The 3 Toughest Questions You’ll Ever Ask Yourself

First of all, can anyone believe it's actually the middle of February already? Holy cow. For me, it's a year of implementation. I'm focused implementing - in a practical and methodical way - what was set in motion for me last year. I overheard this great conversation when I...

5 Ways to RENOVATE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS . . . with Numerology

Knowing the basic numerology of your friends and family can dramatically reframe your relationships. Why? First of all, it allows you some distance from them and encourages you to see each person in your life truly as traveling their own path and living their own life. Sure, you’re obviously playing a part...


Ever wonder how you can make New Year’s Resolutions and stick with them? Have you ever had a resolution that you actually kept for more than a month? (Come on, be honest!) Do you ever wonder why we’re all so obsessed with making New Year’s Resolutions? The reason is this: There’s...