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When Your Personal Year Feels “Off”

It’s about that time of year where those of us who are numerologically inclined are checking in with ourselves and giving ourselves a “grade” for how we fared with our Personal Year.


I must say, many of you are saying something to...


Numerology Offers Key Insight Into Your Health

Beyond the current headlines about the obesity epidemic in America and belly-blasting foods you should eat, do you ever wish you could cut to the chase and focus on your own core health issues from a slightly different angle?

I’d love to offer...


Numerology Insights on Jay-Z’s Album Title 4:44

If you’re a Jay-Z fan—and even if you’re not—certainly you’ve been hearing the buzz about his new album titled 4:44.

  And of course if you’re at all a fan of numerology, it grabs your interest immediately to see something “mainstream” that veers over into the...

Numerology Can Help You Decide What College Major Is Right For You

Are you about to start college and you aren't sure what to study? In between hanging out with friends and your summer job, are you internally stewing about what you should declare as your college major? Is just the thought of it stressing you out? And if you’re...

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