How To Say “NO” By The Numbers

So let me ask you this:  Has it gotten easier to say NO as you’ve gotten older?  

Or are you still on the Merry-Go-Round of people-pleasing, soul-snuffing, stop/drop/and roll away from anything even smelling like conflict?

Or that might require that you stand up, place your proverbial stake in the ground, and just say no?

Why, oh why is this such a huge and momentous issue for most of us? 

What is it about actually listening and respecting ourselves more than – or at least as much as – others that sends our chests clinching and our stomachs tightening?

The thing is, I’m not telling.  I’m asking.

Since you’re here (ostensibly) to learn a bit about your numbers and how to apply this tool to understand yourself and others in a different way that you might have before knowing some Numerology, I’ll hash out some Life Path specific observations about how you might think about saying NO.

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1 Life Path:  Saying “no” may key into some issues surrounding your sense of self-confidence.  On the dark-side, saying “no” may become a passionate past-time of yours that you relish simply because it can be used as a way to exude the sense of confidence that you might struggle to maintain. On the other hand, if you question your sense of yourself, struggle with self-esteem, and feel more dependent than independent, saying “no” can elicit some very real fear for you.  Remember, as a 1 Life Path, you’re here to dive into your unique identity, tap into healthy independence and individuality, and be a fearless leader.  You’ll be required to have “no thank you” at your fingertips without it giving you ulcers.

2 Life Path:  Saying “no” is super-duper-duper hard for you.  You’re so emotionally sensitive that the slightest indication of possible conflict can compel you to down Tums like it’s candy.  Remember that you’re meant to be the ultimate diplomat – whether that’s in your profession, at home, or with friends.  That means it’s imperative that you learn to say “no” with grace, tact, and dignity.  You’re real test-by-fire is in forging your own identity so that you actually know what you do and don’t want to do.  You’re tendency is to fold your personal identity around whomever you’re with.  So the power of saying “no” with healthy boundaries and diplomacy is your end-game.  I know you can do it.

3 Life Path:  Saying “no” can set you into a tail-spin, because you have a tendency to over-think every single thing.  You’ll replay the interaction-in-question over and over and over again in your mind until it hurts just thinking about it.  You’re a natural counselor and pleaser in many ways.  You also have a tendency to be able to see “all sides” of an issue, despite the fact that you have your own strong opinions.  You also attract people who can spot you as a softy.  You also attract folks who take advantage of your giving nature.  You’re meant to master emotional self-expression and so what better way than to take a breath, look into someone’s eyes, and say “no thank you.”  Try it.  You’ll like it.

4 Life Path:  Saying “no” might feel a bit more manageable to you than to other Life Path numbers, simply because you’re a no-nonsense kinda’ guy or gal.  No’s might be more difficult, though, in the close family arena. Your trick is to speak your truth without presenting it as though you’re a bull in a China Shop. You’re methodical about how you engage with people and with information, yet you can say “yes” to things that perhaps you know you shouldn’t simply because you think that if the person on the receiving end could just see it your way (which is the right way), all would be right with the world.  Order would ensue.  Perpetual chaos be damned.  Yet saying “no” without being uppity or self-righteous might be one of your challenges.

5 Life Path:  Saying “no” can have a slightly different connotation for you – you freedom-loving, adventure-seeking whirlwind.  You might find yourself struggling more with saying “no” to temptation – whatever that might mean to you – than anything else.  I love Oscar Wilde’s quote, because it reminds me of you:  “I can resist everything except temptation.”  Moderation whenever possible.  Your tendency is to lean toward excess:  Excess emotions, excess activities, excess  consumption.  Living your free-wheeling life while saying “no” to certain distractions, bright and shiny objects, and instead focusing on the self-discipline it takes to achieve what you want to achieve –  then you’re golden.

6 Life Path:  Saying “no” can come in spurts for you, given your  overweening responsibility-gene – if you know what I mean.  You can be the master or mistress of “tough love” and you get nervous if you don’t feel as though you’re in control of key situations in your life.  You are the self-regulated “Mother Knows Best” or “Father Knows Best” in your domestic and often your work realm. The trick for you is to say “no” without a self-righteous attitude.  You often are the one doing the juggling and are the star player in the balancing act within your family.  So saying “no” might come in strange spurts for you. Yet over-all, remember you’re here as a compassionate ambassador of love, service, and justice.  It benefits you to say “no” when you’re over-burdened and when you find yourself enabling everyone else.  Yes.  You know what I mean.  Let others bear the brunt or the success of their actions.  You don’t need to do it all for everyone.

7 Life Path:  Saying “no” can offer you some hum-dingers in terms of soul searching.  You’re often a pleaser by nature, a softer soul who’s “battle” between your hard-data-loving brain and your intuitive-side can make you question yourself perhaps more than others.  Yet once you get the hang of it, saying “no” is quite freeing for you.  Just don’t start whipping out that lethal tongue of yours in self-defense.  Saying no directly will suffice.  Often you’re so keyed in to others and their desires that you can misplace your own.  You’re truly getting to know yourself on a profound, deep level.  Saying “no” with healthy detachment is a key for you.  You need to be able to withstand the fact that others often won’t “get” where you’re coming from, they won’t understand you, and you’ll be this big mystery that others can’t quite figure out.  You have to be okay with being on a different wavelength than most people.

8 Life Path:  Saying “no” is a hot-button for you.  Yes, you intense powerhouse, you.  Since you’re tested early on with grabbing a hold of your own sense of personal power in the world, “no” is a valuable commodity in your life.  You often use it to buck authority, so using “no” can be a combative way to control situations or exert your power.  Yet on the other hand, if you don’t learn to say “no” in a clear and reasoned way, you’ll get eaten alive.  You of all the Life Path numbers are meant to master the words “no” and “yes” in their most pristine and optimal manifestations.  Where you lead, people will follow.  Where you place your focus and emphasis, that’s what you create.  As a gifted manager, organizer, and “executive,” mastering the power of “no, and…” is imperative.

9 Life Path:  Saying “no” can be an all-or-nothing affair for you.  On the one hand, you can be a rebel without a cause, pushing against anything and everything without having a clue why or what you’re ultimately after.  Yet more often you’re the compassionate door mat who’s used to folks wiping their muddy boots all over you.  You’re a natural giver and are here to learn the art of “limited rewards,” and yet that’s a fine line and a delicate balance.  Setting gentle yet firm personal boundaries is imperative for your personal growth and also for the life lessons inherent with the 9 Life Path.  While your most direct focus is on giving to others in some sort of humanitarian way, you’re also learning the fine art of giving and receiving.


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