Prince & Numerology

Unless you’ve been in a cave somewhere, you know that Prince passed away.

And even if you’re perhaps too young to really know his work (“Didn’t he wear purple or something?”) or you never really liked him in the first place, you can’t deny that the international scene has been effected by the sudden death of this unorthodox artist.

So why do we all respond to the death of someone we never knew personally in such a profound and personal way?

I saw a Tweet that said it perfectly (and I’m paraphrasing here):

“Even though we didn’t know Prince himself,
his art helped us reveal ourselves to ourselves.”

And I find that the “untimely” passing of a celebrity – or anyone in our lives – triggers that “What am I doing with my life?” response mixed with the whole “don’t take anything for granted” and “live as though today were your last.”

It’s always a reminder that we’re here for a rather short amount of time – or a rather long amount of time if we’re not feeling particularly “on purpose” in our lives.

How can we make it count?

When I work with people either privately or in groups, the overarching and driving force for those who’re seeking is this very thing.

Everyone wants to know what their unique, quirky, important and vital purpose is while they’re here on this planet.  And they want to know what it is and how to DO IT.  And they want to know IF they’re doing it.  

And while no one can tell us what we’re here to do other than ourselves, the reason I write this newsletter and devote myself to the art and science of Numerology is exactly for this reason:  To provide us with a tool from which to reveal and validate our individual purpose and provide a basic road map about how to achieve it.

Yet the simple truth is:  

You know how on track you are by how you FEEL.

My yoga teacher said a brilliantly simple truth the other day in class.

“When you’re off path, it’s supposed to feel bad.”


So R.I.P. Prince, who was on a 9 Life Path.

When he changed his name from Prince Rogers Nelson to PRINCE he upped the ante with the “spiritual frequencies” that he brought to his life (additional Master 11/2 and a Karmic 14/5).  His Birthday number was already the spiritually Truth-seeking number 7, placing him on another wavelength from the get-go. 

In an interview, Prince said that freedom was his theme as he entered into the music business – freedom to say what he wanted, play all the instruments on his albums, and to have no constraints.

Yet he also said that he soon realized that undisciplined freedom led to decay – and that he needed a “spiritual mentor” – and that everyone needs a spiritual mentor in their lives.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Amazing music. Incredible man.

Hoping all of use can use our time here with creativity and purpose.