2 Life Path

2 Life Path

If you’re only going to know one number in your entire Numerology Chart, I’d recommend that you know your Life Path Number.

This number is derived from your birth date and indicates your ultimate life’s purpose.  Knowing your Life Path Number gives you solid direction about what you’re meant to be doing in your life.

Yet also understand that what we came here to do will always be the most difficult thing for us to do.  That’s why it takes a lifetime!  Why would you sign up for a degree program where you’d already earned a Doctorate?  You’re here to learn something new and your course requirements are revealed to you through your Life Path number.

Always know that the key themes of your Life Path number indicate exactly where you’ll experience challenges and difficulties throughout your life as you go about learning to acknowledge and master your life’s purpose.

First you need to know your Life Path Number.  See how to calculate yours with the example below.

Calculate your Life Path number:


OCTOBER 1, 1935

  • OCTOBER is the 10th month:  1 + 0 = 1
  • The day of birth is 1:  = 1
  • The year of birth is 1935. Add all four numbers together: 1 + 9 + 3 + 5 = 18; continue adding until you get a one-digit number:
    1 + 8 = 9

We now add the resulting single digits.

Month = 1      Day = 1      Year = 9

1 + 1 + 9 = 11  (11 is a Master Number)

In Numerology, you always keep adding until you reach a one-digit number.

1 + 1 = 2

The Life Path Number is 2  (and, as I observed in this post, this birth date is of a famous person who is an 11/2 – 2’s don’t often seek the spotlight, yet 11/2’s certainly do!)


2 LIFE PATH:   The Mediator

Personal Mission: To Develop Cooperation and Balance in Every Aspect of Your Life


You’re a seeker of harmony and deeply loathe conflict. While you usually do whatever you can to avoid conflicts and confrontations, sometimes you take the opposite route and are very combative. When you’re combative and agitated, you can be sure you’re responding to situations in a reactionary way rather than in an empathetic or give-and-take manner.


You’re happiest when you’re being of service to yourself, your family, your group, or when you’re excelling in a service-oriented career. Working in a group environment is often the best for you to achieve success. You’re the detail person, the one everyone turns to in order to get the job done and get it done right. You thrive in an environment of support and solid direction, so you may not enjoy working for yourself or might not find ultimate success or happiness as an independent contractor.
The energy of the 2 Life Path is very sensitive, so much so that you get your feelings hurt every day in ways no one but you can understand. Even you don’t understand the degree to which you’re emotionally wounded day in and day out. Truly, your heart is on your sleeve. You’re super aware of what’s going on in everyone else’s emotional life and often take it on yourself.
Your tasks are: 1) to realize that you’re hypersensitive and that other people don’t necessarily see the world and take it in the same way you do, and 2) to construct your own set of “psychic armor” to protect yourself from the onslaught of emotional energy you take in daily. Only with protection can you find healthy balance. The 2 energy is all about love. You’re here to love others and be loved in return. Do you know the song “I Want You to Want Me”? That defines you! You crave giving and receiving unconditional love. That desire combined with a strong sense of service and emotional sensitivity brings amazing things into your life, as well as consistent challenges. The trick is not to focus on needing
love to the point of desperation.
Since you’re so sensitive and also want to give and get love all the time, you may have a tendency to smother your loved ones or have expectations that can never be met. On the flip-side, you may back away from wanting love because it hurts too badly. When you can come to an understanding about how to balance your intense need for love, you’ll feel secure and supported. The trick for you is to give yourself the acknowledgement you need, rather than seeking it from outside sources.

You contain a powerful combination of strength and sensitivity that doesn’t always show on the surface. The 2 Life Path tends to gravitate toward family life. You often serve as a supportive, dependable, caring helpmate when you’re working with your most positive aspects. You don’t necessarily enjoy the spotlight and have a tendency to get angry if you feel pushed or threatened. Your trademark is a tendency to do everything for everybody to the point where you feel drained.

Even though you’re here to serve and love, from the outside people may observe that you give yourself a little too much credit. You aren’t meant to receive intense validation from external sources. Why not? Because learning to give yourself your own kudos is part of the challenge of the 2 Life Path. Oftentimes you judge yourself on what everyone else says or thinks about you. Your challenge is to develop your internal compass and turn inward for validation. You must be careful not to take on the problems of the people you love, who are more than happy for you to do so! It’s best not to place yourself completely at the disposal of others because soon you’ll get angry and resentful for being used and unappreciated.

When you’re clearly on task, you’re luminous, content, and satisfied with life. Knowing that you’re here to serve, love, and be of use to yourself and to others will keep you focused on the constructive aspects of your Life Path.

When you end up living in the destructive aspects of the 2 energy, no one knows what you want, including you!.You’re too preoccupied doing what you think you’re supposed to do and are quick to expect others should do the same. You’re in a chronic state of co-dependence. Your giving turns to resentment, as you give too much, and then you withdraw completely. Only when you realize you’re totally free to form your own life through your own sense of internal guidance, while detaching from your skewed sense of what others expect from you, can you truly reach your potential.

Common threads when a 2 Life Path is working with optimal energies are harmonizing, fair-mindedness, service orientation, loving, diplomacy, patience.

Your life purpose is to clarify the limits of your responsibility and learn to work in cooperation with harmony, balance, and mutual respect.

2 LIFE PATH: Potential Challenges

Your potential challenges are:

  • To balance your compelling sense of responsibility to others with your own inner needs and limits: finding the balance between giving and receiving, saying yes and no, the value of thoughts and value of feelings, your own needs and the needs of others.
  • To let go of the need for approval from others.
  • To create an internal sense of integration. It’s as though you have two people inside of you, each trying to drive your life. Your task is to integrate these opposing forces into one complete whole.
  • To resign from your self-appointed job as “General Manager of the Universe.” Once you do, you’ll find inner balance and health, and set an example for others by empowering them to take their share of responsibility (as long as you’re able to follow through with love and compassionate detachment rather than with resentment and ego).
  • To refrain from over-cooperation, co-dependent relationships, and taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness despite the fact that you don’t have any idea what that might really require for anyone else than yourself.
  • To stop the internal “should” dialogue. “Should” is a big word of significance for Two’s. What others should do and what you should do.
  • To blaze through confusion about what is the “right” decision or action.
  • To trust your own inner voice and inner experience rather than looking outside of yourself for guidance and asking everyone else: “What do you think I should do?”
  • To get past stubbornness, unfairness, and self-centeredness.
  • To modulate your default response: “It’s their fault!” While this may elicit others to see you as judgmental, what you’re really saying is: “It’s not my fault!”
  • Cooperation will quickly turn to conflict if you begin to feel overwhelmed; then you’ll shift into under-cooperation, resistance, or even total withdrawal. You eventually shut down entirely as a way of not only showing your resentment but also as a form of self-preservation. Notice when you’re turning this corner so you can rebound faster.
  • Know that behind your stubbornness is a feeling of helplessness and a real fear of being over-powered and taken advantage of by others. Yet often you’re treated in a way that you have set up yourself, invited, and even demanded. Establish loving boundaries and you’ll find you no longer serve as an emotional doormat for others.

2 LIFE PATH: Strengths to Develop

  • You feel most satisfied when you’re of service in some capacity.
  • You have the drive to serve and help, to instruct and guide, to assist and support.
  • You’re big-hearted at your core and thrive in taking a step-by-step approach to problem solving. Beware of getting caught up in emotional drama and focus on your goals.
  • You’re full of compassionate emotions. When you learn to act on the basis of what you truly feel—when you can get down to it—your decisions and your service will last longer. Learning to express your emotions with integrity and authenticity allows you an intense amount of personal freedom.
  • You’re meant to help people and are at your best when you’re using your gifts to help others. You must learn the difference between support and servitude. Only give when you feel energized by giving. Limit your giving when you feel drained.
  • While you’re innately responsible and reliable, you face a constant push-pull between over-giving and resentment for not being enough, doing enough, being acknowledged as you feel you should be, or being appreciated. Let go of your exaggerated sense of responsibility in order to work in your optimal realm.

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