I’m Dr. Felicia Bender

I’m devoted to helping you uncover your life’s purpose with numerology. And I’m passionate about showing you how to actually apply what you know about your numbers to your everyday life in a practical, tangible, and empowering way.

I’m here to offer you this profound tool and show you how to use it to:

  • UNDERSTAND the core, authentic you in a way that has most likely eluded you.
  • VALIDATE your true life’s purpose while exposing your challenges, tendencies, and obstacles.
  • CHANGE what’s not working for you in a real, profound way.

So why Numerology?

This all really started for me a while back. Rather than taking my degree in Theatre and heading to L.A. to become the actress I’d always wanted to be, I took a U-Turn and married my Professor.  I settled into an academic life.

We had two daughters and I immersed myself in being a mother. I stayed home with the kids and loved being a hands-on and hearts-on Mom.  As time went on, I began to feel an internal churning. A tightness, a burning, a gnawing inside of me. I wanted to know what was next for me.  I wanted to know what my “passion” was and how to begin to expand myself into the woman I wanted to be—the whole person, the creative person, the woman with a job outside the home, the woman who had clarity about the gifts she wanted to give to the world.

I felt stuck, depressed, and lost.

Enter my relationship with my family of origin. My mother divorced my father and moved my two sisters and myself from a suburb in Los Angeles to a small town in the mid-west. She was a witty and talented woman. She was also a heavy smoker and became embroiled with addictions, alcohol being one of them.

While she and I had what I considered a somewhat close relationship early on, that relationship began to disintegrate in my High School years. When I got married and had my own children, our communications became even more strained.

My view from the outside was that she became overtaken with addictions to the point where (as addictions do) they were controlling her life and forcing a downward spiral.

When I got the call that she was in the hospital with an inoperable brain tumor, she hadn’t been talking to me for months.

As she was dying, I experienced a huge collision in my life.

Those of you who feel any affinity with my story so far will know exactly what I’m talking about.

My mother died after having been estranged from me for many months. There was so much left unspoken and undone. My marriage was in the preliminary stages of unraveling, although I wasn’t in any way ready to admit this to myself. I was in the final throes of finishing my dissertation and earning my Doctorate.  I had no idea what was next for me.

I felt volatile. I felt an amazing intensity that pushed me into a spiritual gauntlet.  I started learning everything I could about intuition, healing, and energy.  I studied Pranic Healing™ and became a certified practitioner of that healing modality.

Yet something was still missing for me.

We moved to a different state. I got my license to buy and sell real estate. I got a divorce. I started living a different life.

I was walking through a bookstore and a book jumped out at me.  Surely this has happened to you.  It was a book that contained information about numerology.

I calculated my own number. Then my kids. Then my ex. Then my parents. It was so stunningly accurate and eye opening that I realized this was my personal “missing link.”  This was the tool I was seeking that could bridge my practical mind with my intuitive mind.

So I immersed myself in the study of numerology.

My passion is to show you how to use the basics of numerology to make a real, tangible improvement in your practical, everyday life.

It’s never too late to learn more, embrace change, and take your life to into whatever “next level” you’re seeking, whether that’s improving your relationships, deciding on a career, healing family issues, working with health concerns – knowing some aspects of numerology can allow you to see your world with an entirely new lens.

Felicia Bender, Ph.D – The Practical Numerologist

Felicia earned a Ph.D in Theatre from the University of Missouri– Columbia.  A curious intuitive, she trained with Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and Master Stephen Co to become a certified Pranic Healer™.   She’s a Numerologist and author of Redesign Your Life:  Using Numerology To Create the Wildly Optimal You and has two books forthcoming in 2018 – The Ultimate Guide to Numerology and Master Numbers 11, 22, 33:  The Ultimate Guide.  Felicia is passionate about writing, counseling, teaching, and presenting ways to use numerology, spirituality, and intuition to understand ourselves and others on a deep level – to validate our life’s purpose and to develop tools to understand how to trust our own intuitive language.  She’s a contributor for The Elephant Journal, Numerologist.com, The Numinous, and many other media outlets.  She’s resident numerologist for AstroStyle.com. Felicia currently resides in Colorado.