Thank You Notes



ErinWeed“Felicia is the one of the kindest, most down-to-earth and knowledgable advisors I’ve ever worked with. Special bonus: She makes you feel like you’re not crazy. (Just blame your numbers!)”

– Erin Weed, CEO evosoCollective & TedxTalks speakers coach

KimberlyDahme“Great stuff! I love this book. Felicia, I love what you do!”

– Kimberley Dahme, Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Bass Player for Boston

DrVeronica“An absolutely fascinating guest that engages audiences at a very high level and provides helpful insights in even a short radio segment.”

– Dr. Veronica Anderson, International Speaker & Business Strategist and Host of ‘Wellness for the Real World’

TamaraStar“Was really blown away by my session with author and numerologist Felicia Bender. She was amazingly accurate as to how I operate in my inner and outer worlds and was extremely helpful in giving me advice as to how to work with my strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend her.”

– Tamara Star, Daily Transformations Intuitive Coach & Start-Over Strategist

PattiConklin“Felicia has a great way of connecting with people and showing them how to apply Numerology to get down to business!”

– Dr. Patti Conklin, Medical Intuitive & Vibrational Mediator

Tali“My favorite Numerologist! You rock Felicia!”

– Tali Edut (aka AstroTwin) at

JennahSynnestvedt“Having my numerology done with Felicia was so validating! It was reassurance that I have been making the right choices as well as an amazing hello to ALL parts of me. After the session I felt the many aspects of myself that I used to judge or pit against each other were accepted as part of me. The information I received was an empowering sigh of relief.”

– Jennah, CEO of Aspen Oracle

FaithFreed“I love your energy, wisdom and generous spirit, Felicia!”

– Faith Freed, Psychotherapist & Hay House author of IS: Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed

“Felicia’s book Redesign Your Life is by far my favorite book on numerology. It’s highlighted, dog-earred and marked up; a testament to how often I refer to it. Felicia managed to share her extensive knowledge with readers in a voice that feels like a dear friend is leading you to self-understanding. And I loved the insightful personal reading Felicia gave me as well. It was full of intuitive gems.”

– Nancy McCleary,

Elizabeth Joy Mueller“Felicia knows her numbers! I love Felicia’s Numerology book and I recommend it all the time (it’s my go-to Numerology guide!).

She is a genius at taking the numbers and distilling them into information that resonates and feels directly applicable in your own life. No more guessing how to interpret your number, Felicia will give you practical, real life feedback on the numbers and set you on your way to knowing who you are and what challenges you face so you can accept it and, if you are willing, even take a leap in a new direction with new found confidence!”

– Elizabeth Joy Mueller, The Intuitive MBA,

Allan Handelman“Felicia Bender’s accuracy always amazes us live on the air. I don’t know how it works and don’t necessarily believe in Numerology. But when you hear Felicia connect with callers you know something amazing is going on. It’s always a fun segment and a great break from the hard news.”

– Allan Handelman, afternoon talk host on WSJS Serving the Triad of North Carolina and the host of the syndicated show “Rock Talk” the talk show for music radio.

“I am writing to say thank you. My wife and I got your Numerology & Yearly reports and they have been amazing to read to each other. It’s been an awesome experience. So, thank you for that. Thank you for your insights and the way you put together the reports. We have enjoyed them so much, we’ve given reports to people for Christmas gifts. We think it’s the gift that keeps on giving…lol. Thank you again for your personal gift to us all and a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!!!”

– Gratefully, David

“Felicia is a true earth angel! She is passionate about numbers and sharing all her information with people who have a thirst for numerology knowledge. Felicia is extremely good at what she does and I am so thankful I connected with. She helped me tremendously make sense of my path. She takes her time explaining all the details. You will leave any session with Felicia grateful and inspired.”

– Sabrina Reese

“Felicia was very responsive in terms of returning my phone call and turning the numerology report within a couple of hours. The deliverables were accompanied by in-depth explanations to help understand key points. Best if luck to you, Felicia.”

– Shari Copeland

“Oh my goodness, she is awesome!! Can’t wait to see her again. This is truly turbo therapy. She is very knowledgeable about her work, easy to talk with and engaging. Thanks so much, Felicia!”

– Jody Madson

“Great value and sooo much good information. I do appreciate all the tips the report offered and the pdf file was so quick. Thanks again!”

– Bee Sturgis

“I bought 4 for my family after my numerology report!!!!”

– Courtney Holloway

“Felicia is awesome at what she does and I believe the information she provided me will prove to be invaluable. Thank you Felicia!!”

– Jessica Clark

“Felicia was awesome.”

– Beth McCaffery

“Felicia was amazing in her knowledge and numerology. She answered many questions that I had based on the numbers and brought some amazing insight to things I’ve been ignoring. ”

– Cyndi Grant

“So interesting. Felicia has a wonderful approach and presents a great deal of information. Thanks!”

– Ariann Nassel

“I came to Numerology with a desperate need to CHANGE myself. I didn’t understand why I was the way I was and I just wanted to feel normal. After learning the numbers, I found that I use this information as a tool for validating who I really am. I’m not trying to change myself anymore. I’m really looking for ways to be the best me and focus on the constructive parts of myself rather than wishing I were someone else.”

– Sherry