Master Number 33

With the Master Number 33, on top of the basic characteristics of the number Six, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges.

Your special mission is to be a masterful healer and an inspired visionary. This is a spiritual path — like all the Master numbers — that prods you toward tapping into your creativity, your emotions, and really acting with a nurturing and healing presence.

Remember, you’re a double 3 – which is all about creative expression and emotional sensitivity — and yet also a 6 – all about nurturing, acceptance, and vision. So you come with some special challenges to fulfill your life’s purpose.

If you find yourself with a 33 Life Path number, your mission – should you choose to accept it! . . . {cue Mission Impossible music . . . } — is to be a Master Healer and to bring forward a higher form of love to the world. Sounds a bit lofty, doesn’t it?

33 is the “Christ Number.”  So understand that your purpose falls into the helping, healing, joyful, and creative realm.

Since you have the double 3’s, you’re called to engage with joy, fun, and heart-felt communication and expression.

I know 33’s who are police officers, wives, mothers, doctors, or work behind the scenes at their church.  There are many 33’s in the entertainment industry, as it’s a highly artistically creative energy. 

Also understand that the implication of the Master Numbers are that they’re developed and refined over time – like a fine wine.   And the 33/6  is especially set up where you must – first and foremost – heal yourself.  With that in mind, understand that you’ll be put into situations that will require that you deal with responsibility;  with taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.  And also not unduly taking on the responsibilities of others and becoming a martyr, enabler, controller, meddler, or Judgy McJudgerson.

This energy isn’t easy to modulate. 

Just know that the 33 Master Path can manifest its power under all kinds of conditions.

It’s your calling to teach and show – by example – the power of love. You’re meant to serve as a conduit to healing on whatever level you feel most compelled to engage. The Master number presupposes that you’ll take on leadership positions and the 33 encompasses visionary goals, truth and beauty, and a nurturing and giving heart.

I think about you as someone who can fulfill your Life Path mission by visiting retirement homes, hospice organizations, and other agencies and offering yourself to those in need of solace. You can be the wealthy philanthropist who opens the new wing at the Cancer Center and offers holistic services not offered before.  Entertainment, music, and other artistically creative fields also call your name.

There are countless ways that you will act upon your master energies. Being in alignment with your Thirty-Three master number means that you’re focused on giving. If you’re not focused on giving, you’re not in alignment with your ultimate goals.

You’ll wrestle with feeling over-burdened. Your tendency will be to be emotionally raw, taking in the wounds of the world. Even so, you’re still on the path of helping and healing in whatever form you choose.

Some examples of red flags: There are several celebrities out there who are challenged with this high intensity Life Path vibration and are over-the-top and out of control with  negative and destructive behaviors. Lindsey Lohan and Charile Sheen come to mind (who share the Life Path 33/6).  You’ll see them in court, ranting and raving, and way off course. I find that the demands of the 33 are quite challenging and you can veer off track fairly easily.

These are folks who’ve become extreme in their sense of self-righteousness. So they become the anti-6 – self-absorbed, struggling with addictions, and unable to channel their masterful energies in a constructive way.

The 33 can become a professional paranoid and break apart with self-destruction.

Yet when in alignment with their 33 energy, watch out! One of my favorite actresses, Meryl Streep, is a Master Life Path number 33. I’ll say no more.

The bottom line: With a Master Path Number 33/6  you’re at your best when you embrace and act upon your sense of masterful healing and inspired vision. You’re a natural nurturer and have a gift for healing on both a personal and a grand scale.

This is no easy task. You have to have your feet on the ground and see the world in a realistic way and not get fed-up and disappointed when the world doesn’t meet your level of high expectations.

You’re at your best when you’re serving others and are able to act upon your heart-centered vision for the world.