2016 Numerology Forecast

One of the reasons you simply can’t resist making New Year’s Resolutions is because you’re feeling a very real, very profound shift in energy from one year to the next. By the Numbers, it’s undeniable.

In Numerology, there are Universal Years and Personal Years.

The Universal Year is like the landscape or terrain you’re driving through all year long and is calculated by adding the numbers of the current year together.

The Personal Year is calculated from your individual birth date and tells you more specifically what you’ll personally be working with during the year.

You can think of the Universal Year as the state or country you’re driving through on your yearly “road trip” and the Personal Year is more representative of the points of destination you individually choose to stop at as you “travel” throughout the year.

2016 is a number 9 Universal Year in Numerology.

A Universal Year means that everyone on the planet will be feeling the energy related to a particular number during the entire year.

You calculate the Universal Year by simply adding the numbers in the current year (in this case, 2016) together like this:

2016 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9

All of us begin feeling this energy starting January 1, 2016 and it’ll end on December 31, 2016.

So what about this 9 Universal Year?

Close your eyes and think back to 2008 (global financial crisis, anyone?). What were we collectively doing then? The reason I ask is because we’ll all be closing out the cycle that started in 2008—meaning, we’ll be evaluating and wrapping up what we started during that particular year because it was a 1 Universal Year. The 1 Universal Year is the start of a cycle—all about new beginnings. 2016 is a 9 Universal Year, which is the end of a cycle—all about completions.

Everyone on the planet will experience a year where conclusions, letting go, surrender, loss, and transformation are key themes. We can feel this, can’t we? From the macrocosmic level of world politics to the microcosmic level of our unique individual personal lives, it’s simply not business as usual right now.

2015 was the beginning of an intense transformational Universal Year cycle. I call it a three-year “push” time (the Universal Year Cycle 8-9-1) where all of us will be met with challenges forcing transformation—pushing our lives into the next level of development and evolution, whatever that might mean for us personally and for the planet as a whole.

2015 tested all of us in the realms of personal power—it insisted that we stand up and step into our empowerment and get our ducks in a row. It was a year for financial gain (or loss) and was quite demanding on our time and energy in managing the very real material aspects of our lives. Everything was amplified in 2015.

2016 is not the time to push, push, push. It’s the time to go back to the future (so to speak) and take inventory of the past—make amends, forgive, say your good-byes, and let go. This is the year for surrender. It’s truly the time to place the oars with which we’ve been furiously paddling our life’s boat and give them a rest—to put them inside the boat, settle back and go with the current. It’ll take us where we need to land—despite the discomfort (if not downright terror) we’ll experience not knowing the final destination. Not to mention that there might be some rapids, waterfalls, shallow points, and maybe even some leeches and alligators along the way.

Handing over control and trusting a Higher Power instead of clinging to our Individual Will is the ultimate challenge of the 9 Universal Year—while at the same time moving forward with right action. Surrendering doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting for stuff to happen. If we’re ready, willing, and able to let go and move into a new, more highly evolved state of being, then 2016 is the year where dreams can manifest instantly! When resistance is absent, the full force of transformation has nothing to collide against. When that happens, the beauty is in the breakdown. The butterfly is released from the chrysalis and can express itself fully and completely. Just imagine (as John Lennon might say) the transformation that could occur if collectively we could let go of what is no longer serving us and create a new paradigm. That’s what 2016 offers—the supporting energy to get rid of the old and make room for the new.

On the other end of the spectrum, the destructive tendencies of the 9 energy has to do with stubbornly and myopically hanging on for dear life to everything from the past—the comfort zone residing in suspended animation—like a mausoleum of our own making. The whole idea that everything was perfect “back in the day” can be the ultimate caveat to progressing forward. Clinging to the nostalgic past is one aspect of 9 energy that keeps us wallowing in quicksand. The inability to let go of what we no longer need to make room for change can seem not only preposterous—it’s unthinkable when we’re mired in this suspended animation. And then we wonder why nothing’s moving forward and life is clunking along as if we’re still driving a Model T in the age of hovercraft.

The magic of the 9 Universal Year won’t be fully evident until the dust has settled and we collectively create new systems to replace the old, outdated, or demolished ones. 2016 will demand our unabashed trust that what’s going away is meant to go, even when there’s nothing solidly tangible to replace it with yet.  The experiences gleaned in 2016 are a catalyst for global change and transformation with a humanitarian focus.

The number 9 is an innately “spiritual” vibration and when we experience it, the challenge is in embodying and acting upon the constructive elements of all the numbers.  That’s a big order to fill!  So 2016 is prodding all of us to take the lead in our lives (1) using love and diplomacy (2).  We will be offered opportunities to communicate with a sense of joyful self-expression (3) while using our good sense, setting up a plan, and following through with hard work (4).  “Freedom” is to be sought with focused discipline (5) and we’ll need to pay special attention to our domestic relationships and take on some added responsibility (6).  It’s also about delving into our spirituality (7) and also taking charge of our material existence (8).  And wrap it all up in a humanitarian bow!  (9)

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