You Are What You Eat?

I attended the Natural and Organic Food Show in California last week, working with the product Snack Adventures. It’s always a high-intensity show and there are a lot of expectations about the products and about getting your product into the marketplace. It’s always intriguing to go to the shows that are focused on the natural and organic circuit, because there’s a certain passion there that is unique to that lifestyle.

I’m all about eating well, in moderation, enjoying what you eat and using food as fuel rather than as your primary relationship.

I found myself having an exchange with a man who stopped at our table to have a sample of our product. He tasted it and liked it very much. I was telling him about the product – which is a pizza-inspired frozen food with bold flavors from around the world. He made a comment: “Well, you are what you eat!”

To which I said, without really considering my response: “And you are what you think!”

He looked at me somewhat quizzically and moved on.

And yet the more I thought about it, the truer it is in my opinion.

I know people who exercise religiously, who eat vegan (or all organic, or vegetarian, or the Paleo Diet, or gluten-free, or [fill in your preference here]) and still aren’t healthy. I have found that some of the folks who are more “fanatical” about their diets are so stressed about eating that the stress of eating outweighs the health benefits that they might be getting by eating in that particular way. I’ve also notice that people with rigid eating regimes are often, well, just not all that healthy. So are we really what we eat? If that were really true, these folks would be the healthiest people on the planet, hands down.

So why is that?

Then the real kicker to me – the big mystery – is that there are people who don’t eat all that well at all. And yet they’re happy, robust, and don’t often get sick. They can be a little overweight, a little under weight, or anywhere in between. And yet you’d think these folks – if you are indeed what you eat – would really be paying the price. And yet it doesn’t always work that way.

So it many ways, the way I see it, is that it comes down to the complexities of biology and all of that, yet a common factor that we all share across the line is that we have the power of thought that can either serve us in a positive way or it can serve us in a destructive way.

The power of our own thought is such a vast and profound tool. As Shakespeare said: “Nothings good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

It’s quite phenomenal to truly embrace that thought. Someone has said: “It’s not the situation that’s causing your stress, it’s your thoughts, and you can change that right here and right now.”

BUT NO I CAN’T! You might be saying right now in your mind . . . 🙂

You really can. It just takes being aware and wanting to do it. And practicing for the rest of your life. Really.

What I find to be true is that you can eat the perfect diet, exercise the perfect amount, do “everything right,” and yet if you’re in an unhappy marriage, or if you hate your job, or if you’ve got a lot of unresolved issues about certain things in your life – you’ll be the one who “somehow” gets cancer, has a horrendous accident, or any other event that will serve as a wake-up call that will force you to change and evolve.

I’ve been teaching workshops lately about how to use Numerology to improve your relationships and I find that your thinking is a key concept here.

If you think there are no good men/women left out there, guess what? There aren’t! Because the way you think about relationships is defining how you engage with them.

If you think that you’ll never be happy unless you’re in a relationship, guess what? You’ll never be happy unless you’re in a relationship, yet you won’t be happy IN a relationship either, because when your happiness depends totally on someone else, it’s impossible to sustain.

So I have taken both my experience at the Organic Food Show and in talking with people about their relationships as Food For Thought.

Eat Well. Play Well. Love Well. Think Well.