3 Ways To Avoid Relationship Woes – By The Numbers

If you haven’t noticed – and if you haven’t noticed, you’ve been living in a cave somewhere – this year is chock-full of relationship stuff. You can’t run. You can’t hide. It can and it will find you.

I’ve been writing about relationships more than usual lately, and it’s because this is what clients are bringing to me in full force right now. Plus this is readily apparent in my own life and with my immediate circle.

I’ll repeat: Numerologically speaking, this is a 6 Universal Year (add together the year, like this: 2013 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6)

The 6 brings with it a lot of energies.

It is primarily the energy of nurturing, love of home, responsibility, beauty, and justice. The 6 is a very magnetic number and is also the number of The Visionary.

I find the striking down of the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) a fabulous indicator of the powerful energy of this 6 Universal Year.

This is a “Big Picture” number bringing with it the opportunity and propensity to look past the end of our noses and envision the larger picture in life. Many Numerologists call the 6 the “marriage and divorce” number. It demands that we reevaluate all of our relationships – first and foremost is our relationship to ourselves. Are we living authentically? Are we surrounding ourselves with people and circumstances in our lives that support and inspire us, or are we surrounding ourselves with people and circumstances in our lives that drag us down and stymy our personal growth?

I don’t know about you, yet these are some of the examples of what I’m seeing around me: marriages being called off just hours before the ceremony, marriages happening quickly (surprise!), people leaving marriages because of affairs, because they suddenly just know that this isn’t the right partner for them, because it just isn’t working. Relationships with family of origin is intense and under the pressure cooker. Siblings, parents, adult children are colliding with each other in significant ways that they haven’t done before. People are risking, risking, risking all they know in order to start relating to themselves, their families, their significant others’ in a redefined way that embodies who you really are. This year, the fascade is being ripped away and the REAL DEAL is being exposed. Yet it is raw, vulnerable, and hasn’t been exposed to light in quite a while. What’s underneath requires attention and nurturing in order to come to life.

If you know your Life Path number, here’s your three ways to avoid relationship woes (since you’re visiting my website – click FREE and listen to the audio . . . it has the way to calculate your number there as well).


1 Life Path

1. Even though you’re here to be #1 in all you do, listen to others when they want to support you and when they need support from you.
2. Know that your tendency is to be self-absorbed. In this year of relationship intensity, look up from your own navel and see what your loved ones need from you and give it gently and with heart.
3. Get to know when your lack of self-confidence throws you into a tizzy and mindfully work on your sense of self-confidence this year by doing anything that supports that, from diet and exercise to therapy.

2 Life Path

1. Since you’re super-sensitive, you’re feeling these intense relationship energy in spades right now! Your first line of action: Develop healthy emotional boundaries and use them right now!
2. You’re the harmonizer and any kind of conflict gives you an upset stomach. Practice self care this year in order to decompress from the heightened relationship energies that are all around you. Take care of YOU before you attempt to take care of everyone else.
3. You’re all about partnership. If your partnerships are under strain, resist the urge to hang on to them if they are finished. It takes a lot for the 2 Life Path to let go, regroup, and move to the next level in relationships. LET GO.

3 Life Path

1. You’re a trusting soul. So much so that you can attract takers in your life. Is this coming into play for you this year? Take the time to step back and truly see the people in your life and attempt to distance yourself from everyone who leaves you feeling drained. This goes for friends and family – who do you feel energized by before, during, and after you interact? Spend more time with those people, delete the others from your life.
2. Since you’re here to hone your emotional sensitivity, this is your year to dig down into your real, true emotions and express them in a healthy way. You’ll have ample opportunities to practice this during the year! (understatement)
3. Find your joy! And do it.

4 Life Path

1. This year can challenge your sense of security and stability. Enjoy light routine, yet you’ll be tested to take a few risks this year. Just do it!
2. In this year of relationships, you’ll undoubtedly be faced with some old emotional stuff that comes back into play and must be dealt with and healed. Don’t avoid it.
3. Since you’re all about hard work, this year might feel pretty heavy for you. Take some time to relax and get your feet dirty!

5 Life Path

1. Are you a 5 Life Path desperately seeking “the” relationship? Or are you the 5 Life Path who’s in one that you’re not interested in? Either way, this year is your year to dig deep into yourself and decide what you want and come up with a light plan about how you might get there.
2. Feeling hemmed in? You can’t stand that feeling! Before throwing in the towel, consider revamping how you communicate what you need to your partner and friends. They can’t read your mind; they don’t know the ways in which you need your space. Tell them – lovingly!
3. Feeling stagnant? Put on your Fearless Fighter Cape! Tap into your innate sense of adventure and fearlessness. If that feels impossible to you, find support for getting yourself back into your groove.

6 Life Path

1. Sorry Life Path 6 – you’ve got the double-whammy this year! WHOA! Your 6 energy with the Universal 6 energy is quite the match-up. You of all people are feeling intensity around your relationships and others’ relationship turbulence. Key: tap into your innate wisdom and sense of light responsibility. Steer clear of meddling and self-righteousness.
2. This may be the time when you renew your vows or in some way recommit to your loved one.
3. Don’t take the world on your shoulders! You sometimes don’t feel as though you’re doing enough unless you’re putting out all these fires. Breathe and mind your own business while allowing others to work through theirs.

7 Life Path

1. You’re really reflecting on your relationships this year and on how you have and haven’t experienced the kind of trust (with yourself and with others) in your life. This is a great time to get to know that part of yourself and how you engage (or feel disengaged) with others.
2. You might really be feeling this with intensity this year: You kind of want to be in relationship with another, and then in many ways, you really don’t. It’s up to you to understand this part of yourself, understand when you need time alone, and understand how to form intimacy. What does an intimate relationship really look and feel like to you? Write it down. Hash it out. The clearer you are about this, the more likely you’ll attract healthy and positive relationships into your life.
3. Don’t give away the farm. You tend to have a compassionate heart and it’s hard to see others (and yourself) struggling. Trust in the process and find some positive in all of it along the way.

8 Life Path

1. Is this year forcing you to take a look at the way in which you relate to others? Has it been as you’d like it to be? Have you been emotionally absent, at work most of the time, or worse, a victim of the world? This 6 year is giving you a great opening to turn your attention to how to relate more effectively with those you love.
2. When you feel yourself becoming blunt and opinionated, back off. Smile instead. 🙂
3. Do you feel responsible for many people in your life, especially financially? If so, this is a good time to allow others to take their share of responsibility. Or if you’re on the other side of the 8 vibration, it’s time for you to take control of your life and stop expecting others’ to care for you. You’re meant to think big! Start now.

9 Life Path

1. Since you’re the number of completion and letting go, this can be a strange year for you. Your key to avoid relationship woes: Listening.
2. It’s time to ask for support. You’re the absolute worst at asking for help with anything. Challenge yourself to ask other people for help and support. You’ll be shocked to see the love start rolling in!
3. Throw out the doormat! That is, if you feel that other people in your life treat you like a doormat. It’s time to show those in your life who your really are, who the “real you” might be – warts and all. Stand up and put up your personal boundaries and respect yourself enough to keep them.