8  Personal Month

I’m thinking of one of my yoga teacher’s who loves to shake things up in his classes. He makes up some of his own poses—as well as simply giving funny names to these poses. And one of the poses he is known for is the “Sexy Panther” pose! I’m thinking you’ve been in your own sexy panther pose—one way or another (uh-hum) all year long. I hope you’ve been able to rein in all of the sex appeal that’s been exuding from your every move. This has been a great year to cut loose and live a little!  Have you turned a corner and said “good-bye” to many of those “bright and shiny objects” that might have been interesting distractions—and now have clarity around the real change you’re ready to commit to for the upcoming year and beyond? Have you been flexible, adventurous, fearless, and on the move?

This is the month of money, power and abundance so make it count.


On top of your already high-frequency vibes, December brings additional verve in the way of amping up your personal power and dangling financial rewards—or losses—in front of your nose. This is the month of money, power and abundance so make it count. This is a clarifying “push” month where you’ll feel energized to move forward with power and persuasion. Thinking “business” and in business-like terms will be greatly beneficial as you ready yourself for action and achievement. You can act upon the highest and best offer you’ve attracted during your year of change, networking, and personal promotion. If a “deal you can’t refuse” pops up this month, it’s a great time to negotiate the details and get it in line. It’s not necessarily the time to start anything totally new and it might not be in your best interest to make a solid commitment until January. It’s time to jump in and get it all lined up.

If you’ve been tempted to throw caution to the wind and dabble with excess and a certain level of irresponsibility during the year, this is the month to rein it in and get a handle around some sense of self-discipline. If you’ve had fun, some great travels, met new and exciting people, and have embraced your sense of fearlessness and change, you’ve really taken advantage of the energy of the last twelve months. The month of December can be the powerful icing on your cake if you now say “Aloha” to the frivolity and excess and commit to getting down to business. December is the time to organize your financial affairs and get your “house” in order. Time to become the powerful CEO of your life. Tap in and turn it on!

December is the time to organize your financial affairs and get your “house” in order. Time to become the powerful CEO of your life.


December can offer you a few power moments. What do I mean by that? You’ll have some opportunities to balance and act upon a solid sense of empowerment. And that will manifest on whatever level your life is focused on right now. Is your primary focus on the relationships in your life? Then you’ll have some engagements that give you the stage to step into your power. Does your significant other neglect or even abuse you? Time to stand up and put a stop to it. Or are you the one who isn’t stepping up with ethics and honesty in your relationship? Either way, if this is a focal point for you in your life at the present moment, chances are there will a combustion point that will demand your attention. That goes for any other aspect of your life that you’ve been grappling with—health, job, or anything else that has occupied your thoughts and actions during the year.

I hope you’ve updated your Instagram account and posted all your photos from your fun and adventures, because this year is segueing into a more home-based vibe. It’s time to get your house in order—literally and figuratively. It’s the year to focus on key elements surrounding responsibility—how you take on responsibility and in what ways you might lean toward irresponsibility. Relationships are under review after your year of change and freedom. Time to settle into putting your home life in order and to nurture and be nurtured. Love, service, and relationships are highlighted, so get ready to nestle in.

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