How Your Numbers Impact Your Finances

So how can you use your Numbers to get some clarity about your money situation? Do you ever believe that it just isn’t “in the stars” for you and hauling in the green?

Knowing your full chart gives you a much more complete snapshot of your money potential. Yet for our purposes, let’s focus on your Life Path number as a basic way to “show you the money.”

Understand this: Every Life Path number can have financial abundance.

For instance, the number 8 is the “money” number in Numerology and yet those with 8s in their charts aren’t always necessarily wealthy. They’ll undeniably have issues surrounding money – yet having the money number in your chart is no Golden Ticket to the Big Bucks. Example: Warren Buffet is a 6 Life Path. No 8s in his chart. So money simply isn’t an issue for him! Money (and a boat-load of it) has been the result of his visionary capabilities as a 6 Life Path.


I’m thinking of The Jefferson’s theme song: “Movin’ On Up (to the East Side).” So in our scenario, Money = East Side. Not so much money = South Side. Just for fun.

If you haven’t calculated your Life Path number, CLICK HERE and walk through the quick and simple calculation.

1 Life Path: East Side: You’re innately wired for achievement and innovation. Money should be a natural byproduct of whatever you set you mind to in the business realm. South Side: If you struggle with having the wind knocked out of you time and time again, you might give up the good fight and settle in for more of a predictable punching of the time clock.

2 Life Path: East Side: You’re a supportive team member, the diplomat, the peacekeeper. If you can keep your emotional sensitivity in check, your skills are highly desirable and bankable. South Side: You find safety in routine and satisfaction in a job well done. You often aren’t shooting for Kardashian fame or money. Yet you can easily find yourself partnered or married to someone who’s more money-minded than you.

3 Life Path: East Side: When you truly understand your creative gifts and value your worth, you can make a bundle with your creative talents. You often need to know how to do what you do best and then ask others to do the stuff you don’t like to do (like the bookkeeping or negotiating). South Side: Sometimes you end up feeling as though you can’t make a living doing what you do best (which is often writing, teaching, acting, music, art, that sort of thing) and end up relying on others to help you get by.

4 Life Path: East Side: Lots of money is never really an honest goal of yours. Sure, you can fantasize about what it would like to be rich and yet at the core, what’s really important to you is a bit of money in the bank and an overriding sense of security. South Side: You can get so enmeshed and downtrodden with work that you can’t step back and see a bigger financial picture for yourself.

5 Life Path: East Side: You’re a natural salesperson and entrepreneur. Money flows to you naturally when you’re aligned with the constructive use and implementation of your freedom-loving, fun, and adventurous self. South Side: You’re so racked with fear that you stop yourself from making the money that’s sitting right in front of you.

6 Life Path: East Side: You’re the natural independent business owner and can really see the bigger picture. You can attract money like flies to flypaper. You’re also a natural at home life, so devoting yourself to that realm might include counting on a spouse’s income. It’s all good. South Side: Your sense of perfection might just keep you from moving forward with your ideas.

7 Life Path: East Side: Data analysts (and other similar careers) get paid handsomely and you’re a natural. While money may not be your over-all focus, it can surely be the outcome as you apply yourself to your life devoted to asking questions. South Side: You can lack focus and ultimately care about money, yet not really care about it.

8 Life Path: East Side: Of all the numbers, you’re the money number. With work and tenacity, you’re meant to rake in the dough. South Side: Since you’re the money number, you can have big issues surrounding money, which can include reversals of fortune or never quite mastering that whole money-thing.

9 Life Path: East Side: Money flows to you as gracefully as you allow it into your life. You have the charisma to make it all happen. South Side: Since you’re a compassionate humanitarian, sometimes money gives you the heebie-jeebies. Yet when you embrace the way in which you can do good work with money – well, then you can wrap your brain around the idea of attracting more of it into your life.

So here’s a little Numerology Trivia for you:

The five richest people as listed on the Forbes 100 Richest List are:

1. Carlos Slim Helu
2. Bill Gates
3. Amancio Ortega
4. Warren Buffett
5. Larry Ellison

There are two 7 Life Paths, one 6 Life Path, one 5 Life Path, and one 4 Life Path.

What’s intriguing to me is that three of the five are born on the 28th of the month, which is a “1” in Numerology – the Leadership and Innovation number. So always understand that the Life Path number only paints a surface picture of all of the components that influence each person’s trajectory.

The great thing about knowing your Life Path number and thinking about it in terms of your career and money is this: You can validate your innate strengths and then expose your weaknesses so that you can work with both most effectively. We all feel so much better when we have a sense of higher purpose about what we’re doing every day. Sidle up to yours and see what happens! Ka-Ching!