How The Year 2015 Impacts Your Finances

How The Year 2015 Impacts Your Finances & 3 Things To Do About It NOW

I’ve said a lot about the “amped up” energy of the Universal Year 2015 and how your Personal Year mixes-and-matches with this particularly intense energy (click here for an audio recording if you missed it!).
A review for the energy of 2015 – as if I even have to say it at this point – is intense, testing all of us to step up and take ourselves seriously, take charge of creating our own opportunities, and get our financial lives in order in a practical and tangible way.

Eight is the number of manifestation – it helps manifest whatever you focus your time, energy, attention, thoughts, and desires on.
SO, if you’re focused on feeling sorry for yourself for your recent break-up, you’ll get more of that.  If you’re focused on how crappy your boss is and how much she doesn’t appreciate you, you’ll get more of that.  If you’re focused on everyone’s business and aren’t paying any attention to your own business, you’ll get more of that.  See the pattern?
So it’s time to get real, clean out the clutter in your mind, and get with the program. It’s the year to get clear about your intentions and desires, believe that you can achieve them, work concertedly to achieve them, and then allow it all into you life.  Can you do it?

3 Things You Can Do To Cash In On The Powerful 8 Universal Year
#3.  GET REAL.  It’s time to channel your inner-Dr. Phil (er, not sure if I like that visual!).  Yet it’s time to GET REAL about your finances.  It’s the year to ask yourself Dr. Phil’s favorite question:  “And how’s that workin’ for ya’?”  And be honest with yourself and make a plan to change what isn’t working.

The obvious observation is this:  We can keep complaining about the same thing over and over again.  And yet who’s the responsible party here?  You.  Ouch.  I know.  It reminds me of this painful and simultaneously hilarious “Demotivational Poster” that has stuck in my mind ever since I saw it years ago.  I’ll share it here (with full credit to “


If you hate your job, then it’s time to get serious about getting another one.  If you fritter your money away and then feel horrible that you live from paycheck to paycheck, then it’s time to change how you spend money.  If you feel powerless about your finances, it’s time to get educated.  Read a book.  Take a class.  Talk to someone you know who does well financially and ask them for a few pointers.  The energy of the year is a wake-up call for all of us to pry ourselves away from the ways in which we don’t take personal responsibility for where we are in our lives.  
#2.  TAKE SOME BREAKS.  Yes, I realize this is an odd suggestion if you want to cash in on the powerful energy of this 8 Universal Year.  Yet here’s the deal:  You can burn out before March even rolls around!  And why?  Because you aren’t scheduling time for self-care, refueling, and regenerating.  I’m serious about this.  There are lots of studies showing that we perform better, have greater clarity of thought, and much more access into our creativity and intuition when we allow nurturing down-time.  This can be a bi-monthly massage, dance night, going to the gym, meditation – anything where you give yourself some time out in between the go-go-go of the year.
#1.  EMPOWERMENT & RIGHT ACTION:  The primary way to bring a jingle to your bank account is through stepping into your power.  And I mean REALLY.  What are you great at?  Do you lessen your talents through self-deprecation?  Do you lower your voice to a whisper when the topic of how much you charge comes up with a client?  Are you involved in a relationship that you think about leaving every single day and yet you’re still there?

2015 offers you an energetic platform, if you will, to step up and step out.  The energy of the year supports you in manifesting amazing things in your life when you’re clear about what you want and open to the “how” to get it.  When you’re willing to step into the fray in a way that surprises even you – when you combine your profound desires with practical, real-world steps to getting there, you’ll be in awe at how magically it can show up in your life.

Yet it’ll take a whole-hearted willingness to CHANGE aspects of your life that you might have thought were (literally) set in stone.

The disclaimer is this:  If your clear intention is to win an Oscar for your screenplay, yet you haven’t started writing yet, don’t have a topic, have never written anything in your life, and have zero connections with the film industry – then, not so much.  The energy of the 8 won’t be much help because you haven’t practiced #3.

Yet if you’re a life coach and you’ve been building your business for three years now, you’ve got a killer website and some great clients, and you want to expand into a different sector (or finish the book you’re almost done writing or get your e-Course up and running) then YES, tap into that and go, go, go.  You’ve done the groundwork.  You can ride the wave of expanding your business because you’ve been focused, committed, and consistent.  The energy of the 8 will allow for great expansion when you go about it in a methodical way.

This is a dynamic year when you’re empowered and ready to do the real work it takes to manifest what you want – whether it’s changing or expanding your career, building fantastic relationships, recommitting to getting healthy, or just evolving your relationship with yourself.  Just know that 2015 can manifest it all – plus some!

The 8 offers the magical combination and collision of The Material and The Mystic.

When you understand how to integrate the two, you will create your most successful and satisfying year ever!