis, strategic thinking, and intuitive genius, you’re playing your best game.  You live life on a different wavelength than most.  You can appear aloof and mysterious to others.  You’re always studying, asking questions, and analyzing the data.  You’re the ultimate observer even though others may feel that you aren’t paying attention to anything at all.  A gifted intuitive, you’re at your best when you merge your refined scientific thought-processes with your intuition.  There is ultimate wisdom there for you to use and share with the world.

Where You Might Struggle:  Beware of your sharp tongue, sarcasm (anger disguised as a joke), and skimming the surface of life with superficiality.

Number 8:  You give the impression that you’re strong-willed, confident, and
 more powerful than most. Often blunt, opinionated, and controlling, you don’t often have time for lolly-gaggers or time wasters.  Time is money and both are precious to you.  You value money for all it can do for you in this life – it offers stability, security, freedom, power, and respect.  All of those things are conditions for which you strive.  Yet the Number 8 isn’t a light little jaunt;  you’ll be met with challenges in your life related to money and self-empowerment.  You strive to be respected and leave something of lasting value. Know also that you’re super-resilient.  Think big, positive, and abundant dreams and go after them.

Where You Might Struggle:  You’ll have authority issues.  You can have issues with letting go of the past, with difficult and challenging experiences from very early in life, and with getting beaten down by your circumstances.

Number 9:  You give the impression that you’re gifted, intuitive, and a
 natural teacher. A compassionate leader, you’re at your highest and best when your serving some humanitarian purpose, whatever that means to you.  You’ve got tons of charisma and people naturally gravitate to you and think you’re in charge.  You’re the expert at “fake it ‘til you make it.”   You’ll need to learn how to give AND to receive – and enjoy the limited rewards you might get from some of your endeavors.  When you’re operating with your heart, you’ll be in your game.  Naturally creative, you excel in the arts.  You need to focus on living in the moment and letting go, letting go, letting go.

Where You Might Struggle: You can be drained emotionally if you don’t establish good boundaries with people (and with the media) because you care deeply about the woes of the world. You can lean toward fanaticism and have trouble being an active listener.