Your Numbers

Are you ready to dig deeper and get more specific about what the numbers say about YOU?
Get your personalized report delivered to you as a PDF through email.
This report is based on:
1. Your name as it appears on your birth certificate
2. The name that you go by now (First and Last)
3. Your date of birth
The report:

  • Outlines your important stages and cycles
  • Defines your core traits and life’s purpose as defined by your Life Path, Expression (Destiny), Soul Urge, and Birthday numbers
  • Tells you about your Personal Year Cycle, Life Path Period, and Pinnacle you’re currently experiencing
  • Provides you with valuable information about your Karmic numbers, if you have any in your chart
  • Reveals your Intensity Point
  • Shares your Maturity Number with you
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“Felicia was very responsive in terms of returning my phone call and turning the numerology report within a couple of hours. The deliverables were accompanied by in-depth explanations to help understand key points. Best if luck to you, Felicia.”

– Shari Copeland

“Oh my goodness, she is awesome!! Can’t wait to see her again. This is truly turbo therapy. She is very knowledgeable about her work, easy to talk with and engaging. Thanks so much, Felicia!”

– Jody Madson


This is a report that supplies you with a detailed guide about what’s in store for you for the year.

It’s the Numerological equivalent to knowing your monthly Astrological Horoscope!

Your report is a narrative about what your numbers say about the purpose of your calendar year and gives you a monthly guide to get the most happiness and success out of each month.

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“Great value and sooo much good information. I do appreciate all the tips the report offered and the pdf file was so quick. Thanks again!”

– Bee Sturgis

I bought 4 for my family after my numerology report!!!!”

– Courtney Holloway

“Felicia is awesome at what she does and I believe the information she provided me will prove to be invaluable. Thank you Felicia!!”

– Jessica Clark

“Felicia was awesome.”

– Beth McCaffery

“Felicia was amazing in her knowledge and numerology. She answered many questions that I had based on the numbers and brought some amazing insight to things I’ve been ignoring. ”

– Cyndi Grant

“So interesting. Felicia has a wonderful approach and presents a great deal of information. Thanks!”

– Ariann Nassel
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