What’s In Store For 2014? Your Personal Year Cycle

What’s In Store For 2014? Your Personal Year Cycle

Last time I introduced what the number 7 Universal Year has up it’s sleeve for you for 2014.  (click here)

Now let’s get even more specific about what’s on your individual plate for 2014, Numerology-style.

In Numerology, we believe that we all go through nine-year cycles throughout our lives, called Personal Year Cycles. Depending on where you are in your cycle, your Personal Year Number could be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or a 9. After 9, you’ll cycle back to 1 again.

Each Personal Year Number has different qualities to it. Switching Personal Year Numbers happens every year throughout your life, running from January 1 – December 31.

Here’s how to calculate your Personal Year.

Take your birth date (for example):      3/25/1984

Now replace the year you were born with the current year:    3/25/2014

Now add those numbers together like a long addition math problem:

3 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 17

Digit down to a one-digit number, so keep adding:  1 + 7 = 8

If this were your birthday, you’re experiencing an “8″ Personal Year in 2014



1 Personal Year:  This is a year of new beginnings and initiation. This year holds much more clarity than last year and is the start of a new nine-year cycle. So make it count!  This is a year to plant the seeds for what you want to see grow and mature during the next nine-year cycle.  Don’t waste it with frivolous activities or useless relationships.  It can be a somewhat lonely year with feelings that a lot rests on your shoulders and only you can get it done – without help from others.  “Independence” is your mantra!  This is the year to start with as much of a clean slate as you possibly can.  Ready?   Lights, camera, action!

2 Personal Year:  This is a year to focus on your emotions. Last year = career. This year = love and emotions. Last year was a “me” year; this year is an “us” year.  Believe me when I say that this is a slow-moving year designed to test and build your patience!  It’ll feel like you’re moving three steps forward, four steps backward at any given time.  Concentrate on intimacy and relationships, fostering appreciation for yourself and your loved ones, and speaking your truth gently yet firmly. Don’t expect anything to transpire at a rapid pace.  Get your favorite tar-walking shoes on and get ready to pace yourself!  Patience, patience, and more patience.

3 Personal Year:  This is a year for fun and creativity! Take center stage. Take a public speaking class or have a makeover. Live your life big and expansively. Take risks you’d usually never dream of taking. This is your year to be out there, expanding all aspects of your sense of creative self-expression.  Understand that this can also be a year where you’ll be challenged to work on expressing your emotions clearly and effectively, so you’ll be offered plenty of opportunities to practice this feat during the year.  You’ll feel creative, expressive, and full of energy.  You also might wrestle with some unexpected emotional highs and lows, so take it as it comes and know you can’t go wrong when you tap into your authentic emotions.  Your theme for the year:  creativity, emotions, and more creativity. 

4 Personal Year: This is a year to work hard and sharpen your skill set. This is the year to be practical rather than pie-in-the-sky.  Take the time to slow down, steady your pace, and become more methodical about which goals you want to focus on. This is a more serious year requiring hard work to set the foundation for whatever you’re working on;  job, relationships, family.  You’ll need to forgo Happy Hour and stay a little late at the office to finish up that big report or file, complete the last part of the chapter you’re writing, or think through the way you’re wanting to systematize your project.  While it may feel a bit thankless at times, you’ll reap the rewards when you accomplish your goals step-by-step.  Your theme:   Slow and steady wins the race!

5 Personal Year:  This is a year that feels like a whirlwind; so many pleasures, so little time! There are lots of ups and downs, so the key for this year is flexibility. Lots of unexpected opportunities are bound to come your way, so be open to trying new things. If you don’t attempt to follow a strict plan you’ll be better off. It’s time to travel and tap into your sense of fearless adventure – not a time to make a long-term commitment! (Hint:  Not a good year to tie the knot!  Wait until next year . . .  long engagements are the new black).  The key to this year is establishing and acting on some semblance of self-discipline or you’ll get to 2015 feeling like 2014 has been one big hangover.  You’ll have plenty of sex appeal this year, so understand that your alluring energy can offer plenty of sensual pleasures.  Your mantra:  Be flexible, like Gumby!

6 Personal Year:  It’s time to regroup, nurture, and be nurtured.  This is a year devoted to home and family issues.  This is also a year where your personal magnetism is at a peak. Big opportunities await you this year both in your career and your intimate life. It’s a good year to get married or engaged if you have been hovering around that decision. It’s also a year where you may seek a divorce, a break-up, or other relationship splits. This can be called the “Marriage and Divorce” year.  It’s all about evaluating the relationships in your life, starting with your relationship with you.  It’s a year where you’ll be required to heighten your sense of responsibility to your home and family environment.  Don’t be surprised when you need to take on some added weight with home and family.  Embrace it instead of resenting it.  This is the year where you’ll finally feel that “click” in knowing if a divorce is necessary or you can also have the clarity you’ve been waiting for and officially say “I Do.”  Your theme song for the year:  “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” 

7 Personal Year:  This year is all about delving inward. While you may see yourself functioning fairly “normally,” this is a year where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work. It’s a spiritual year; meaning, you’ll have many opportunities to test your sense of spirituality, however you define it. This is a year where your faith and trust will be tested.  You’ll feel as though you want to retreat from the static of the outside world.  You’ll feel more quiet and introspective than usual, so don’t let that surprise you.  And if you’re experiencing a 7 Personal Year on top of the number 7 Universal Year (2014 is a 7 Universal year), you’ll feel these feelings with double the intensity!  This is the year to back away from as many responsibilities as you can – without being irresponsible.  It’s not the time to push forward forcefully in the material world.  Rather, this is the time to contemplate your personal evolution, read books, take classes, enjoy a Sabbatical, or go on a Retreat. You won’t make much forward movement with business this year, no matter how hard you push.  So why push?  Business will be with you in full force next year.  Take this year to rest, renew, research, and learn.  Don’t be surprised if you feel low energy.  A power nap never hurt anyone!

8 Personal Year:  This is a year to focus on money, finances, and personal power. During your 8 Personal Year, you can’t help but wake up every morning – and go to sleep every night – thinking about your finances. You’ll be in work overdrive this year and also be handed opportunities that test your personal power. Not once.  Not twice.  But over and over again all year long.  Get ready for a marathon, not a sprint!  This year is a power-year for you, and I don’t want to underestimate the power that’s available to you during your 8 Personal Year.  You’ll need to hit the ground running and focus your actions and energies on creating the financial abundance you want in your life.  It’s a year where you can experience big financial ups and downs, so be prepared to tap into your resilience.  You can experience major gains and big losses.  Yet this is your year to think big and manifest the money and status you deserve.  Remember to take breaks so your health doesn’t suffer.  Schedule short vacations when you can. Otherwise you’re bound to experience burn-out. Your mantra:  I’ve got the power!

9 Personal Year:  This is a year of completion, of unraveling, of letting go of the old to make space for change. This change can be somewhat dramatic and tumultuous; possessions, relationships, job, geographical location, spirituality, health. It’s all under review this year. This is the year that’s inviting (oh, let’s be honest, it’s forcing you) you to move on to an even more expansive cycle in your life if you choose to let go and allow what’s no longer serving you to fall away.

This is also a year where you can revel in the successful culmination of all that you’ve been working toward for the past eight years.  It’s going to be a matter of evaluating what’s finished and no longer necessary for you and then moving forward without a net. 

I like to put it this way:  You know people who’re in a marriage or a relationship that’s over with, and yet they won’t get a divorce or break up with their partner until they have another love interest waiting in the wings?  Well, metaphorically speaking, the 9 Personal Year won’t allow you to do that!  You must break it off and then manage and master that empty space of nothingness for a while.  Needless to say, even the best of us are scared silly when it comes to change.  And then to change something without knowing exactly what’s next?  Triple threat.  Yet that’s what’s required this year.  Your theme song:  David Bowie’s “Ch-ch-ch-changes.”

The great thing about knowing where you are in your Personal Year Cycle is that you can forecast and allow yourself to work with the energy of the year rather than against it. 

I liken it to this:  Did you see Bridget Jones’ Diary?  Do you remember the scene where Bridget thinks she’s going to a costume party and she dresses up like a Playboy Bunny, only to find that it’s a black-tie cocktail party, not a Costume Party?  Yet she must navigate hours at this party dressed as a Bunny.  Can you say awkwardSo don’t show up to your year like Bridget shows up to that party! 

Know your theme and you’ll find that you have much more success throughout the year.  Or at least you’ll be able to extract deeper meaning about why things are happening they way they’re happening. Either way, knowing your Personal Year number gives you some great guidance about what your year has in store for you.

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