Step 1: CLICK on the Guide of your choice.

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Step 2: CLICK “Buy Now” to purchase your guide.  CLICK “Add to Cart” if you want more than one guide.

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Step 3: IMPORTANT! Provide email address where your Guide will be sent – this is an automatic process..

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Step 4: Click  “Pay with Paypal” button.  NOTE:  You have the option to pay with Credit Card – if is allowed in your country.  Optional: If you have a coupon code, input it here with “Coupon” button.

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Step 4 (optional): Enter the discount code and click “Apply” button.   You will see the new price.

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Step 5: Enter payment information on PayPal.

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Step 6: Click “Pay Now.”

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Step 7: IMPORTANT: DON’T CLOSE THIS WINDOW! You will be forwarded to a special page to download your Guide.  This may take a moment.

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Step 8: You can see your order details and a “DOWNLOAD” button linked to your Guide.   You will also receive a copy through email.   If you experience any issues downloading, please email me at felicia@feliciabender.com   Enjoy!

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