1 Personal Year

JUNE 2018

 7  Personal Month

This is a turning-point month for you in your 1 Personal Year. It’s a time where you may feel a bit low-energy or lacking initiative in the “outside world.” This is a time to digest your emotions and the experiences of your action-packed year so far—with the understanding that the feeling of retraction is only temporary. So allow yourself this downtime if at all possible. It’s vital in order for you to get to the next level in your dynamic and important 1 Personal Year. You’re midpoint in this initiating year of new beginnings. 

It’s a great time to review and truly reveal yourself to yourself insofar as taking this time to truly reflect and see if you’re heading in the direction you really want to be heading toward.  Have you been sidetracked for some reason?  Are you just plugging along “same-o same-o” and not questioning if this is really where you want to be?

This is a turning-point month for you in your 1 Personal Year.

My point is that this year is meant for laying down the gauntlet for your vision of what you want to do, create, and be for this next nine-year cycle. Not that things won’t mutate and evolve, yet this is the year where you’re truly planting the seeds for this next segment of time.  Make sure you’re tapping into the energy of the number 1, which is all about courage.  Are you courageous enough to step into yourself, even if it means a shake-up?

This is a processing, percolating, and planning month rather than a doing month. This is a dynamic year for you. I’m trusting you’re taking the reins and seeing many things coming into focus right now in a way that feels energizing. With that said, many changes and shifts have already occurred this year and even more are coming.  So hang on for the ride. By now, several issues you’ve been working on since the first of the year are gaining clarity. With clarity comes direction. With direction comes conviction. With conviction comes change.

By now, several issues you’ve been working on since the first of the year are gaining clarity. With clarity comes direction. With direction comes conviction. With conviction comes change.

June provides you with important time to take stock of what’s been brewing. It also gives you time to plan for what you want to happen during the rest of the year.  Given that June is a number 7 month for you, understand that—while life continues buzzing around you—any time you can devote to yourself will be well rewarded. You might find that you plan some time to unplug—to take a vacation, retreat, or to carve out your own “staycation” or “home retreat.”   Or just find moments to extract yourself from the normal hurlyburly world. 

Yep, “me” time is in the cards for June if you can possibly manage it.  Yet it’s an internal “me” time rather than a Type-A “me” time that’s the core energetic thrust of your entire year.  So it’s an interesting engagement in not becoming too self-absorbed while also tending to the deeper reflection that needs to be given its time and space.  And that time is now.  It’s a month to really dive in to the deeper meaning of your life and the craggy crevices of your being. Look in the spiritual mirror and see what reflects back at you. Are you pleased with what you see?  If you are, keeping moving in that direction. If you aren’t, June is ripe with opportunities to take a direct look at yourself and gently unmask your shadows (large or small) and see your roadblocks for what they are.  Is it time to redefine your identity or get real about your true desires?

Is it time to redefine your identity or get real about your true desires?

You may want to take some time off from your more material pursuits, possibly around June 9th or 18th. You need time to examine your progress and clarify your goals. Understand that the energy of your month supports not only spiritual study, it also supports using hard data and effective analysis. When you can tap into both—the intuitive and data analysis—you’re working with the absolute optimal energies present in the energy of the number 7.

You also need time to plan your forward development and to map out the logistics involved in the changes you’re getting ready to move into. Yet make sure to attend to your obligations. Don’t leave responsibility at the door simply because you’re being beckoned toward contemplation and incense-laden navel-gazing. And do set aside some time for your family and close friends, if not your sweetheart. Make sure they understand your need for a little “apart” time and know that your reserve isn’t a personal assault upon those around you. When you’re experiencing a 7 Personal Month you can feel as though you’re on a different wavelength than usual and you might feel more energetically vulnerable or just feel a need to retract a bit. 

As the month draws to a close, sometime around June 26th, you’re likely to want more outside engagement to filter back in to your circle. You may be fired up at that time, ready to move into a more active and dynamic stance. You’ll be feeling the energy of movement and momentum that will springboard you into July. Yet don’t push it. Understand that most of June is a wonderful respite from the demands of the coming months. Yet remember—it’s your 1 Personal Year in a highly charged Master 11/2 Universal Year, so when I say “downtime” that might have a different slant to it than if you were in a 2 Personal Year, for instance.  Meaning, you’re never at a stand still this year! It’s a “petal to the metal” time and yet you can’t accelerate indefinitely without running out of gas and needing a tune-up. This month is designed as a refueling time. Use it to rest, recharge, and clarify intentions. You’ll wish you’d reserved some of this “downtime” in a bottle, so you can take a shot of it later.

This month is designed as a refueling time.

The real purpose of June’s introspective energies is for you to engage with and actually feel your feelings, release yourself from certain aspects of your past, and set your plans for the future into the realm of intention. This is a time of integration. You can sometimes feel like a victim or terribly inadequate when you’re working with the energy the number 7 presents. Yet its purpose is to set you free—to allow you to madly, truly, deeply connect with the unfettered you.  It can be like the ultimate truth serum. Yet sometimes the truth hurts—or at least it can sting a little. You’ll be met with profound levels of new awareness and inspiration when you go with the internal flow of the month.

Next month you’ll be called upon to consolidate the messages received and knowledge gained from June and put it all into play in your financial and material world.  Next month is all about your sense of empowerment and this can manifest in whatever avenue you’re working it right now.  It can be in the realm of relationships, business, or whatever combination thereof.  This month is set-up as a truth-seeking time where a key theme is “to thine own self be true.”


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