JUNE 2018

9 Personal Month

June accentuates the emotional intensity of your year and some matters are reaching a peak and a conclusion this month. It’s also likely that you’ll complete the preparations for some creative venture at this time. This project—or groundwork for the project—is recalibrating itself so that something new or expanded can come into view. Yet you can’t see that aspect of it quite yet. So instead of feeling great about the re-situation of your project (or relationship), you’re feeling a sense of un-ease, fear, or apprehension about what’s happening. It all feels far too much out of your control, therefore it doesn’t feel comfortable—which is totally understandable. A business affair may also end during June—perhaps suddenly or perhaps it’s totally expected. And on top of that, a friendship or association may fall away, possibly around June 9th or 18th.

This is the time to really step back and see the lighter side of life and to take to heart the way you might bring some of this lightness into your everyday existence on a regular basis.

How’s your light-and-airy year looking to you right about now? Or—when you just read that question—did you let out a sarcastic “Yeah, right!”—either in your mind or actually out loud?  The thing about your 3 Personal Year is this: It’s designed as a fun, joyful, creative year full of socializing and activity. It’s a time—if you can swing it realistically—where you’re supported in taking a break and just breathing. Living life. Tapping into yourself in a way that perhaps you haven’t given yourself permission to in the past. Life can become so serious, right? This is the time to really step back and see the lighter side of life and to take to heart the way you might bring some of this lightness into your everyday existence on a regular basis.

And yet the caveat is: Are you tapping into and using your creativity to the best of your abilities? Are you working with your emotional life in an authentic and expressive way—feeling your feelings and expressing them in a healthy and balanced manner?  This is also on your plate, so if these emotion-based issues are a struggle, you might be feeling a bit fed-up or overwhelmed right about now. Again, the nature of the number 3 is in emotional engagement on all levels.  It’s all about setting up some self-discipline around our emotional life while also encouraging and allowing ourselves to feel fiercely and deeply.

The big lessons and opportunities reside in the realm of emotional self-expression, optimism, creativity, and self-improvement on all realms.

I read this little comment by the actor Christopher Walken the other day. He observed: “When you naturally have a healing aura, you attract a lot of damaged people. And having them in your life could drain your energy to the max. A reminder that it’s not your job to heal everyone that you encounter. You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first.”  I’m not sure if you feel like an empath or not, yet if you do, when you’re traversing through your 3 Personal Year, there will be some major emotional hooks coming at you.

So understand that while this is a lighter, more fun and social year for you, there might be times when you experience some more exaggerated emotional highs and lows. I’ve known people who experience relationship issues or other occurrences that they might not consider particularly “fun” or “light” during their 3 Personal Year. The big lessons and opportunities reside in the realm of emotional self-expression, optimism, creativity, and self-improvement on all realms. So if there are gaps in your abilities to connect or express emotionally, these more challenging issues might very well come into play. And if you’re a 3 Life Path (or have other 3’s in your numerology chart) in your 3 Personal Year, you’ll experience the energies related to the number 3 with even greater intensity.  The 3 Personal Year can also serve as an equalizer for you, offering opportunities for deep emotional growth and change.

I just had this conversation with a friend the other day—the conversation centered around the idea that we hold so much anxiety about “knowing” what’s happening, even though we never really do know what’s happening. And on top of that, does your life actually look like what you “planned” it to be? Virtually no one I know can say that their life turned out “the way they planned.” So a great exercise for the month—and just overall—is to embrace, on a core level, the concept that your plan is unfolding all on time. We simply have been conditioned to feel stuck, upset, or anxious when it’s not happening in a way we understand or approve of.

My yoga teacher quoted his teacher during class one day and it really stuck with me: If you’re off path, it’s supposed to feel bad. It’s your barometer for the need for making changes. Or it’s your barometer for evaluating your expectations and developing more flexibility in your thinking.

So June holds out some major opportunities for letting go and shedding away people and projects from your life that you’ve outgrown. This can also show up as the completion of a project—the publication of your book, the launch of your product, the completion of something you’ve been working on. It can even come into form as an emotional completion of some kind. In all these situations, the key is to keep a healthy detachment and to keep your feelings—and other peoples’ feelings—in the sensible realm. It’s up to you to emphasize understanding, tolerance, and compassion. When things fall away, let go of them with a positive spirit. There’s a great Zen proverb that says: “Let go or be dragged.” Consider yourself forewarned. 🙂

What you resist will persist, so remember this as you watch these conclusions take place in your life. Know that—despite the fear of the unknown that’s hovering right now—you’ll experience a new sense of freedom that you wouldn’t have expected. In other words: It’s going to be so worth it, you’ll wonder how you hung on so long.

Do you find yourself experiencing more lucid dreaming this year? This is also a month where your dream life can be extremely active. It’s a perfect time to put paper and pen by your bedside and keep a “dream journal.” You’ll be receiving a lot of intuitive information through your dream life, so why not support it with a great going-to-bed regime of your choice? A salty bath. A short meditation. Making sure all electronics are turned off at least 30 minutes prior to turning in. It helps to set an intention to be open and receptive to all messages during sleep. You can experience some deep healing right now that you don’t have to worry about or analyze. Just set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Later in June, sometime around the 24th—if single—you may find yourself involved in some romantic interludes. Although you’ll enjoy these flirtations or hook-ups, the relationships aren’t likely to lead to “your one and only.” The energy of the number 9 (the vibe for your month of June) is all about endings. July will be a better time for starting something new, which doesn’t leave out the opportunity for someone who interests you this month can show some promise for something more.

Toward the end of the month, you’re likely to feel an invigorating sense of release and anticipation about what’s to come. In July, you’ll start connecting some of the dots. So right now, just let the dots be dots—sit with the feeling of disconnection. Things will start coming together on their own.


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