6 Personal Year: It’s a Year Devoted to Home, Family, and Responsibility

6 Personal Year: It’s a Year Devoted to Home, Family, and Responsibility

A Personal Year Cycle is a nine-year-long cycle. Depending on where you are in your cycle, your Personal Year Number could be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or a 9. After 9, you’ll cycle back to 1 again. Each Personal Year Number has different qualities to it. Once you become familiar with the defining qualities of each of the numbers 1 – 9 you can begin to apply the core elements of the numbers everywhere they show up, including the various cycles you experience.

Also note that the Personal Year Cycle runs from January 1 – December 31—not from birthday to birthday, even though I find that the energy related to your Personal Year intensifies around your birthday.

Having knowledge of the number of the Personal Year that you’re in will help you establish a framework for your activities that responds to the basic energy of that number. Knowing your Personal Year Number will offer you shortcuts for making decisions that can make your life easier, more productive, and ultimately happier.

At the very least, knowing your Personal Year Number in a given year offers you an overarching idea about the arena you’ll be engaged with during that specific year. I like to associate it with “knowing the theme to your party!”  The great thing about knowing where you are in your Personal Year Cycle is that you can forecast and allow yourself to work with the energy of the year rather than against it. Know your theme and you’ll find that you have much more success throughout the year. Or at least you’ll be able to extract deeper meaning about why things are happening they way they’re happening.




Take the date of birth: February 3, 1975

Use only the MONTH and DAY:

April is 2:  2

Day is 3: 3

Then use the CURRENT YEAR.

2017 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10;  1 + 0 = 1

Now add the month, day, and current year together.

2+3 = 5 + 1 (2017) = 6


In this example, you’re experiencing a 6 Personal Year.


6 Personal Year

After your freewheeling 5 Personal Year last year, it’s time to buckle up and put on your big boy or big girl pants. It’s a year devoted to home, family, and responsibility—a time to regroup, nurture, and be nurtured.

There will be heightened levels of family-based responsibility this year.  This is a time where all relationships are highlighted.  It’s a good year to get married or engaged if you’ve been hovering around that decision. This is a perfect year to attract “the one” or to recommit and “grow” your current intimate relationship.  It’s also a time where you may seek a divorce, a break-up, or other relationship splits.

This can be called the “marriage and divorce” year—and that can be seen both literally and metaphorically.  It’s all about evaluating the relationships in your life, starting with your relationship with you. This is the year where you’ll finally feel that “click” in knowing if a separation is necessary or you can also have the clarity you’ve been waiting for and officially say “I Do.”  Either way, these decision-making moments will peak this year.

The energy of the number 6 tests your sense of idealism, particularly when it comes to relationships.  Do you give yourself away to your kids, spouse, parents, boss, or friends? Or do you level judgment on those around you, impeding your—and their—happiness? It’s time to investigate how you feel empowered or disempowered in your domestic life.  Oftentimes this is a year where you’ll be asked to take on some additional responsibilities with friend and family that may come in the form of a wedding, graduation, birth of a baby, military deployment, a loved one’s health crisis, or any other unusual family event.  The trick is to participate in the way you want to participate.  Take on the responsibility without resentment or over-giving. Or take on the responsibility if your tendency is to avoid it.

This is also a year where your home takes a front seat.  Do you have a desire to move?  Redesign the kitchen or bath?  Revitalize the year with a new landscaping design, water feature, or planter?  This is the perfect time to beautify your home on any level.  On the career front—it’s a “make or break” time for business. Your theme song for the year: “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”


Benefits of the 6 Personal Year

  • You’ll feel as though you are Yoda. Everyone wants your advice this year. Advise wisely and well, because people take what you say to heart.
  • You’ll feel empowered when you’re finding ways to take care of yourself with the same focus and dedication that you care for others.
  • You’ll have success when you trust your ability to see the bigger picture while moving toward your goal in manageable steps.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to be supportive to your family and loved ones in different ways than you have in the past.
  • You’ll feel useful to others and grounded in your sense of yourself.


Challenges during the 6 Personal Year

  • Be aware that even though this is a year devoted to nurturing and responsibility, you might not feel all that excited about taking on this task.
  • Protect yourself from a tendency toward perfectionism this year. You have too much going on; understand that good enough is good enough.
  • Be prepared to feel as though the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. While this is a year for nurturing and paying attention to the loved ones in your life, make sure that you’re part of the equation. You have to ask for what you need from others in order to get your own needs met.

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